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John Kerry Ain’t No Democrat
by Rachel Olivieri
July 17, 2004

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Ok, time for a concession. I, Rachel Olivieri, of somewhat sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath my franchise of “one” self-elected vote to one undeserving John Kerry on Nov. 2nd, 2004: with great trepidation and reservation. I do this for that great American cause: ABB. I urge all others to grant and reserve as well. And, hold on to your reserve.

Having said that, I am “free” to exact the consequence of my vote; critical analysis.

It’s not that Kerry is a liberal or a Democrat; he’s neither. He fessed up to the Liberal part in an address: “I am not a Liberal.” Of course, unapologetic Kerry was addressing a group that would not vote for him if he were. Now we all know “Liberal” has been lobotomized in recent times, as has much of the useable workman’s language. Perhaps Kerry knows this. Bring ‘em on.

In Kerry’s case, he told the truth about “Liberal” but misleads about being a Democrat. John Kerry is an SOB. Yes indeed, but not the first one that comes to mind however. I have more dignity than that. Rather, SOB as Salesman of Bush. Indeed, Bush could not have optimized a more engaging devotee. Furthermore, the Less-Than-Democratic Party (LTDP), Kerry’s real party affiliation, is License to Defraud People.

Now I suppose, I will have to make good on this declaration: Okay. First, Kerry’s meteoric rise to national prominence. Having been stalled on empty campaign strategies, along some lonely stretch of political highway going nowhere fast, was essentially catapulted to front runner position. All of this of course, after Dean’s unfortunate DLC/Mainstream Media shark feeding frenzy. In the swirling pool of blood and bits of flesh that remained, Kerry was able to rescue most of Dean’s rhetoric chunks. To wit: Lazarus rose from the dead, except his long face of course, off another man’s fervor and conviction. And, that is all I have to say about that.

Now the Democratic Leadership Council, (DLC), or Democrats like Corporations, should have been named Democratic Leadership Council Majority. Then, they would have completed their main themes: (DCLM) which would be Democrats like Corporations and Militarism. Yes, John was present at its founding. That is John Kerry, the Corporatist and Militarist. By most accounting methods, the DLC is driven, no obsessed, with purging progressive ideals from its platforms. That is you and I. We progressives are after all, Anti-WalMartizing and Anti-Imperialistic-Militarism. Enough said.

This is not to say I don’t support the military or dislike corporations. I just don’t want them to rule the planet earth is all.

Both Iraq wars, Patriot Act, WTO, NAFTA, every job slashing trade pact that floated through the Senate, racist death penalty and insane war on drug users swelling our prisons populations to over 2 million. Wall Street protection from suits filed by ripped off little gal/guy investors. Senator John Kerry how do you vote on these issues: “Aye!”

I will say this, one thing Kerry has over Bush is time in elected office. (Bush has none) Under Clintonesque reign, Kerry voted for the 1994 Crime Bill (Federalized Crime). This bill was reformed in 1995. Remarks from Stephen Moore, Dir. of Fiscal Policy said; “an affront to the second amendment, and the efforts to "federalize crime." I read it – what a mess.

Kerry said “Aye” to Clinton’s 1996 Counter Terrorism & Effective Death Penalty Act. Little brother to Bush’s civil liberties robbing Patriot Act.

Senator Kerry will you continue to support the Kyoto Treaty? “Nay,” affirmed Environmentalist Kerry.

Did you catch who his foreign policy advisor is, Rand Beers, Bush’s National Security Council advisor until a year ago. What was he thinking? Just a coincidence I am sure, after all, how many qualified National Security Advisors are there to choose from? Good question?

Kerry would have all African Americans believe he will serve as the “Second Black President.” Hubris! Only, how does Kerry explain his rhetoric about black people being solely responsible for their plight. Their dependency on welfare programs prevents their rise into society. He disfavors affirmative action. How do you explain to a man that has never milked a cow, how it feels to be kicked by one while to trying to milk one.

You do not. Clueless Kerry, the super-privileged is completely lost to the plight of the poor. If Kerry is worried about welfare costs, he ought to look no further than Wall Street. They have milked more money from public coffers than all the welfare programs put together. Kerry will have to rely on strong advisors who have been kicked by a cow.

Kerry's position on Iraq really wonks me. We have Negroponte, the butcher of Latin America, teamed with Minister Allawi, CIA paid assassin, running the show. He supports both nominations.

Kerry’s position on Iraq fails Iraqi sovereignty and serves neo-conservative self-interest. Iraqi’s know their culture and freedom is lost to “Thieves in High Places.” They see all too clearly the greed for oil and Middle East dominance. Iraqi’s know exactly what they need and exactly what they are not going to get with either Bush’s or Kerry’s plan.

What does Kerry want? Twenty-five thousand more troops for starters. His view point is based in militarism. Kerry is ripe to do a “Johnson” in Iraq. If Kerry were truly committed to Iraqi self-determination and democracy, he would:

* Disband the puppet government

* Sponsor free elections

* Cancel privatization contracts; End war profiteering

* Send Negroponte packing

* Employ Iraqi’s to major participation in their reconstruction

* Provide UN participation with accountability and oversight

If Kerry would make these vital changes to Iraq policy, most of the insurgency would dissipate allowing for stabilization and real reconstruction efforts to begin and troops to withdraw. What Iraqi’s need is a sense of hope for the end of occupation, the reclaiming of their resources and the right to have a voice in their future? Do we think Iraq is incapable of rebuilding their infrastructure? You know, the one they erected prior to our bombing it to rubble without legal cause.

Ok, so Kerry is not a Progressive or a Liberal or even a Democrat. Get over it and just vote for him he isn’t Bush. Nuance of slight genetic code. We will get some economic scraps to keep us pacified and be damn lucky to get it.

The Prosecutor vs. the Laconic Cowboy or What’s the Difference Between Asshholes. What is the difference? The Laconic Cowboy, the untreated pathological megalomaniac alcoholic, has his “Raptured” inspired finger on nuclear holocaust. That’s the difference. And a big one!

Rachel Oliveri is "not a writer, just a pissed off progressive."