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March 21- April 7, 2003

(Updated: 4/7/03, 2am PST)




War’s Toll and the Humanitarian Crisis

Second Front: The Pentagon/Press Propaganda War

The War Effort

Pre-War Deceptions

Where are Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?

World Reaction and the Diplomatic Front

Protests Against the War

Delivering “Democracy”   

The New Reich: American Empire Expansion

War Profiteering

Post War Problems

From the Memory Hole

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Rights

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War’s Toll and the Humanitarian Crisis



Iraq Casualties Too High to Count: The number of casualties in Baghdad is so high that hospitals have stopped counting the number of people treated, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Sunday. (Posted 4/7)


The Saddest Thing Of All: An old man cries over the coffin of his daughter. His wife and younger daughter sit in the dirt outside the mortuary in shock and abject sadness. It is only an hour and 20 minutes since Nadia Khalaf died, too early for total grief to set in. But time enough to know their lives have been shattered forever. (Posted 4/7)


One boy's war... bathed in blood of his family: His father. His mother. Two sisters. A brother. And an uncle. All dead. That was the price of war for 15-year-old Omar when the vehicle he was riding in failed to stop at a US checkpoint five miles from Baghdad (Posted 4/7)


Baghdad doctors overwhelmed by arrival of 100 patients an hour (Posted 4/7)


Hospitals buckle as casualties escalate: Baghdad's hard-pressed surgeons, flooded with war-wounded, are amputating the limbs of children and adults with too few anaesthetics to block the pain and too few antibiotics to protect the patients, a Greek doctor newly arrived from Iraq said. (Posted 4/7)


Baghdad hospitals on the brink of crisis: Baghdad hospitals reported a continuous flow of war-wounded victims on Sunday, warning their meagre resources were being stretched to the limit as fighting grew more intense (Posted 4/7)


Hospitals Cut Off From Medical Resupply: In town after town in the Iraq war zone, hospitals trying to cope with hundreds of wounded are cut off from medical resupply, aid officials reported Sunday. An aid convoy destined for one overwhelmed hospital south of Baghdad was canceled because of U.S. military  operations. (Posted 4/7)


Suffering Begins Even Before Dreaded Battle for Baghdad Begins (Posted 4/7)


'This is like a scene from hell. There are bodies all around' (Posted 4/7)


Who Cares About Dead Iraqis? Body counts, Rummy's plan, and the grisly stuff they don't want you to see (Posted 4/7)



The cans and buckets are empty and people are desperate: I have recently returned from Angola where I witnessed haunting scenes of poverty but I never expected to see the same levels of misery in Iraq, a country floating on oil. (Posted 4/7)


The deadly choice now facing Baghdad: American troops on the very edge of the Iraqi capital now face a terrible decision. They can stage an all-out attack and risk killing thousands of innocent civilians or lay siege to the city, jeopardising the coalition's hopes to minimise casualties as shortages threaten to create a humanitarian crisis (Posted 4/7)


War provides cover for a fresh Israeli crackdown: While the world focuses on Iraq, 17 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1000 detained as Israeli forces step up 'anti-terrorism' raids (Posted 4/7)


Diplomats injured in attack on convoy evacuating Russia's Baghdad envoy: In an incident bound to cast a shadow over US national security adviser Condoleezza Rice's visit to Moscow, several Russian diplomats were wounded when a convoy evacuating them from Baghdad came under fire, with some reports saying US forces were responsible (Posted 4/7)


US pilot bombs his own, 22 killed: At least four US Special Forces soldiers and 18 Kurdish fighters have been killed after a US plane bombed their convoy near Erbil in northern Iraq last night (Posted 4/7)


Deaths shine light on noncitizens in military: Among the first U.S. troops killed in Iraq were men who died for a country where they couldn't even cast a vote (Posted 4/7)


Three UK soldiers die in Basra attack (Posted 4/7)


Some 2,000 to 3,000 Iraqi fighters were killed in a show-of-force foray into Baghdad by American armored vehicles, the U.S. Central Command said today (Posted 4/7)


Red Cross doctors who visited southern Iraq this week saw "incredible" levels of civilian casualties including a truckload of dismembered women and children, a spokesman said Thursday from Baghdad. (Posted 4/5)


17 civilians, including nine children, killed in airstikes on Basra (Posted 4/5)


Seven civilians, including three children, were killed by US Marines Friday after they opened fire on a truck that refused to stop at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, an American television network reported (Posted 4/5)


British scumbag Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, suggested yesterday that mothers of Iraqi children killed by cluster bombs would "one day" thank Britain for their use (Posted 4/5)


US heavy-handedness baffles British: One captain in the Royal Marines, watching a US unit monitor a checkpoint, said "The Americans are still behaving like invaders, not liberators. They behave as if they hate these people." (Posted 4/5)


U.S. troops inflict 'so many deaths': As thick black smoke hung over the outskirts of Baghdad last night, American troops stood stunned by the number of enemy forces they had killed (Posted 4/5)


Relief agency says Iraqis will be starving within a month (Posted 4/5)


Aid effort founders while water and food crisis spreads (Posted 4/5)


Nasiriyah citizens claim mistreatment: Iraqis living in the south of the country said they have been maltreated by US and UK troops despite reports highlighting their efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to areas under their control (Posted 4/5)


The toll of a war that has taken Allies to the gates of Baghdad (Posted 4/5)


Refugee Children Haunted By War (Posted 4/5)


Clinic Reveals Human Cost of War in Iraq (Posted 4/5)


Barrage of Fire, Trail of Death in the Capital (Posted 4/5)


Aussie tells of blood in Baghdad's streets: On her last day in Baghdad, human shield Donna Mulhearn visited the market where more than 50 Iraqis were killed by bombing the night before. The ground was still covered in pools of blood (Posted 4/5)


Umm Qasr is not under control. It's like the Wild West, and even the most serious humanitarian concern, water, is not being adequately administered (Posted 4/5)


Pro-War American embedded reporter killed in attack (Posted 4/5)


Eight Marines Wounded as Iraqis Destroy Tank (Posted 4/5)


US tank commander shot dead in move on Baghdad (Posted 4/5)


Two women detonated their vehicle, killing themselves and three soldiers at a checkpoint manned by US led forces north west of Baghdad (Posted 4/5)


Red Cross workers saw the bodies of dozens of people - including women and children - at a town south of Baghdad where Iraqi officials claim U.S. helicopters attacked a residential neighborhood, the relief organization reported Wednesday (posted on 4/3)


Red Cross tells horror of war: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reports an average of 100 civilian casualties a day are being recorded at hospitals throughout Iraq (posted on 4/3)


Causing Death and Destruction, but Never Seeing It: "We know we're killing people," said Lt. Stan Wilson, 33, who enlisted in the Navy at 18, left to attend college and then rejoined to become a pilot. "We don't talk about it, don't worry about it. I don't know how this sounds, but we're more selfish than that. I worry about my car payments; the other guys worry about their girlfriends and wives." (posted on 4/3)


Over 60 people dead after US bombs impoverished Iraqi neighborhood in Hilla: Democracy Now! talks to the AFP reporter who saw cluster bomblets there (audio, posted 4/3)


Iraqi children may confuse rations, bomblets: The UN warned that humanitarian food rations being distributed in Iraq by U.S.-led coalition forces are wrapped in the same yellow packaging as deadly bomblets being dropped by the coalition  (posted on 4/3)


US ground forces in Iraq are using cluster munitions with a very high failure rate that create immediate and long-term dangers for civilians and soldiers, according to a human rights group (posted on 4/3)


U.N. Fears U.S. Bomblets Resemble Food Packets (posted on 4/3)


U.S. Raid Hits Iraqi Hospital, Cause Casualties (posted on 4/3)


Three killed as maternity hospital is hit by bombs (posted on 4/3)


'I saw the heads of my two little girls come off': An Iraqi mother in a van fired on by US soldiers says she saw her two young daughters decapitated in the incident that also killed her son and eight other members of her family (posted on 4/3)


Umm Qasr aid effort 'a shambles' (posted on 4/3)


US Army to Sell Water to Penniless, Thirsty Umm Qasr (posted on 4/3)


The killing of at least 9 civilians at three checkpoints - by US marines facing the threat of terrorist attacks - has severely damaged the allies' battle for Iraqi "hearts and minds". And 15 members of a family killed yesterday when their utility truck was blown apart by a rocket from an Apache helicopter near Hilla, south of Baghdad, added to the toll of civilian to die at the hands of coalition forces, while a hospital director in Hilla said 33 civilians had been killed in bombing raids yesterday. (posted on 4/3)



An Iraqi woman sits crying in front of her destroyed house following an air strike on the outskirts of Baghdad April 2, 2003. U.S. aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city's trade fair, and other civilian buildings, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and a Reuters witness said. Photo by Faleh Kheiber/Reuters


Poor pay with their lives in cratered suburbia (posted on 4/3)


Orphaned kids weep in packed hospital (posted on 4/3)


U.S. Air Attacks Turn More Aggressive: Risk of Civilian Casualties Higher as Range of Targets Is Broadened, Officials Say (posted on 4/3)


Civilian casualties mount in Iraq: Democracy Now! talks with Iraq Peace Team member Cliff Kindy who just left Baghdad (audio, posted 4/3)


BOMBS FALL ON BABYLON: They lie in packed wards, eight to each airless room. Many are crying. Others softly moaning. Some stare, as if lifeless. These are the survivors of what are claimed to be cluster bomb attacks on villages in Babylon and its capital Al Hillah, some 70 miles south of Baghdad. (posted on 4/3)


BBC film maker killed by landmine (posted on 4/3)


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has called on both sides of the Iraq war to take more care to stop ordinary people from becoming victims. (posted on 4/3)


No relief for frustrated aid workers: Thousands of tons of aid for Iraq are piling up in the warehouses and docks of Kuwait City, along with relief workers' frustrations. (posted on 4/3)



Doctors fought for the lives of the scores of people, young and old, believed injured in the blast (AP)


As Combat Escalates, Sparing Civilians Gets Harder Too (posted on 4/3)


The approach of US forces to Baghdad brings closer the capture of the capital but also brings increased risks to Iraqi civilians. (posted on 4/3)


US aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city's trade fair, and other civilian buildings today, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and a Reuters witness said (Posted 4/2)


Children Killed and Maimed in Central Iraq Neighborhood, Video Footage Indicates US Cluster Bombs Likely (Posted 4/2)


Proved: Deaths in Iraqi marketplace were caused by American missile (Posted 4/2)


A wounded Iraqi girl is treated by U.S. marines in central Iraq. Confused front line crossfire ripped apart an Iraqi family on Saturday after local soldiers appeared to force civilians towards U.S. marines positions. The four-year old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her dead mother, while her father, shot in a leg, begged to be freed from the plastic wrist cuffs slapped on him by U.S. marines, so he could hug his other terrified daughter. (REUTERS/Damir Sagolj 3/29/03)


'Precise' bombs going astray: Human and mechanical errors send 10 per cent or more astray, Pentagon and civilian experts say — a disastrous percentage for civilians living near the intended targets (Posted 4/2)


A journalist's account of the killing of a car full of Iraqi civilians by US soldiers differs widely from the official military version (Posted 4/2)


US reveals new shoot to kill rule: "All Iraqis are to be treated as hostile until proven otherwise" (Posted 4/2)


California Doctor Documents Casualties: Woman Sees Firsthand Effect of War on Iraqis (Posted 4/2)


GRUESOME SCENE: Edgy soldiers fire on car and kill civilians (Posted 4/2)


Bombings kill 48 more civilians south of Baghdad: Forty-eight more civilians, including women and children, have been killed and 310 wounded in US-British bombings in the last 24 hours, a hospital director revealed. (Posted 4/1)


'What fault did my son have?' (Posted 4/1)


US raid leaves 20 dead on a farm near Baghdad. "Five children were turned into human torches” (Posted 4/1)


US troops kill seven women and children at checkpoint: Another civilian killed as troops fire on truck speeding towards another roadblock (Posted 4/1)


US Troops Kill Eight Iraqi Civilians at Roadblocks (Posted 4/1)


US backs troops over checkpoint killings: US troops fear fresh suicide attacks at checkpoints.

