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America's Strange Inconsistencies Regarding Homosexuality
by Stan Moore
November 5, 2004

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Go to the Mitchell Brother's O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco seven days a week and, after paying anywhere from about $15.00 to $40.00 to walk in through the front door, you can pay another $20.00 or more per opportunity to watch pairs of women simulate or perform lesbian sex acts on each other.

Many men from America's heartland or even from foreign nations such as Japan flock to the O'Farrell Theater with lust in their hearts and money flowing from their pockets for the thrill of observing live lesbian sex. And then, upon returning home to Des Moines or Omaha, these same men vote to exclude some of those same women from having the right to marry as members of lesbian couples. It is okay for the women to engage in public sex, and even to be paid for it, and even to pay them for the privilege of viewing their public display of private behaviors, but it is NOT okay for these women, or others just like them, to marry and adopt children or to receive societal benefits reserved for heterosexual couples (even for couples who practice adultery or even sexual practices often used by homosexuals of either sex).

Evangelical Christian preachers in America have been known to condemn American sodomy or lesbianism as a "lifestyle choice" that is abhorrent to God and sinful. These same preachers have been known to call for God's blessing upon America in the war on terror as well. Yet, when American soldiers force Iraqi detainees who are purely heterosexual and often purely innocent of any crime other than being an Iraqi to undress and simulate homosexual sex acts, those same American preachers are strangely silent.

And when American soldiers are known to rape and sodomize Iraqi men and boys, the American preachers have nothing to say and no condemnation from God for the American soldiers.

Americans love television shows that advertise and promote homosexuality such as "Queer Eye" and "Ellen DeGeneres Show", but hate thinking that the stars of those shows might love their partners and express their love through sexual relations. Little old American ladies from Bismarck and Charleston went to Las Vegas to see Liberace in his prime, but dared not consider the root cause of his effeminate mannerisms. Big bad football players and professional wrestlers are admired for their ability to wreak physical violence within the confines of their sports, but if the come out of the closet, their very mention becomes painfully uncomfortable.

Gay couples are not allowed to call their households "families" but divorced heterosexuals are considered families. Anal sex between a man and a woman is "kinky" but between queers is "dirty".

Madonna's kiss of Britney Spears is inappropriate for young viewers, but sexual innuendo between unwed couples on "Love Connection" is within the realms of family entertainment.

Americans claim to be moral and Christian, but only on a selective basis.

Some immorality is acceptable, and other immorality is intolerable. Lying and cheating does not even rate a raised eyebrow, and is expected of professional politicians and entertainers and for anyone who can get away with it. Multiple sex partners in single heterosexual men is a badge of honor, but in gay men is a sign of perversity.

Americans display strange inconsistencies regarding homosexuality and regarding all concepts of morality. Heaven help that person if a gay male is found in Iraq who is accused of terrorism!

Stan Moore lives in San Geronimo, CA., and can be contacted at:

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