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Deadly Sinful Bush is No Christian
by Allen Snyder
June 21, 2004

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We constantly hear that George W. Bush is a born-again Christian, having at the tender age of 40, foresworn the youthful indiscretions of binge-boozing and coke-snorting for a life of compassionately conservative public service doing God’s work here on Earth (and in Texas).  Here in East Tennessee, people openly tout Bush’s alleged adherence to and promotion of Biblical Christian principles and values as a selling point for his re-installment bid.


Rampant religious ignorance is commonplace among Southern Christians, so let’s set the record straight once and for all.  Ready?  George W. Bush is no Christian - not even close – and here’s just one reason why.  He’s committed every one of the Seven Deadly Sins, commits them regularly, and seems genuinely proud of it (or at least indifferent).  To review, the seven deadly sins are pride, greed or avarice, gluttony, sloth, envy, anger or wrath, and lust.  Persistent unrepentant violators are guaranteed a hellacious hot-seat.




Proverbs 3:34 reads, ‘God is stern in dealing with the arrogant, but to the humble he shows kindness.’  Bush has been nothing but arrogant after initially promising to be the picture of humbleness and humility.  The whole notion that a way of life can be forced on others for their own good smacks of the highest sort of hubris and his telling the international community to stuff it didn’t help the cause much, either.  His unwillingness or inability to admit mistakes and take responsibility for anything is evidence of how wickedly prideful he’s become.




The list of stuff that Bush isn’t greedy about is far shorter.  His depraved obsessions for power, money, oil, and empire are fanatical and likely the result of some severe and dangerous psychological psychosis, neurosis, or mania.  In Ezekiel 22:12, God could have been speaking directly to Bush in one of their famous tête-à-têtes, ‘In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbors by extortion, and hast forgotten me.’  Good hearty Biblical stuff, and right on point.




Contrary to what most people think, gluttony isn’t exclusively about food; its about excess in anything.  Things that Bush is a glutton for:  power, approval, money, oil, and legacy.  Things that Bush is not a glutton for:  truth, honesty, integrity, courage, sacrifice, conservation, moderation.  I guess we can’t really fault Bush here since he shares this vice with the same boobs and morons who tool around in their gas-chugging SUVs, drive-thru McDonald’s with their fat guts hanging over their belts or looking like 20 pounds of shit in a 10 pound bag, rob pension funds to pay for $250,000 knick-knacks and birthday parties, and vote Republican in national elections.




One thing you can say about Bush, he’s not lazy.  He can lie his ass off with the best of ‘em one minute and pack ‘em in at a GOP $1,000-a-plate dinner the next.  But let’s face it, thanks to the dubious quality of his audiences, there are higher primates who can do Republican fundraising.  When it comes to raising money and spreading lies, Bush has no equal.


Bush’s sloth is intellectual.  A self-avowed and proud non-newspaper reader and information non-gatherer, Bush relies on his objective (yeah, I couldn’t believe it either) staff to tell him what’s what.  So thanks to Bush’s brain-sloth and intentional ignorance about stuff that really matters, the US’s capacity to inflict wonton pain and suffering have been advanced decades.




Bush almost gets off the hook for this one.  He’s already rich and powerful, so what is there for him to envy in others?  Luckily, envy isn’t just about wanting something that someone else has or being something that someone else is.  It’s also about thinking that others have something they don’t deserve, and Bush scores high on this part.  The only people that Bush believes are entitled to anything are the people who already have most everything.  So in a perverse way, we could say that Bush envies the poor anything that they get from the government because he believes it ought to belong to his crowd instead.  He’s had it so easy and gotten everything handed to him, he thinks everyone else has, too.




Matthew 5:22 reads, ‘whoever is angry with is brother will be liable to judgment’ and Proverbs 15:1 says, ‘a mild answer clams wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.’


We’ve already seen what happens when you incur the wrath of George W. Bush.  If you’re an American, you’re reputation is ruined, your livelihood is threatened, your family is a target, and you’re lucky to escape with your dignity intact.  If you’re not an American, you’re either shipped off to one of the American concentration camps, invaded, or at least bombed.


Bush’s instinctive reaction to everything is violence and anger.  That’s the way of powerful, mentally challenged people.  His ‘bring ‘em on’ bravado and ‘we’ll get ‘em if it’s the last thing we do’ assurances do nothing but royally piss people off, make us more enemies, and show that Bush compassion is an illusion.  Turn the other cheek in front of this guy and he’ll bomb it, too.




With a prudish, non-entity kinda wife like Laura, who wouldn’t be lustful?  You can bet she’s no Monica.  Ok, that was way too easy.


But seriously, lust is another one of those that while it may seem like its about sex, doesn’t have to be.  People can lust after different things with a sexual appetite just as people can get sexual pleasure from some pretty bizarre normally non-sexual stuff.  I see W, Dick, and Rummy in the Situation Room all covered in crude oil with Halliburton’s First Quarter returns profit and a big giant map of the middle East spread out on the floor like a Twister™ board, and…well, you get the picture.


At the end of each sinful day, far from being a good Christian, George W. Bush is really Satan’s bodyguard and playmate, as well as one seriously sinful SOB.  If there’s any divine justice at all, George W. Bush will get the fiery extra-hot cubicle next to Rush, Reagan, and Bob Novak.

Allen Snyder is an instructor of Philosophy and Ethics. He can be reached at This article is copyright by Allen Snyder but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as this credit is attached.

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