American military commanders have defended the right of their soldiers to open fire in self-defence. (Posted 4/1)


U.S. ground forces in Iraq are using cluster munitions with a very high failure rate, creating immediate and long-term dangers for civilians and friendly soldiers, Human Rights Watch reported today. (Posted 4/1)


Half of Basra Lacks Water, EU Says  (Posted 4/1)


The Death Toll (Posted 4/1)


Rescue effort for Bliss unit left 9 Marines dead, 8 missing (Posted 4/1)


U.S. Tank Falls in Euphrates; Four Marines Dead (Posted 4/1)


Ten Iraqis including children Killed at U.S. Checkpoint: "You just [expletive] killed a family because you didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!" (Posted 3/31)


US Marines turn fire on civilians at the bridge of death: "The Iraqis are sick people and we are the chemotherapy," said Corporal Ryan Dupre. "I am starting to hate this country. Wait till I get hold of a friggin' Iraqi. No, I won't get hold of one. I'll just kill him." (Posted 3/31)


A Boy Who Was 'Like a Flower': 'The Sky Exploded' and Arkan Daif, 14, Was Dead (Posted 3/31)

Seven Iraqi women, children killed by U.S. forces at checkpoint (Posted 3/31)


Twenty people, including 11 children, were killed Saturday when a nighttime air raid hit a farm near Baghdad (Posted 3/31)


Running from US Bombs Pointless for Iraqi Family (Posted 3/31)


'The Yank opened up. He had absolutely no regard for human life. He was a cowboy out on a jolly.' THREE wounded British soldiers described how they survived a terrifying attack by an American anti-tank aircraft that killed one of their troop and destroyed two armoured vehicles.  (Posted 3/31)


British soldiers injured when an American "tankbuster" aircraft attacked their convoy, killing one of their comrades, hit out angrily at the "cowboy" pilot today. Some soldiers were also calling for the pilot to be prosecuted for manslaughter. "To be honest, I think they are just ignorant. I don't know if they haven't been trained or are just trigger happy." (Posted 3/31)


They screamed over the radio: Stop the friendly fire. This report, unlike the two above, notes “Two Iraqi civilians, waving a large white flag, were also killed.” (Posted 3/31)


In Shiite Slums, Focus Is on Survival, Not Revolt: "Sanctions are a slow death," said Fadhil Faleh, 47, who is unemployed. "War brings a quick death, and a quick death is preferable."  (Posted 3/31)


American Peace Activists Confirm Iraqi Hospital Bombed (Posted 3/31)


Uranium Warheads May Leave Both Sides a Legacy of Death for Decades (Posted 3/31)


Simona Garibay, the devastated mother of slain soldier Jose Angel Garibay, claimed her son never wanted to fight and that Bush "needs to have sympathy for mothers like me and stop the war." (Posted 3/31)


Peace activists witness collateral damage: Bombs could drive some Iraqis to 'put up the fight of their lives' (Posted 3/31)


Dozens killed as US special forces overrun 'terrorist' camps: US special forces working with Kurdish militia have over-run the base camps of Ansar al-Islam, a small Kurdish Islamic group which achieved sudden notoriety when the US administration claimed it was linked both to al-Qa'ida and Saddam Hussein. (Posted 3/31)


Crowds of Iraqi civillians forced their way through Coalition checkpoints on the outskirts of the embattled southern city of Basra on Saturday to bring food and water to desperate relatives. (Posted 3/31)


A Marine UH-1 Huey helicopter crashed Sunday at a forward supply and refueling point in southern Iraq, killing three U.S. servicemen and injuring one, the U.S. military said. (Posted 3/31)




Either Take a Shot or Take a Chance: "We had a great day, we killed a lot of people." (Posted 3/30)


A FAMILY DESTROYED: Civilians caught in the crossfire as mother shot dead, Dad wounded and four-year old daughter shot in the eye (Posted 3/30)


Town becomes horrific battleground: Hundreds of Iraqis reportedly die in ‘chaos you cannot imagine’ (Posted 3/30)


'Why give out food and then bomb us?' (Posted 3/30)


‘So Much Blood Everywhere.’ A Baghdad hospital is overwhelmed after a missile hits an outdoor market, killing dozens. (Posted 3/30)


Heat Likely to Fuel Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq (Posted 3/30)


Basra's endless human tide: In an extraordinary report from the outskirts of the besieged city, Andrew Buncombe watches the British Army attempt to stem the flow of thousands of Iraqis that have been attempting to leave their hometown and - more bizarrely - to return to it (Posted 3/30)


Iraqis Delirious with Grief After Missile Attack: Almost every house in Baghdad's poor al-Shula neighborhood had a horror story to tell on Saturday after death rained from the night (Posted 3/29)


Market horror takes its toll (Posted 3/29)


The BBC's Rageh Omaar on the market bombing in Baghdad. The Arab world is seething with anger (video, posted 3/29)


52 die in Baghdad market blast: Women and children among victims of alleged missile attack, US declines to comment. “But in recent days, as the US has settled into a pattern of round-the-clock bombardments, it has increasingly targeted residential neighbourhoods of Baghdad, as well as the civilian infrastructure.” (Posted 3/29)


People assembled outside the morgue, fearing the

worst, as Iraq blamed a coalition air strike (AP)


An explosion at a crowded market in Baghdad has claimed dozens of lives and left many more injured. Arabic satellite network Al-Jazeera claimed more than 50 were killed and showed footage of bodies, including two children, and grieving relatives at a hospital. (Posted 3/29)


“I would cut Bush to pieces with my teeth”: Rasoul Hammed Najeed stood outside his home sobbing uncontrollably for his five-year-old son, who was killed while playing near a busy Baghdad vegetable market when an air raid struck. (Posted 3/29)


Grieving Parents Curse Bush After Baghdad Blast (Posted 3/29)


Arabic TVs: Over 50 Iraqis Killed in Baghdad Blast (Posted 3/29)



One of the older people injured managed a show of defiance after this latest blast in a city under  bombardment (AP)


Anger as at Least 55 Killed in Baghdad Market (Posted 3/29)


Four U.S. soldiers with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division were killed Saturday morning when suicide bombers attacked a military checkpoint in the central Iraqi town of Najaf (Posted 3/29)


Bodies of 4 U.S. troops found in shallow graves (Posted 3/29)


Gruesome toll grows as army grinds to a halt: The suffering and the grief radiating from a small crater in this impoverished Shi'ite neighbourhood in Baghdad will make it harder for ordinary Iraqis to see the US-led invasion force as an army of liberation, rather than one of conquest. (Posted 3/29)


US accused of using cluster bombs: US forces have fired cluster bombs in attacks near the towns of Najaf and Kabala (Posted 3/29)


U.S. Strikes 200 Iraqis Inside Basra Building (Posted 3/29)


A HEAVY air raid by US and British coalition forces has killed or wounded more than 50 civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, al-Jazeera television has reported from the scene (posted 3/28)


The massive bombardment of Iraq is causing heavy casualties, but it is also beginning to have an impact on those who survive it, as the World Health Organisation staff in the capital report that the continued bombings are beginning to have a serious impact on the mental and physical well being of the population, particularly children. (posted 3/28)


Two Marines drowned in southern Iraq after attempting to cross a canal without a safety line while wearing heavy gear and rifles (posted 3/28)


About 30 Marines wounded in friendly fire (posted 3/28)


In the first seven days of fighting in Iraq (news - web sites), accidents and friendly fire -- not enemy actions -- accounted for nearly two-thirds of the reported deaths of U.S. and British troops. (posted 3/28)


US Marines: "What we should do is go in there and kill every last soul" (posted 3/27)


An unidentified Iraqi man holds an unidentified girl wounded after U.S.-led coalition air strikes over the southern Iraqi city of Basra, Saturday March 22, 2003. (AP Photo/Nabil)


Missile Strike Shatters a House, and a Family: Attack on Neighborhood Evokes Anger at U.S.


Pentagon Knows Large Percentages of "Smart" Bombs Malfunction and Civilian Deaths Are a Certainty (Democracy Now! radio program, audio file, posted 3/27)


From the Archive, 1991: Allied Air War Struck Broadly in Iraq; Officials Acknowledge Strategy Went Beyond Purely Military Targets  (posted 3/27)


14 dead in Baghdad missile attack, US admits possible error (posted 3/27)


A humanitarian disaster is looming in the city of Basra, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says. More than a million civilians have been without clean water or electricity in the city since Friday as fighting rages outside. (posted 3/27)


Food Aid Seen as Little More Than Crumbs (posted 3/27)


Jubilation turns to hate as aid arrives (posted 3/27)


Marines, moving through this still-contested city, opened fire at anything that moved Tuesday, leaving dozens of dead in their wake, at least some of them civilians (posted 3/27)


ITN suspended its independent reporting teams in southern Iraq yesterday on confirmation that the veteran ITV news reporter Terry Lloyd had been killed under fire near Basra. (posted 3/27)


TV stations can be targets: The defence secretary, Geoff Hoon, appeared to confirm today that last night's interruption of Iraqi TV was the result of coalition bombing. (posted 3/27)


Human rights groups condemn Iraqi TV bombing (posted 3/27)


International Federation of Journalists Condemns Attack At Iraq Television, Violation of Geneva Convention (posted 3/27)


Safwan Report: British Soldiers Shot Civilians (posted 3/27)


Tough U.S. Advance Leaves Iraq Bus Full of Corpses (posted 3/27)


'Every Day Gets Worse And Worse': Along a busy Baghdad street struck by missiles, shocked residents curse the United States and mourn (posted 3/27)


An Iraqi child, one of the injured

in today's US-UK air assault on

Iraq (aljazeera.net, 3/22/03).


