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(DV) Gerald, We Hardly Knew Ya!







Gerald, We Hardly Knew Ya! 
by Gary Corseri
January 3, 2007

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Gerald Ford came out of the West;

Among all the sheeple, his steed was the best.

He pardoned the NIXON then sat on his throne—

He’d yip and he’d yep and they’d throw him a bone.


And it’s yowsa yowsa yowsa.

A new day’s gonna dawn.

It’s yuckety yuck and muckety muck

How long, Lord, how long?


He’s lying in state in the capitol

In the Land of the Free to be dumb.

And they come and they weep,

They smirk and they peep

And the rest of us sit around numb.


For it’s yowsa yowsa yowsa

In the Home of the Brave to be wrong.

He was one of the guys—not a smidgeon too wise—

Happy to stumble along.


He did what they said, wherever they led,

And never once asked what he missed.

Reliable Ford, he’d chug along bored

And didn’t mind asses he kissed.


For it’s yowsa yowsa yowsa,

You tell’em what they wanna hear.

You carry the ball and you take the fall—

After two years you’re out on your ear.


He’s lying in State in the Land of the Free

While they beat on the drums and fire the guns

But nothing for you or for me.

(I’m glad they’re not shooting at me!)


For it’s yowsa yowsa yowsa

They put on a roarin’ good show.

A guffaw with Brokaw,

then Bush has a go

And Cheney keeps pulling his jaw.


Did he win one for Peace, did he offer surcease

From war, desolation, disease?

Or wasn’t it merely

We loved him dearly

For doing so nimbly

(Almost too primly)

Whatever he may have been told--

Because he refused to be bold?


Oh it’s yowsa yowsa yowsa

A new day’s gonna dawn.

It’s yuckety yuck and muckety muck—

How long, Lord, how long?


Gary Corseri’s work has appeared in Dissident Voice and elsewhere. He can be contacted at: corseri@verizon.net.

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