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(DV) Engel: The Night Show Lives







The Night Show Lives
by Adam Engel
February 20, 2006

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All this
Daddy O'Molloch,
Producer, induced,
imagined, produced,
all this introduced

(Oh Daddy-0 fast cars
salmon- pink cadillac
days of making it making it,
made it more
Celebrities born
of his shows
than anyone knows
Daddy-0 legend
Daddy-0 Ours
Daddy-0 Galaxy of
Immortal Stars):

The Comedian, Blood,
reached the inner-most core
of audience with lines
cut from the score
of his cruel craft.
"He kills me,"
they sighed from their
living-room rafts,
sticky stained sofas,
wide vinyl chairs;
altogether they gasped,
gasped "More!"
gasped "More!"

droll erotic spider,
Chrystal Night,
Siren of curcuits,
Quantum  chanteuse,
sang The Sad Song
on her nuclear lute

(She lay with Blood
in the
Shadow of Laughter
where Laughter
begets Laughter)

Oh Daddy-0! Daddy-0!
Don't cancel
'The  Show'
It's all the
(Happy Pain, Happy Pain)
Pain that we know
And you're Daddy
only One and 0

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