Two cruise missiles struck a residential area in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 14 people (posted 3/27)


Wayward bombs bring marketplace carnage (posted 3/27)


Baghdad's shock and anger: The BBC's Rageh Omaar said "On either side of the road in the main bit of al-Shaab district I saw several destroyed houses and apartment blocks. (posted 3/27)


Convoy hijacked in aid 'disaster': The much heralded operation to distribute humanitarian aid to the people of the Iraqi border town of Safwan on Wednesday has been a "disaster" (posted 3/27)


Iraqi trade minister condemns UN, US, UK for blocking food, medicine supplies (posted 3/27)


Eyewitness: Visiting Baghdad's wounded (posted 3/27)


Baghdad digs deep as bombs fall and secret police circle (posted 3/27)


Civilian casualties mount, but tally difficult to assess (posted 3/27)


Battle for key city leads to 'massacre of children' claim: Allies silent on claim of dozens killed by bombing (Posted 3/25)


Civilian Deaths From U.S. Airstrikes Fuel Rising Anger in Iraq (Posted 3/25)


US: All of Iraq has become a war zone, and Iraqi civilians are being advised to stay in their homes if they want to stay alive. (Posted 3/25)


'This makes us love Saddam, not America': 34 die as US missiles hit wrong target (Posted 3/25)


US missile hits bus, killing five Syrian civilians (Posted 3/25)


Iraqis Hunt for Water and Food in South: Iraqis drink dirty water from wells. Others comb hospitals searching for medicine. Civilians pose as soldiers and try to surrender, hoping U.S. or British forces will feed them. (Posted 3/25)


Besieged Basra short of water; UN fears humanitarian disaster (Posted 3/25)


Almost no humanitarian aid has reached Iraq since the start of the war, and unanticipated military battles and logistical problems in the southern part of the country made it unclear when aid will arrive for people who in some cases are without water and electricity and have been pleading for help, aid officials said. (Posted 3/25)


Guerrilla tactics vs. US war plan: Casualties mount for US as fedayeen fighters mix among civilians and gird for urban warfare. (Posted 3/25)


Basra: US Drops Huge JDAM Bomb on 'Military Sites in Civilian Buildings' (Posted 3/25)


Crisis in Basra as troops fail to create corridor for aid: Nearly 100,000 children could be at risk, warns UN agency (Posted 3/25)


The Red Cross warned of an imminent humanitarian disaster in Basra, as the agency struggled to restore water supplies destroyed in the war. (Posted 3/25)


Christian Aid: At least 1 million people have fled from cities in northern Iraq since US and UK forces began their military offensive to overthrow Saddam Hussein. (Posted 3/25)


Unicef struggles to feed Iraqi orphans as Baghdad is bombed (Posted 3/25)


In Replay of First Gulf War, Britons Are Killed by Allies (Posted 3/25)


As many as 10 Marines killed; 12 U.S. soldiers missing (Posted 3/25)


More US missiles hitting residential neighborhoods in Baghdad

(Teshreen, 3/25/03)


Mounting U.S. casualties dispel modern war myths


Bloody Sunday: At Least 15 Marines Killed, Several Soldiers Believed Captured in Southern Iraq


500,000 Displaced in Northern Iraq


Suffering the Results of Regime Change: Villagers Count Their Losses, Say Promised Medical Aid Isn't There


While the Pentagon trumpets its victorious race toward Baghdad, the death, starvation, disease and homelessness that war will inflict on Iraqi civilians goes unmentioned. In the rush to war, the Bush administration's plans for the impending humanitarian crisis are too little, too late.


As the world watches the relentless U.S. and British advance through the desert, the view from this small corner of the conflict suggests that some Iraqis may pay a far higher price than advertised for regime change.


A U.S. missile hit a passenger bus carrying Syrian civilians fleeing the war in Iraq, killing five and injuring 10, Syria's official news agency reported Monday.


 'We're in a Dark, Dark Tunnel': Family Weathers Attacks, Prepares for U.S. Siege


US Patriot Missile Finely Hits a Target . . . British Jet


Iraqi Bodies Litter Plain as U.S. Troops Advance: Burned-out vehicles and incinerated bodies littered a plain in central Iraq on Sunday after U.S. forces overwhelmed Iraqi militia fighters in a battle south of the holy city of Najaf


Air Raids Wreck Civilian Homes in Baghdad


Basra: 77 Civilians Dead


US confirms deaths, wounded at Nasiriyah


They Died in Their Trenches Clutching White Flags


Attack From Within: An American soldier has died in a grenade attack carried out by another US serviceman at a military camp in Kuwait.


Iraq Shows Dead and Captured U.S. Soldiers


Red Cross Voices Concern About Situation in Basra


A Russian reporter died in the Iraqi city of Basra on Saturday. He fell victim of an air raid by American and British aviation along with dozens of Iraqis, Tass learnt on Sunday from reliable sources.


Missing British TV reporter Terry Lloyd and two of his ITN news crew may have been hit by "friendly fire" from coalition forces in Iraq, it was reported today.


Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq


50, Including Russian, Killed In Bombing Of Basra


'Dead bodies are everywhere' ... Saddam's first martyrs lost


The BBC's Hywel Jones: "Iraq says more than 200 civilians were among the injured" (video)


Baghdad blitz kills 250: Iraq


Baghdad blitz toll rises


Report: More Than 100 Killed in Iraqi Town


50, Including Russian, Killed In Bombing Of Basra


Hell Rains Down on Iraqis



Mass Murder as Liberation? Pounding the Life Out of a City


No flowers, but  heavy fighting in Um Qasr and Al-Faw, 50 Iraqi civilians killed in Basra, 207 injured in Baghdad, 15 killed, 23 injured in northern Iraq, missile assault continues on Baghdad


Iraq suicide attack kills four. Four people have been killed in a suicide bombing at a checkpoint near the northern Iraqi town of Halabja


Iraq shows civilians caught in the war


Aid agencies report 500,000 Iraqis displaced


A human tidal wave of hungry, fearful people is about to flood over the border into Jordan. But vital supplies are still on board a UK warship and aid budgets are dwarfed by Allied spending on the war.


An Empty Pledge to Civilians: The Pentagon doesn't want to own responsibility for civilian casualties because it fears further constraints on the way it fights wars. By former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Sarah Sewall


Millions could starve, government warned


No targets off-limits, say allies


An Iraqi boy killed in Basra  with his

head destroyed (aljazeera.net, 3/23/03)


Six Journalists Among Iraq Casualties


Casualties of ‘Iraqi Freedom’ U.S. Personnel Killed in the Line of Duty


"It's all for nothing" say family of marine killed in Iraq


Dangers of cluster bombs to civilians


Baghdad shelters that are a shrine to the dead - not a place of safety


American Aid Groups Are Being Shut Out of Iraq by U.S. Sanctions, Says International Rescue Committee; President Bush Could Fix Problem with Stroke of a Pen



As war with Iraq begins, many relief groups are saying their efforts to bring humanitarian aid to needy Iraqi citizens are being hampered by a lack of money and information from the U.S. government.


The war in Iraq: general environmental implications


US to use depleted uranium


Has a British officer incited war crimes?


US is Criticized for its Plans to Use Land Mines with Timers


Invading troops will have to feed 16m Iraqis, warn aid agencies


Civilians Wounded in US Air Strikes on Baghdad-Iraq


Three US helicopters down in 24 hours


'Shock and Awe' Born Seven Years Ago



Second Front: The Pentagon/Press Propaganda War


Democracy Now!: CNN's Aaron Brown on the network's coverage of the anti-war movement, the media's sanitization of the invasion of Iraq and why he believes this is an inappropriate time for reporters to ask questions about war. (Audio, Posted 4/7) Transcript and related article


The minute it's made up, you'll hear about it: You expect lies, but usually they're found out once a war is over. But in this war the lying is so inept that it gets rumbled the next day. (Posted 4/7)


Pentagon PA staff helping out embedded reporters: They may not get as much attention as their media counterparts, but dozens of Pentagon public affairs officers are "embedded" right alongside the reporters in Iraq. (Posted 4/5)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Official Story Vs. Eyewitness Account -- On Najaf killings, some outlets seem to prefer the sanitized version (Posted 4/5)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Media Should Follow Up on Civilian Deaths - Journalist's evidence that U.S. bombed market ignored by U.S. press (Posted 4/5)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Some Critical Media Voices Face Censorship (Posted 4/5)


Akamai pulls Al-Jazeera Web support (Posted 4/5)


Al Jazeera shunned, intimidated in Western capitals (Posted 4/5)


Rumsfeld Lying Again: The CIA has no credible evidence that the government of Syria has had a role in the shipment of night-vision goggles and other military equipment to Iraq, according to an administration official familiar with U.S. intelligence in the region. (Posted 4/5)


Russian, European Media Critical of U.S.-Led Forces: Using depictions of a brutish bully, foreign news outlets focus heavily on civilian casualties and denounce the campaign in Iraq (Posted 4/5)


Arab Media Portray War as Killing Field (Posted 4/5)


Colorado Physician Aids Troops: War 'Disgustingly Sanitized' on TV (Posted 4/5)


Black propaganda serves to obscure the reality of battle (Posted 4/5)


War journalism is guided by military precision: The attack on Iraq looks set to be the most information controlled conflict of modern times. Coverage in the mainstream media will be manipulated as never before. The US is going to unprecedented lengths (Posted 4/5)


Chris Hedges on 'Distorted' War Coverage: TV News 'Looks Like a Giant Game of Risk' (posted on 4/3)


Detecting disinformation, without radar: How to tell genuine reporting from an article manufactured to  produce the desired propaganda effect? The war in Iraq provides us plenty of interesting samples for a study of disinformation techniques.  (posted on 4/3)




U.S. actively sows doubts about whether Saddam is alive (posted on 4/3)


An Army of Propaganda (posted on 4/3)


Al-Jazeera's Basra hotel bombed (posted on 4/3)


More popular than sex: Al-Jazeera most sought-after in Internet searches (posted on 4/3)


The Bright Side of War: No wonder Americans are surprised by Iraqi resistance; embedded gung-ho media have presented this war as 'fun' and almost bloodless, says John MacArthur (Posted 4/2)


Correspondents in Iraq have come upon a number of incidents in which the US military, especially the marines, have appeared to act with excessive force. Here are some examples. (Posted 4/2)


US is Losing Public Relations War in Iraq, Australian Experts Warn (Posted 4/2)


Warner Bros. eliminates peace image from 'What a Girl Wants' ads: peace sign would be viewed as a political message (Posted 4/2)


