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Green Leaders Denounce Nader-Newman Alliance
by Doug Ireland
October 22, 2004
First Published in Direland

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A group of leading Greens headed by Rhode Island's first elected Green office-holder--David Segal, the Minority Leader of the Providence City Council--has issued a new report blasting Ralph Nader for his unholy alliance with Fred Newman and his cult-racket, formerly known as the New Alliance Party. Greens for Impact calls itself " an organization of principled, pragmatic Green Party members and progressive populists dedicated to the goal of defeating George W. Bush in his bid for a second term as president, while simultaneously furthering the growth of the Green Party as an independent alternative to the corporate-dominated parties."

Their report contains new evidence of Nader-Newman cooperation on a variety of fronts since I first exposed Nader's alliance with the anti-Semitic cultists at the beginning of this year. It shows how the longtime lawyer for the Newman cult and one of its key leaders, Harry Kresky, has been functioning as a lawyer for Nader, and details a variety of other ways in which the Newmanites are colonizing the Nader campaign, thus putting unsuspecting Nader supporters in danger of being sucked into this cult--which employs a poisonous form of brainwashing masquerading as psychotherapy.

Greens for Impact calls on Ralph to terminate his alliance with the Newmanites (which he mendaciously still tries to fudge), saying: " No more excuses, Ralph. Your association with the political fringe is irresponsible and unethical, and it will hurt the lives of your supporters. This is not a game. Please return to your progressive roots and reject the Newmanites’ support." You can read the entire report by clicking here.

And, for more information on the Newman cult and why it's a dangerous con game and the dregs of extremist political culture, visit the excellent website run by deprogrammed former members of the cult, at This site has an archive of articles about the Newmanites, and heartbreaking first-hand testimony about the damage which Newman's brainwashing--masquerading under the anodyne-sounding name of "social therapy"--has inflicted on those caught in his trap.

Doug Ireland, a longtime radical journalist and media critic, runs the blog DIRELAND, where this article first appeared on Sept. 24, 2004. 

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