A European media watchdog has said television coverage of the Iraq war is turning the battlefield into "a show". (Posted 4/2)


Iraq is winning battles in the propaganda war with a modest media strategy, despite a multi-million dollar U.S. campaign featuring painstakingly choreographed briefings and Hollywood-style sets (Posted 4/2)


Madonna Chickens Out:  She’s decided to withdraw the violent, anti-war video for her new single "American Life" out of respect for the troops fighting in Iraq (Posted 4/2)


Al-Jazeera promises to relaunch on Web: Hackers attack after premiere of English site (Posted 4/2)


DJ's Rally For America Draws Ire Of Protesters (Posted 4/2)


Language always one of war's first casualties (Posted 4/1)


Propaganda defensive: The coalition's campaign has become a war in search of a war aim. From questionable claims of chemical weapons finds to anecdotal evidence of Saddam's barbarity, US and UK officials are trying to justify the offensive as they go along. At times, it seems that the only coherent war aim is to find something that might justify the war. (Posted 4/1)


Euphemisms on the Euphrates: the war of words (Posted 4/1)


War coverage could alter U.S. media policy: Reporting may influence debate about ownership; More consolidation coming?; FCC to decide soon on any rules changes (Posted 4/1)


Spin-Heavy U.S. Briefings Frustrate News Media (Posted 4/1)


Military accused of mistreating reporters (Posted 4/1)


Three days after US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld charged night-vision goggles had been supplied by Syria to Iraq, a top US commander said Monday he was unaware of any Iraqi battlefield use of such devices (Posted 4/1)


US Eyes Wide Shut to Real-Life Gore and Guts (Posted 3/31)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: U.S. Media Applaud Bombing of Iraqi TV (Posted 3/31)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Using "Pro-Troops" to Mean "Pro-War" Is Anti-Journalistic (Posted 3/31)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Lack of Skepticism Leads to Poor Reporting on Iraq Weapons Claims (Posted 3/31)


FAIR Archive: Pro-Pain Pundits -- Torture advocates defy U.S., international law (Posted 3/31)


Seeking to counter wrenching images of Iraqi civilians killed and wounded, allegedly by U.S. airstrikes, the Bush administration stepped up its attack Saturday on Saddam Hussein's human rights record. (Posted 3/31)


NBC fired journalist Peter Arnett on Monday, saying it was wrong for him to give an interview with state-run Iraqi TV in which he said the American-led coalition's initial plan for the war had failed because of Iraq's resistance. (Posted 3/31)


Britain's Daily Mirror said it had hired veteran U.S reporter Peter Arnett, sacked by American TV network NBC after he told Iraqi television the U.S, war plan against Saddam Hussein had failed (Posted 3/31)


Video Suggests U.S. Hit Useless Decoys: Iraqi aircraft destroyed by U.S. bombs in video shown on Monday at the daily U.S. briefing on the Iraq war looked like useless old decoys, British military analyst Paul Beaver said. (Posted 3/31)


Clear Channel finds itself fending off that the company is using its considerable market power to drum up support for the war in Iraq, while muzzling musicians who oppose it. (Posted 3/31)


Al-Jazeera tells the truth about war: My station is a threat to American media control - and they know it (Posted 3/30)


Drop Television, Not Bombs: What the TV news couldn’t tell you about the protests (Posted 3/30)


Military P.R. Force Wages a Battle to Stay on Message (Posted 3/30)


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting: Lack of Skepticism Leads to Poor Reporting on Iraq Weapons Claims (Posted 3/29)


Arab TV shows bloodier images: Mideast viewers note differences on CNN, BBC (Posted 3/29)


A senior BBC News executive today admitted that the reporting of allied military claims in Iraq that later prove false, such as heralding the fall of Umm Qasr at least nine times, had "left the public feeling less well-informed than it should be" (Posted 3/29)


BBC news chiefs have met to discuss the increasing problem of misinformation coming out of Iraq as staff concern grows at the series of premature claims and counter claims by military sources (Posted 3/29)


Hackers cripple al-Jazeera sites: The websites of the Arabic television news channel Al Jazeera have come under electronic attack from hackers.  (Posted 3/29)


Pentagon Keeps Return of Iraqi War Dead from Media: The Pentagon has no plans to allow media access to a U.S. Air Force base receiving the bodies of American soldiers killed in Iraq (Posted 3/29)


The attack on Iraq looks set to be the most censored conflict of modern times. Media coverage in mainstream media will be controlled as never before. The US is determined to eliminate independent reporting of and from Iraq and it will go to unprecedented lengths to ensure that its propaganda and spin will dominate media agendas in the UK and US and it will expend massive resources in minimising critical coverage across the world. (Posted 3/29)


The US is losing the propaganda war, and it could get a lot worse at the gates of the capital (Posted 3/29)


U.S. News Criticized for Sterility (Posted 3/29)


Rumours and half-truths have been seized on and presented as facts with enormous propaganda power. As the tide of war, and of information, moves on, to recall what was true and what was not has often been difficult. (Posted 3/29)


Why al-Jazeera was right to show those terrible pictures (Posted 3/29)


A reporter for The Christian Science Monitor has been ordered out of Iraq after the Pentagon said he revealed the location of a Marine unit during a television interview. (posted 3/28)


Unembedded Journalist's Report Provokes Military Ire (posted 3/28)


Norman Solomon: Media coverage of U.S. current war and about recent book "Target Iraq" two days after US invasion (audio file, posted 3/28)


BBC man criticises 'war bias': BBC's coverage of the war has come under fire from one of its own correspondents in the Gulf who has fired off a furious memo claiming the corporation is misleading viewers about the conflict in Iraq. (posted 3/27)


Clear Channel Sponsoring Pro-War Rallies (posted 3/27)


"Precise" and "Surgical": NBC's Bombing Claims Lack Verification (posted 3/27)


Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada & Janine Jackson of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting on Media Coverage of the War on Iraq (Audio) (posted 3/27)


Al-Jazeera defiant over war dead footage (posted 3/27)


Propaganda games give a distorted view of reality (posted 3/27)


The Arabic-language TV network al-Jazeera has seen its European subscriber numbers double since the start of the war in Iraq amid huge demand for an alternative to western media coverage. (posted 3/27)


Al-Jazeera, the Arab TV satellite channel whose war coverage has angered the US, has been awarded a prestigious prize for upholding freedom of expression. (posted 3/27)


The New York stock exchange has banned al-Jazeera from its trading floor, prompting accusations that it was retaliating against the Arabic-language TV network's stance on the war in Iraq. (posted 3/27)


Defence chiefs demand al-Jazeera stops screening film of dead soldiers (posted 3/27)


The "Awkward Squad” (Non-American journalists in Qatar): their questions to the generals running the war in Iraq are starting to divide the sceptical press from their more loyal American colleagues. (posted 3/27)


Iraq & the Media - Prof Joshua Meyrowitz: In an excellent 1 ½ long multi-media presentation Prof. Meyrowitz lays down the deception and the manufacturing of america's consent during Gulf War I, shows how the corporate media coverage IS military strategy, and challenges us to be skeptics. (Audio, posted 3/27) 


MTV drops war-themed pop videos (posted 3/27)


Deeply Embedded: The Pentagon and the news media set the sheets on fire. (posted 3/27)


Live, but Not Really: The networks can show us more war than ever before—but they're choosing not to. (posted 3/27)


Pentagon caught off-guard by news reports: Inability to control message could be threat to support (posted 3/27)


Newssite shut down over war photos: Editor of Yellow Times decries 'censorship' of gruesome images (posted 3/27)


World and America watching different wars: CNN vs. Al Jazeera: Seeing is often believing (Posted 3/25)


Image Conscious: The fall of CNN to Al-Jazeera, and what it means for the war (Posted 3/25)


Al-Jazeera Web Site Under Hacking Attack, Host Says (Posted 3/25)


'It's more than exciting, Christiane': Most TV correspondents reporting from Iraq are attached to combat units and adopt the military viewpoint, so who is giving us the other side of the war? (Posted 3/25)


War Pictures Cause Yellowtimes.Org To Be Shut Down, Again (Posted 3/25)


Embedded Or 'In Bed'? Are journalists too cozy with military units? (Posted 3/25)


'Embeds' Offer Graphic but Limited War Close-Up (Posted 3/25)


A Texas Journalist Had His Column Cancelled for Attending an Antiwar Rally and Then Writing This Commentary

(Posted 3/25)


US Media Covers Up Reports on American POWs and Casualties: All major US news networks are refusing to air footage of captured and killed US troops. US Defense Department initially denied the capture or killing of US troops but later confirmed the reports after the Al Jazeera network aired Iraqi television interviews with Americans POWs as well as images of dead American soldiers near the Iraqi city of Al Nasiriyya. (Posted 3/25)


U.S. television networks were weighing Sunday whether to air video footage, shown elsewhere in the world, of what appeared to be American prisoners and also of a morgue containing dead bodies claimed to be those of Americans. (Posted 3/25)


Pentagon Threatens to Kill Independent Reporters in Iraq


Most TV correspondents reporting from Iraq are attached to combat units and adopt the military viewpoint, so who is giving us the other side of the war?


The Battle for the Arab Mind: The United States, having failed in earlier attempts to muzzle the Qatar-based al-Jazeera television network, has adopted a "softly-softly" approach in which damage control rather than confrontation is the order of the day.


United States Puts a Spin On Coalition Numbers


John MacArthur: An Orwellian Pitch: The inner workings of the war-propaganda machine


War Coverage By Danny Schechter The coverage of the war will be wall to wall, but this does not mean balanced, does not mean comprehensive, does not mean good.


With Media in Tow, Does Objectivity Go AWOL? About 500 reporters are with U.S. troops, but so far they've done little questioning of top officers. Some critics say balance is at stake.


Critics Say Coverage Helped Lead to War


Propaganda Machine Set To Roll With Its Own War Plan


Bush spin doctor is recalled in bid to control news


The price of overconfidence: The first day of the attack on Iraq shows that the spin many believed is not matching the reality of what is happening on the ground


Bush can wage war, but if CNN does so, news balance suffers


Bush prefers to keep the press inside his war tent


U.S. gives war orders to media


Administration cozies up with al-Jazeera network


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Study: In Iraq Crisis, Networks Are Megaphones for Official Views


Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: Do Media Know That War Kills?



The War Effort


Street battle a taste of things to come: US troops were drawn into fierce street-to-street fighting with Iraqi paramilitaries as they tried to secure the Shiite holy city of Karbala and the crucial supply route north (Posted 4/7)


Volunteer fighters continue to flock to the cause: Egyptians, Sudanese, Jordanians, Saudis and Syrian volunteer fighters are continuing to enter Iraq to fight against US-led invasion forces as they move in on Baghdad (Posted 4/7)


The American armored penetration into southern Baghdad suggests Iraq's defense of its capital is not functioning (Posted 4/7)


Aid Group: Allies Bomb Area Near Syria Border Camp (Posted 4/7)


U.S. Troops Struggle to Find Enemy Among Civilians (Posted 4/7)


In battle for Baghdad, a growing concern over keeping Iraq's civilians safe (Posted 4/7)


Despite US claims, none of the more than 130 foreign media organizations in Baghdad reported sighting US tanks or other military vehicles near what could be described as "central Baghdad" (Posted 4/5)


Witnesses Refute U.S. Forces' Claim: American armored combat troops entered the ``heart of Baghdad'' on Saturday, defeating Iraqi forces as they went, the U.S. Central Command said. But witnesses said they saw no evidence of an incursion, and Navy Capt. Frank Thorp, a coalition spokesman, refused to specify what he meant by the city's ``heart.'' (Posted 4/5)


US Withdraws as Iraqis Mass to Protect Capital (Posted 4/5)


The Battle Plan for Baghdad? A secret Pentagon report sketches seven scenarios (Posted 4/5)


Marines to Use 'Knock-Out Punch' in Baghdad Fight:  A US Marine commander said US troops would use overwhelming force to crush any resistance if ordered to storm Baghdad and that the battle would cost many civilian lives (Posted 4/5)


US, Iraqi troops face off in Baghdad (Posted 4/5)


Land campaign widens to cover Baghdad: US tanks fighting vehicles enter the Iraqi capital as both parties claim to have scored military successes. The Iraqi information ministry has said it has recaptured Saddam International Airport, partially taken by US forces yesterday  (Posted 4/5)


US Officer: Airport Seizure 'Was the End of Our Plan' (Posted 4/5)


'Dirty war' allegations cut both ways: US claims that Iraqis are committing serious violations of the law of armed conflict by dressing ignore their own special forces operations (Posted 4/5)


Intelligence on Iraq Seen as 'Weak': Pentagon officials worry about inability to track Hussein and other top officials (Posted 4/5)


Iran's senior leadership decided last month to send irregular paramilitary units across their border with Iraq to harass American soldiers once Saddam Hussein's regime fell (Posted 4/5)


Contrary to policy, US forces occupy schools and church: Experts say the move, which began four days ago in a northern Iraqi town, may violate international law. (Posted 4/5)


Baath Party Is Bedrock of Hussein's Power Base (Posted 4/5)


Will Iraq’s Shia revolt? (Posted 4/5)


The Shi'ite Wild Card - A Key Factor to U.S. Success in Iraq (Posted 4/5


Guerrilla Warfare Has Made Monkeys Of Invading Forces (Posted 4/5)


Patriot System Likely Downed U.S. Navy Jet (Posted 4/5)


Thousands Abandon Homes, Hope in Baghdad (Posted 4/5)


UN and Army at odds as troops encourage looting (Posted 4/5)


US-led forces fight street to street in Karbala (Posted 4/5)


Frustrated British troops wooing Iraqis with leaflets (Posted 4/5)


Goal of U.S.: Avoid a Siege. "The enemy is taking what forces he can muster and is ordering them back into the city," a senior American military officer said tonight. "He is bringing in the Republican Guard for a last stand. We have been trying to kill anything that is moving toward the city. We don't want a big siege at the end of this." (posted on 4/3)


US to Cordon Off Baghdad (posted on 4/3)


Pentagon plans for worst nightmare: Disastrous casualties, both civilian and military, feared in street-by-street fight for Baghdad (posted on 4/3)


Saddam's Greater Game: Many observers of the war with Iraq are focused on the looming battle for Baghdad in anticipation that it will be the culminating event of the conflict, and it may in the end be so from an American perspective. But in the view of the Iraqi leadership, it may be only the end of a first stage in a greater Iraqi plan. (posted on 4/3)


Two U.S. aircraft have gone down in Iraq as U.S. officials warned of increasing dangers for coalition ground forces advancing on Baghdad (posted on 4/3)


British are waiting almost with baited breath for the other shoe to drop in what some are already billing the final battle for Baghdad (posted on 4/3)


Powell Tries to Keep Turks Out of N. Iraq: Powell's remarks were the first time an administration official has tied the aid request to Turkey's cooperation in the war (posted on 4/3)


US drops new high tech cluster bomb in Iraq (posted on 4/3)


U.S. commandos destroy Iraqi pipeline to Syria (posted on 4/3)


Outgunned Iraqis show real ingenuity: More than U.S., Baghdad learned lessons of 1991 (posted on 4/3)


US effort for defections appears ineffective (posted on 4/3)


US Dropping 'Daisy Cutters' on Iraq (posted on 4/3)


Kurdish revolt paralysed without US troops (posted on 4/3)


US Preparing To Wage Chemical War In Iraq: According to the Independent News Agency of UK, the US Marine Corps confirmed that both CS gas and Pepper Spray gas have been sent to the Gulf. The use of these gases would be in direct contravention of the Chemical Weapons Convention of which the United States is a signatory. (Posted 4/2)


Top Commander Suggests Shiites Haven't Rebelled Because U.S. Failed Them in '91 (Posted 4/2)


We don't understand Iraqis, admits US officer: Regime not about to collapse, war planner concedes (Posted 4/2)


Allies are failing to win over Iraqi public, senior officer admits (Posted 4/2)


UK Home Secretary: US and UK "seen as the villains" (Posted 4/2)


Iraqi villagers have seized a British armoured vehicle and anti-tank weapons dropped into the north of the country. (Posted 4/2)


It is day 12 of the war and not a single major Iraqi city has fallen (Posted 4/2)




War Uniting Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites Against US (Posted 4/2)


Basra Residents Say Hussein Loyalists in Full Control: Impact of British Siege Described as Minimal (Posted 4/2)


While fighting rages south of Baghdad, in northern Iraq tribal leaders are staging an unseen struggle for control (Posted 4/2)


U.S. military will start shoot on sight to prevent future suicide attacks in Iraq (Posted 4/1)


In Umm Qasr, fears of a second Bush betrayal are fuelled by bitter memories (Posted 4/1)


In the line of fire: two holy cities that the US dares not desecrate (Posted 4/1)


Franks: Ground war began at time ripe to save oilfields (Posted 4/1)


U.S. Troops' Tough Approach Wins Few Iraqi Friends (Posted 4/1)




British Central Command has withdrawn its claim that an Iraqi general had been captured on Sunday. (Posted 4/1)


Double standards: Prisoners of war in Iraq and at Guantánamo (Posted 4/1)


Captured Iraqi militia fighters may be sent to Guantanamo Bay (Posted 4/1)


Syria defies U.S.; more volunteers stream into Iraq to fight US (Posted 4/1)




US Said Prepared to Pay 'High Price' to Oust Saddam (Posted 3/31)


4,000 MARTYR SUICIDE ARMY (Posted 3/31)


Martyrdom seekers flock to Iraq, as signs grow it may become magnet for jihad (Posted 3/31)


Islamic Jihad Say Suicide Bombers Gone to Baghdad (Posted 3/31)


Once more into the swamp: Saddam learned a lesson in 1991, the U.S. and Britain did not ... now their forces are tied down fighting a guerrilla war in Iraq (Posted 3/31)


Turkish villagers showered U.S. soldiers with eggs and stones on Saturday when they arrived to recover pieces of a Tomahawk cruise missile which came down in eastern Turkey (Posted 3/31)


US soldiers in Iraq asked to pray for Bush (Posted 3/31)


Tribal chiefs vow to fight to the death for Saddam (Posted 3/31)


As Syria Takes Lead Against War, US Targets Damascus (Posted 3/31)


Syria Sees Threat of Force Behind Rumsfeld Remark (Posted 3/31)


Powell Gives Warning to Iran and Syria (Posted 3/31)


Growing resentment at British 'liberators' in Basra (Posted 3/31)


Rumsfeld denies overruling military planners on strategy for war he inspired (Posted 3/31)


Two Israeli journalists expelled from Iraq by the U.S. military said that American troops mistreated them during 72 hours of detention, denying them food and water and making them stand overnight in the cold.  (Posted 3/31)


Rumsfeld’s plans: The scramble to blame and deny (Posted 3/31)  


Three British soldiers in Iraq have been ordered home after objecting to the conduct of the war. It is understood they have been sent home for protesting that the war is killing innocent civilians. (Posted 3/31)


If American and British forces move into the streets of Baghdad, they may face a form of battle that armies have dreaded for centuries: Of all the places to fight, a city is one of the most dangerous. “Experts have long worried that a battle for Baghdad could produce a bloodbath and a public relations disaster.” (Posted 3/31)


America's Real Enemy May Be Time: The U.S. is trying to beat the clock of politics, knowing that the longer war lasts, the more complicated its effects at home and abroad. (Posted 3/31)


Truck Hits U.S. Troops in Kuwait (Posted 3/31)


Offense and Defense by Seymour Hersh: The battle between Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon. (Posted 3/31)


United States forces have begun rounding up Iraqi men in civilian clothes suspected of being involved with paramilitary squads attacking them in southern Iraq and may ship some to the notorious detention centre at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. (Posted 3/31)


"Flipper's fucked, mate," was how one Aussie diver saw things yesterday. "The dolphins have had all this amazing publicity, but as soon as they put one in the water it shot through. There's a war going on and Flipper goes AWOL.” (Posted 3/31)


The CIA has stopped trying to persuade Iraqi generals and political leaders to defect after underestimating their "hatred" of America. (Posted 3/31)


BRITISH and American coalition forces are using depleted uranium (DU) shells in the war against Iraq and deliberately flouting a United Nations resolution which classifies the munitions as illegal weapons of mass destruction. (Posted 3/30)


Eyewitness -- Basra 'besieged': A Western journalist who managed to get inside the southern Iraqi city of Basra says earlier claims of a popular uprising appear to be incorrect. (Posted 3/30)


A bitter chaos as trickle of aid begins: British troops near Basra escort convoys of food and water to help a resentful population under the eyes of a vengeful enemy (Posted 3/30)


Iraqi Civilians Offer Food, Hungry Marines Moved (Posted 3/30)


US assassins 'kill Iraqi chiefs' in Baghdad (Posted 3/30)


US Ally’s (Qatar) Security Chief Suspected of Having Ties to Al Qaeda (Posted 3/30)


Four miles into Basra, angry Iraqis stare at me in disbelief: Across no mans land in Basra, Olga Craig encounters the desperate but hostile people of the city whose only word of greeting seems to be 'Enemy' (Posted 3/30)


The Israeli Arms Connection: Despite vigorous U.S. attempts to keep Israel on the sidelines of the war, at turn after turn, it seems the country is cropping up in the unfolding campaign (Posted 3/30)


A PAIR of British soldiers in the Gulf face up to two years' jail after refusing to fight. The duo told officers they would not take part in a war in which innocent civilians were killed. (Posted 3/30)


Iraqi opposition leader rejects post-war US military administration (Posted 3/30)


US rebuff for Saddam's would-be successor (Posted 3/30)


Kuwaiti Officials Say Missile That Hit Mall Was American (Posted 3/30)


Conflict sapping forces' morale: US Marine says “I've had enough of being fired at from all directions, I just want to go home.” (Posted 3/29)


A 'Turkey Shoot,' but With Marines as the Targets  (Posted 3/29)


ALLIED troops renewed their drive towards Baghdad yesterday, pledging: "Our job now is killing." (Posted 3/29)


The southern Iraqi city of Basra is "clearly nowhere near" under Allied forces' control, a coalition offcier admitted today. (Posted 3/29)


Israelis trained US troops in Jenin-style urban warfare: The American military has been asking the Israeli army for advice on fighting inside cities, and studying fighting in the West Bank city of Jenin last April, unnamed United States and Israeli sources have confirmed. (Posted 3/29)


Scott Ritter, former United Nations (U.N.) chief weapons inspector, tells Cornell Students US Will Lose War. (Posted 3/29)


Battle of Baghdad could turn into a nightmare if Saddam wins his bet (Posted 3/29)


Kurdish irregulars advanced past abandoned Iraqi bunkers to within two miles of the oil city of Kirkuk yesterday as the Iraqi army retreated into the city in their first withdrawal on the northern front. (Posted 3/29)


US Lacks Force for Baghdad Street Fight - UK Source (Posted 3/29)


Outspoken Army General Upsets White House (Posted 3/29)


Soldiers don't find a welcome mat in Basra: Fierce opposition to be expected, observer predicts (Posted 3/29)


Washington and London "have lost the war politically" and their campaign in Iraq is "heading to a disaster", British Middle East expert and journalist Patrick Seale wrote in an article published on Friday (Posted 3/29)


"Critical Supplies...Are Unaccounted For": Overoptimistic expectations give way to fatigue and paranoia, as one Infantry Division finds itself increasingly worried about food and water (Posted 3/29)


Game plan based on a 'fantasy' that resistance would crumble: The war on Iraq is taking a turn for the worse with senior US officials admitting that they greatly underestimated Iraqi resistance and the size of the force needed to conquer Saddam Hussein's regime. Judith Yaphe, the chief CIA analyst on Iraq during the last Gulf War, said the Pentagon had relied on overly optimistic assessments from Iraqi opposition groups in exile. "It was a fantasy," she said. (Posted 3/29)


Coalition 'told Iraqis not to rise up': People in Basra were told by the British and Americans to stay at home and not to rise up against Saddam Hussein, according to a leading Iraqi exile. (Posted 3/29)


Iraq: Suicide Attacks Are Military Policy (Posted 3/29)


Shi'ite resistance foils advance, so hungry troops wait for supplies (Posted 3/29)


THE US Marines have suffered an embarrassment with reports last night that one of their most prized investigators may have defected. Takoma, the Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin, had been in Iraq for 48 hours when he went missing on his first operation to snoop out mines. (Posted 3/29)


US turns sights on Syria and Iran (Posted 3/29)


Iran dismissed as propaganda U.S. warnings not to meddle in the war in neighboring Iraq. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld warned that armed Iranian "proxies" gathered inside Iraq would be considered combatants if they interfered with U.S. forces (Posted 3/29)


Syria Dismisses U.S. Accusations on Iraq Supplies  (Posted 3/29)


Red Cross criticises allies over captives: As British and American anger over the parading of five US soldiers on Iraqi television continued unabated, the ICRC said the allies and the Iraqis should re-examine the way they handled PoWs


Some Tomahawk Missiles Fell on Saudi Arabia, U.S. Suspends Routes (Posted 3/29)


Did Errant U.S. Missile Hit Kuwait City? (Posted 3/29)


Iraqi Militia Pin Down U.S.-Led Forces in South (posted 3/28)


Resistance on 'every inch' of road to Baghdad (posted 3/28)


Iraqi power structure seems to remain intact: Coordinated defense tactics indicate someone is in charge, but is it Hussein? (posted 3/28)


Why the Iraqis are suspicious of their liberators: Saddam has ruined Iraq, but his people do not blame him alone. They have cause to be wary of the US and Britain, and Saddam is appealing to their patriotism (posted 3/28)


Bush refuses to rule out nuclear weapons (posted 3/28)


Anti-Hussein Officials Rebuke Unilateral U.S. Battle Strategy: Dissidents Say Failure to Incorporate Iraqis Constitutes 'War of Conquest' (posted 3/28)


Iraq war: suspected war criminal at the side of Bush? There is now extensive evidence that the person responsible for the gassing of Kurds in Halabja in 1988 is actively participating in the current war against Iraq—and he is fighting on the side of the US. (posted 3/27)


US escalates war on northern Iraq's militant Kurds: US forces are now fighting two Islamic groups - one radical, one more moderate - on a second front. (posted 3/27)


Kurdish Hopes Fading in Light of New Moves (posted 3/27)


US admits '8,000 Iraqis captured' claim was false (posted 3/27)


Although no key leader wants to say so publicly, a successful insurrection in Basra would send a shock wave to Baghdad, and through neighboring Arab nations, by signaling the end of a long period of political subordination for the Shiite Muslim majority in Iraq. (posted 3/27)


U.S. Caution on Basra Revolt Reflects Bitter Lesson (posted 3/27)


Witnesses to War Hear Talk of Revenge (posted 3/27)


US loses hearts and minds amid suburban hell (posted 3/27)


Who Is The Enemy? Thanks to alleged Iraqi tactics, the weather and the general blur of war, it has sometimes been difficult to tell Iraqi civilians from Iraqi fighters, and even to know whether the target in the crosshairs is a foe or a friend. (posted 3/27)


The leader of Iraq's main Shi'ite opposition group warned Washington on Tuesday that U.S. troops would face armed resistance if they stayed in Iraq once President Saddam Hussein was toppled. (posted 3/27)


An Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim opposition group said on Wednesday there had been disturbances, but no uprising, in the southern Iraqi city of Basra. (posted 3/27)


Fearing Saddam but not trusting the US: Persecution Shia Muslims play safe after allies' 1991 'betrayal' (posted 3/27)


US Feeds Iraqis as They Cheer Saddam (posted 3/27)


Wounded U.S. Soldiers Shocked at Iraqi Resistance (posted 3/27)


Iraqi resistance ‘stuns’ US pilots; Attacking troops return frightened (posted 3/27)


Resistance grows as troops near Baghdad (posted 3/27)


The high cost of urban warfare (posted 3/27)


White House Notebook: Many Willing, But Few Are Able. Palau Joins “Coalition.” Can provide tapioca and coconuts, but no troops (posted 3/27)


Billions of Dollars Slated for America’s “Coalition of the Willing” Allies (posted 3/27)


Iraqis Don’t Want to Be Saved by US: For the past 1 ½ years, the civilian war hawks running DoD have repeatedly and, according to Pentagon sources, even contemptuously overridden the concerns of regular senior military officers about the difficulty of conquering Iraq by relying upon the flood of intelligence provided to them by Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress. For Chalabi and the INC had assured them that Iraq was straining at the seams and ready to bust apart acclaiming U.S. forces as liberators as soon as they walked in. (Posted 3/25)


Basra: Why they are not cheering. The fact is that Basra is not undergoing a benign occupation. It has just been declared a military target by British forces which have come under attack from inside. (Posted 3/25)


Marines losing the battle for hearts and minds: Iraqi doctor says US resorting to indiscriminate cluster bombs: "There's no room in the Saddam hospital because of the wounded. It's the only hospital in town. When I saw the dead Americans I cheered in my heart. They started bombing Nassiriya on Friday but they didn't bomb civilian areas until yesterday, when these American dead bodies were brought in. We know the difference between a missile and a cluster bomb. A missile shoots to one target whereas a cluster bomb spreads after they release it." (Posted 3/25)


Marines embroiled in urban warfare after all: (Nasiriya) Despite the progress, the marines said that as many as 400 Iraqi fighters remained inside the city. But that estimate seemed sketchy at best; the Americans complained that they were having trouble distinguishing between civilians and combatants. ‘‘It’s not pretty,’’ Chief Warrant Officer Pat Woellhof said. ‘‘It’s not surgical.’’ ‘‘You try to limit collateral damage, but they want to fight,’’ he said. ‘‘Now it’s just smash-mouth football.’’ (Posted 3/25)


Red Cross says both sides are violating Geneva Convention (Posted 3/25)


Black Hawk, Apache helicopters missing in Iraqi sandstorm: US (Posted 3/25)


Contrary to what US-UK declare, Umm Qasr Still Not Secured (Posted 3/25)


Loss of Apache Is Evidence of Vulnerability of Copters to Ground Fire (Posted 3/25)


Gen. Tommy Franks is electing to bypass some Iraqi forces and not occupy key cities in the dash to Baghdad, raising questions about leaving behind dangerous enemy fighters and chaos in urban areas in the wake of his advancing troops. (Posted 3/25)


Thank you, We love you, Please don't kill us: US marines took Safwan, there was no rose-petal welcome, no cheering crowd, no stars and stripes. (Posted 3/25)


Border Town Seethes as Bombs Fall: “After tonight, Americans won't be safe anywhere.” Amid the rage, amazing hospitality for one Canadian (Posted 3/25)


Americans Stunned by U.S. Casualties, POWs in Iraq (Posted 3/25)


Youths Greet Tanks with Smiles Then Sneer & Praise Saddam (Posted 3/25)


Optimistic intelligence estimates guided U.S. war planning: Proved wrong in the first 5 days of war (Posted 3/25)


Australian pilot gives thumbs down to US bombing order (Posted 3/25)


F-16 Fires on Own Patriot Launcher, No One Hurt (Posted 3/25)


The U.S.-led force in Iraq risks as many as 3,000 casualties in the battle for Baghdad and Washington has underestimated the number of troops needed (Posted 3/25)


UK Refuses US Demand to Hand Over Iraqi Assets (Posted 3/25)


Kurd commanders unimpressed by the Allied assault (Posted 3/25)


British source says unaware of any Basra uprising (Posted 3/25)


Resistance raises fears for the endgame: “The captured or deserting soldiers interviewed by western journalists so far clearly do detest the Iraqi dictator but are less than overjoyed to see US and British soldiers rolling across their country. One Iraqi PoW told a New York Times reporter that President Saddam had been such a disaster for his country that he must be an American agent.”


The scale of the resistance met by allied forces in Iraq Umm Qasr has stunned coalition forces: “If the Americans are like this when they have one building to deal with, what are they going to be like when they get to Baghdad?” a British officer asked.


Iraq More Cohesive Than Is Generally Believed


How Precise? Errant US missiles land in Turkey


'Liberated' Iraqis Question US Motives


A NO-WINNER by Justin Raimondo: The first disastrous week of war foretells a dire future. Up until Saturday our "embedded" media was projecting images of Iraqis dancing in the desert, delirious with joy at the arrival of their "liberators," but by Sunday morning the edges were already beginning to fray around the official story of a near-seamless "Operation Iraqi Freedom."


IRAQIS have used ambushes and even fake surrenders to kill and capture US troops, American officials have said.


Ominous signs for coalition in battle for Umm Qasr: a small but politically significant battle that has become an embarrassment for the invasion force.


Commander of Iraqi division reported surrendered vows to fight on


The Missing Iraqi POWs and the Geneva Convention


US suffers prisoner blow in Iraq war


Soldiers Captured: 11 Taken by Iraqis; Intense Battle in the Southern City


Allies Face Setbacks Heading for Baghdad


Hundreds of Iraqi soldiers had surrendered to US and British soldiers last night but it was a far cry from the mass capitulation seen at the outset of the last Gulf war


War pundit Anthony Cordesman says that most of the worst case scenarios in Iraq probably won't come to pass.


Not-So Smart Missiles: As many as three U.S. missiles aimed at targets in Iraq may have landed in Iran, two officials at the Pentagon said Saturday.


American forces bombed the militant Islam organization Ansar al-Islam in the mountains of northern Iraq Friday night.


Satellite Phones in Iraq Could Become Beacons for Bombs


Saudi Arabia quietly helping U.S. in war


Turks hem Kurds in on three fronts


Two wars merge in Kurdish north


Turkish troops enter northern Iraq Ankara ignores US warning of secondary battle front



Pre-War Deceptions


Robert Novak: Where are the WMD? The real reason for attacking the Iraqi regime always has been disconnected from its public rationale. On the day after the U.S. launched the military strike that quickly liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban, my column identified Iraq as the second target in President Bush's war against terrorism. I did not write one word about weapons of mass destruction because not one such word was mentioned to me in many interviews with Bush policymakers (Posted 4/7)


Some worry U.S. may bend facts for policy: Intelligence analysts pressured to spin reports to support White House position, veterans say. (Posted 4/5)


Neo-Conservatives in the Bush administration clamored for war against Iraq well before 9/11 (Posted 4/5)


Center for Cooperative Research: Compiled documents show that unbeknownst to most of the American public, the 'Get Saddam' crowd has been calling for the removal of Saddam Hussein since well before 9/11 (Posted 4/5)


Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11: barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks. (Posted 3/31)


Murderous 'Containment' by John Balzar: The killing of Iraqis did not begin with this invasion, or with George W. Bush. It's been underway for years. Quietly. Persistently. With U.N. backing; with bipartisan political support at home (Posted 3/31)


Blueprint for war was drafted by team of experts in 1998: well before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 brought Saddam firmly into the U.S. cross hairs, the Project for the New American Century was pushing for a more confrontational approach to foreign policy starting in Iraq. The plan got virtually no traction during the Clinton administration and was on the back burner in the Bush White House when the terrorists struck. (Posted 3/31)


A Spurious 'Smoking Gun': Why has the news media ignored a Congressman's assertion that White House officials used evidence they knew to be false to build their case for war? (Posted 3/30)


The recent disclosure that reports claiming Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger were based partly on forged documents has renewed complaints among analysts at the C.I.A. about the way intelligence related to Iraq has been handled, several intelligence officials said. (posted 3/27)


It’s about empire: "Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out." -- President George W. Bush, March 2002, to Condi Rice as she met with three US Senators, discussing how to deal with Iraq through the UN, or perhaps in a coalition with America's Middle East allies. Bush wasn't interested. This war was pre-ordained a long time ago. (posted 3/27)


Long before September 11, before the first inspections in Iraq had started, a small group of influential officials and experts in Washington were calling for regime change in Iraq. Some never wanted to end the 1991 war. (posted 3/27)


Emperors in the Jungle: The hidden presence of US chemical weapons in Panama Remember "Regime Change" in Panam in 1989? There is another parallel: The US used and tested chemical weapons in Panama for decades and left 2 tons of VX gas behind. J. Lindsay-Poland found out.   (Audio, posted 3/27)


Seymour Hersh: WHO LIED TO WHOM? Why did the Administration endorse a forgery about Iraq’s nuclear program? (Posted 3/25)


The recent disclosure that reports claiming Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger were based partly on forged documents has renewed complaints among analysts at the C.I.A. about the way intelligence related to Iraq has been handled, several intelligence officials said. Analysts at the agency said they had felt pressured to make their intelligence reports on Iraq conform to Bush administration policies. (Posted 3/25)


UN Nuclear Team: US Sabotaged Inspections


USA lied about Iraq's weapons: A US-based Norwegian weapons inspector accuses the USA and Secretary of State Colin Powell with providing the United Nations Security Council with incorrect and misleading information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD)


CIA Questioned Documents Linking Iraq, Uranium Ore


Buried treasure: Washington Post discloses US cheated on inspections - and MORE!


U.S. Reaps New Data On Weapons


Bush clings to dubious accusations: Some U.S. claims about Saddam’s arsenal are hotly disputed


Inspectors say US intelligence was wrong


Blix told BBC Radio 4's Today that he was not sure Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and said UN inspectors had been getting more co-operation from the Iraqis before the US and Britain pulled the plug on their efforts.


The United States says American forces will enter Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction even if President Saddam Hussein complies with an ultimatum to leave.


Memorandum for Confused Americans Cooking Intelligence for War by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity


Ex-CIA Officers Questioning Iraq Data


Bush had Iraq in his sights before he became President


War Already 48 Hours Old When It Began


Nigeria accuses U.S. of cutting military assistance over Iraq


Where are Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction?


Robert Novak: Where are the WMD? The real reason for attacking the Iraqi regime always has been disconnected from its public rationale. On the day after the U.S. launched the military strike that quickly liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban, my column identified Iraq as the second target in President Bush's war against terrorism. I did not write one word about weapons of mass destruction because not one such word was mentioned to me in many interviews with Bush policymakers (Posted 4/7)


U.S. Finds No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq (Posted 4/7)


Little evidence of banned weapons found so far: "If I was the Bush administration, I'd say they [Iraqis[ snuck the stuff out of the country" (Posted 4/7)


U.S. focus in Iraq is war, not banned weapons (Posted 4/7)


British Home Secretary Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq (Posted 4/5)


US Officials Say Vials hold explosives, not chemical weapons (Posted 4/5)


A U.S. officer said on Saturday that first tests of a white powder found in thousands of boxes near the Iraqi capital indicated it was not a chemical weapon (Posted 4/5)


No 'Smoking Gun': Hit on Ansar Al-Islam Camp Finds No Signs of Chemical Weapons (Posted 3/31)


Special Search Operations Yield No Banned Weapons (Posted 3/31)


President Bush pledged again yesterday to rid Iraq of "weapons of terror," but coalition forces have so far failed to find proof of Iraqi biological or chemical weapons a week after the start of the U.S.-led invasion. (posted 3/28)


Iraqi chem war protection doesn't mean WMD: Blix (posted 3/28)


US may 'fabricate' WMD evidence in Iraq: Russia (posted 3/27)


Blix: No evidence Iraq has used banned weapons (posted 3/27)


US Confirms No Weapons at Iraqi Chemical Plant (posted 3/27)


US: No Signs of Chemical Weapons at 'Huge' Plant (Posted 3/25)


British manufacturer's weapons linked to hidden cache of missiles: find highlights threat from burgeoning black market arms trade across the Middle East.


Soldiers 'find huge chemical arms plant'. Some of the boxes were clearly marked with the names of British manufacturers, dated after 2002: The former weapons inspector Scott Ritter said the find was likely to be "much ado about nothing".


Pentagon downplays accounts of Iraqi chemical weapons factory discovery


Question of the Day Dogs Administration Officials: Where Are Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction?


Hussein's Worst Weaponry Is a No-Show, So Far


U.S.: No Sign of Iraq Bio-Weapons Yet


Chemicals Use Considered Less Likely: Experts Say Iraq Does Not Have Means to Deliver Them Against Invaders



World Reaction, Commentaries, and the Diplomatic Front


Disarmament in tatters: The Bush administration's war to disarm Iraq and its increasingly unilateral approach to international disputes, say arms control experts, are helping to paralyze one of the most hopeful products of the post-World War II era: the global arms control and disarmament movement (Posted 4/7)


A morally hollow victory: No amount of PR will disguise the fact that this war is an outrage against humanity (Posted 4/7)


The US dragged us into this unjust war. It must not dictate the peace (Posted 4/7)


How the Rich Go to War: They Send the Poor to Fight (Posted 4/7)


Russia Furious as Diplomatic Convoy Attacked (Posted 4/7)


Gideon Samet: The events in Iraq can be seen as the Israelization of America (Posted 4/7)


Dilip Hiro: The West Will Have to Reap the Whirlwind Sown by Bush and Blair (Posted 4/7)


Iranians torn between disliking Saddam, hating US (Posted 4/7)


Brendan O’Neill: Siege Mentality. Coalition forces may be close enough to 'see the lights of Baghdad' (until a bombing raid caused a blackout, that is) - but what happens next? Alongside the 'unstoppable advance' to their 'final target', US officials appear increasingly uncertain about what to do once they get there, how to define victory, and what to replace the regime with. (Posted 4/5)


Secular Pakistanis, Upset by War, Turn To Religious Parties (Posted 4/5)


Arabs Warn U.S. Not to Use Iraq to Pick New Fights (Posted 4/5)


THE 45-nation Council of Europe has said it "firmly condemns" the US-led war in Iraq (Posted 4/5)


France, Germany, Russia, Syria banned from rebuilding Iraq (Posted 4/5)


The United States has offered Turkey a new aid package in exchange for allowing the passage of military equipment and other supplies for coalition forces in northern Iraq (Posted 4/5)


The US wrote off $1 billion in Pakistani debt, one of the rewards for President General Pervez Musharraf's decision to support Washington's war of terror (Posted 4/5)


Arundhati Roy: Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates. How many children, in how many classrooms, over how many centuries, have hang-glided through the past, transported on the wings of these words? And now the bombs are falling, incinerating and humiliating that ancient civilisation (posted on 4/3)


Switzerland Documents U.S.-British War Crimes In Iraq: 13 days after the launch of U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the Swiss Foreign Ministry has decided to document U.S.-British war crimes against Iraqi civilians on a separate section within its website. (posted on 4/3)


Iraq is a trial run: Noam Chomsky interviewed by Frontline (posted on 4/3)


Turkey and The US War On Iraq: An Interview with Noam Chomsky (posted on 4/3)


A 'terrible, bloody' miscalculation: Former envoy to Iraq expects U.S. to win war, lose on many other fronts (posted on 4/3)


Noam Chomsky on the Iraq War: ZNet forum questions and responses (Posted 4/2)


For many US vets, war is not the answer (Posted 4/2)


Saudia Arabia Urges Hussein to Surrender: A scorching reply comes quickly from Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan, who tells Saud al Faisal to "go to hell." (Posted 4/2)


Radio Vatican spreads pope's anti-war message around the world (Posted 4/1)


War Hawks Blinded by Hardened Hearts (Posted 4/1)


Arabs, pro-U.S. in 1990, seethe (Posted 3/31)


Outrage Spreads in Arab World: Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Market Called a 'Massacre' (Posted 3/31)


Channel-Surfing Carnage of War, Saudis' Anger At U.S. Grows: With Protests Prohibited, Emotions Flare in Private (Posted 3/31)


Iraqi resistance 'restores Arab honour' (Posted 3/31) 


Pope Warns That War Could Bring 'Religious Catastrophe'  (Posted 3/31)


Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said the U.S.-led war on Iraq would produce "one hundred new bin Ladens," driving more Muslims to anti-Western militancy. (Posted 3/31)


Why is My Country Bombing These Poor People? (Posted 3/31)


Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook: Send Rumsfeld, Cheney and hawks to Iraq war (Posted 3/31)


Cook in clumsy retreat over call to withdraw troops (Posted 3/31)


Maureen Dowd: Back Off, Syria and Iran! (Posted 3/30)


Iraq war matter of life and death (Posted 3/30)


Scorned general's tactics proved right: Profile of the army chief sidelined by Rumsfeld (Posted 3/30)


Now They Cite the Toll of Sanctions: At the Bush-Blair press conference on March 27, I heard an increasingly common and absolutely shameful justification for this Iraq war. Tony Blair was the one who uttered it. To illustrate the brutality of Saddam's regime, Blair said, "Over the past five years, 400,000 Iraqi children under the age of five died of malnutrition and disease, preventively, but died because of the nature of the regime under which they are living." (Posted 3/30)


Saddam Hussein may previously have been largely discredited as a dictator, but by standing up to the might of the United States-led coalition, however ineffectively in the long term, his men are transforming him into an Arab hero once more. (Posted 3/29)


The US faces a terrible choice – start killing civilians or hand the initiative to Saddam (Posted 3/29)


UN says: we will not be subcontractors (Posted 3/29)


Russia can forget about its oil interests in Iraq, Washington and London having decided to cut Moscow out of any postwar arrangements in restructuring Iraq's resources (Posted 3/29)


The United States, whose military attack on Iraq has been roundly condemned by the international community, is trying to silence the highest policy-making body at the United Nations: the 191-member General Assembly. (posted 3/28)


A Coalition of Weakness: A closer look at the countries involved reveals that claims to multilateral action in the name of democracy are grossly exaggerated. In reality, the U.S. is isolated internationally, and a few of the countries signing on to "liberate" Iraq have human rights records that rival Saddam Hussein's. (posted 3/28)


COALITION OF THE WILLING OR COALITION OF THE COERCED? How the Bush Administration Influences Allies in its War on Iraq (PDF File, posted 3/28)


The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations walked out of a debate on the Iraqi war Thursday after Iraq's ambassador accused Washington of planning the military assault for years, falsely believing Iraqi people would welcome invading troops with "hugs and flowers." (posted 3/28)


Wolfowitz says Turkey made `big, big mistake' in denying use of land (posted 3/28)


U.S. Mongolian Diplomat Resigns Over Iraq (posted 3/28)


Bush administration's efforts to tap into billions of dollars in Iraqi oil revenue to finance the relief effort in Iraq remained at an impasse as Russia, France and Syria opposed any immediate role for the US and Britain in administering the humanitarian program. (posted 3/27)


Wave of fury sweeps Middle East (posted 3/27)


India: US Can't Bomb Iraq and Tell Us to Talk to Pakistan (posted 3/27)


Arab World: 'Now There's a New 'Butcher of Baghdad' (posted 3/27)


Charley Reese: The Terrorist Advantage (posted 3/27)


Scientists urge rethink on war (posted 3/27)


In SF Bay Area, kids question war's validity (posted 3/27)


Secretary-General Kofi Annan told U.S. national security adviser Condoleezza Rice on Tuesday that the United States is legally responsible for providing humanitarian aid to Iraqis “gravely affected by the war'' in areas controlled by coalition forces. (posted 3/27)


Arab states line up behind Iraq: summit of Arab foreign ministers has demanded the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of US and British forces from Iraq. (Posted 3/25)


Amy Wilentz: Being Blind to the Past Clouds the Future. We are likely to be faced with angry regimes all over the Middle East. (Posted 3/25)


Barbara Ehrenreich: Disease of Our Making -Wars produce warlike societies, which in turn make the world more dangerous. (Posted 3/25)


Arthur Schlesinger Jr.: Today, it is we Americans who live in infamy (Posted 3/25)


An American Catholic bishop has forbidden his flock from participating or cooperating in military action against Iraq, under pain of mortal sin.


John Brown: Why I Resigned From the U.S. Foreign Service


Law Groups Say U.S. Invasion Illegal


Marc Ash: Is Baghdad Burning


Osama bin Laden, in his wildest dreams, could hardly have hoped for this. A mere 18 months after he boosted the US to a peak of worldwide sympathy unprecedented since Pearl Harbor, that international goodwill has been squandered to near zero. Bin Laden must be beside himself with glee. And the infidels are now walking right into the Iraq trap.


Arabs Seethe as TV Brings Iraq Destruction Home


Pope: war threatens fate of humanity


The United States appeared unmoved yesterday by growing challenges to the legality of the war against Iraq and urged anti-war countries to drop attempts to have the United Nations rule on its legitimacy. Secretary of State Colin Powell led the charge against the legal objections, telling those who have complained that they were wasting their time because the liberation of Iraq is already “under way and it is inevitable.”


The United States has launched a worldwide diplomatic drive to head off the calling of an emergency session of the U.N. General Assembly to condemn the U.S.-led war on Iraq, diplomats said on Friday.


On the Diplomatic Front, U.S. Makes Few Inroads


Protests Against the War


After Protest Arrest, Soldier's Mom Says, 'I'm Doing What David Is Doing. I'm Fighting a War.' (Posted 4/7)


Protests continue in war's second week (Posted 4/7)


Portland anti-war activists stage fake pro-war rally as April Fools prank (Posted 4/5)


Vets March and Teach in Washington (posted on 4/3)


28 arrested at Alliant while protesting depleted uranium weapons  (posted on 4/3)


Declaring that he believes all wars are immoral, a 20-year-old Marine Corps reservist surrendered to military authorities in San Jose this morning after more than a month of unauthorized absence while he prepared his application for discharge as a conscientious objector. (Posted 4/2)


Conscientious Objector Numbers Are Small but Growing (Posted 4/2)


US Anti-War Movement Breaks Ranks with the '60s (Posted 4/2)


Creative dissent: Local peace activists have infused their protests with ingenuity, bringing music, elaborate costumes, sculpture, guerrilla theater and performance art to numerous rallies, marches and vigils. (Posted 4/2)


Teach-in turns into anti-war forum (Posted 4/2)


Daily updates of photos of peace activists and demonstrations against the US-UK war on Iraq (Posted 4/1)


Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in front of the US embassy in Jakarta yesterday in Indonesia's biggest anti-war rally so far. Crowd estimates varied, with Central Jakarta police saying 200,000, witnesses saying 300,000 and organisers claiming 3 million protesters. (Posted 3/31)


Pakistanis hold biggest demo yet (Posted 3/31)


With the war against Iraq in its second week, the most influential antiwar coalitions have shifted away from large-scale disruptive tactics and stepped up efforts to appeal to mainstream Americans. (Posted 3/30)


Families of Gulf troops unite in protest (Posted 3/30)


A PAIR of British soldiers in the Gulf face up to two years' jail after refusing to fight. The duo told officers they would not take part in a war in which innocent civilians were killed. (Posted 3/30)


No let-up in anti-war protests: Protesters across the world are taking to the streets this weekend to demand an end to the US-led war on Iraq. (Posted 3/30)


Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators around the world staged a fresh wave of peace protests yesterday, including the first officially sanctioned anti-war marches in China. (Posted 3/30)


Anti-War Protest Becomes Global Rally: From Iran to South Korea, Anti-War Protesters Take to Streets (Posted 3/29)


'Die-ins' Target War and News Media. Fox News had its own response to the demonstrators. The news ticker rimming Fox's headquarters on Sixth Avenue poked fun at the demonstrators, chiding them. (Posted 3/29)


Congressman Rangel Slams U.S. Troops as Child Killers (Posted 3/29)


Nobel Winners Arrested at White House War Protest (posted 3/27)


Peace Groups Expand The Fight: They Aim to End This War, Prevent Another (posted 3/27)


Hundreds Protest in New York's Anti-War 'Die-In' (posted 3/27)


Hundreds of thousands of  angry Syrians marched through the streets of Damascus on Tuesday demanding an immediate end to the U.S.-led war against Iraq, their fellow-Arab neighbour and former enemy. (posted 3/27)


Protesters denounce media at CNN's San Francisco office (posted 3/27)


Boycott of American Goods Over Iraq War Gains (Posted 3/25)


Protests Shift to Firms: Demonstrators Scale Back, Focus on War's Supporters (Posted 3/25)


Combat Veterans Speak Out In Opposition (Posted 3/25)


Egypt Torturing Anti-War Activists, Group says (Posted 3/25)


Three killed outside U.S. Embassy in Yemen as anti-war protests continue worldwide (Posted 3/25)


Errant Missile Strengthens Turkish Antiwar Sentiment (Posted 3/25)


Pope Endorses Antiwar Movement (Posted 3/25)


From the Troops: “We do not believe that supporting the war is analogous to supporting soldiers. Support for the war, contrary to intuition, is support for disenfranchisement; robbing us of our basic economic and moral agency through endangerment of our person.” (Posted 3/25)


Bishop Moore Takes to Pulpit to Condemn War (Posted 3/25)


In Egypt, Anger at U.S. Displaces Admiration (Posted 3/25)


Millions swell anti-war protests


Quarter Million in Peaceful NY Antiwar Protest


Simmering Rage Threat to Regimes


US Embassies Besieged Across the Globe


Bishop says US use of uranium is a war crime


15 Western ‘Human Shields’ Camp at Iraq’s Main Power Plant


Around Globe, Protest Marches: In N.Y., 200,000 Take to Streets


Anti-War Rallies Ricochet Across World


200,000 March in Montreal


Anti-war protesters refuse to give up


Brutal and overwhelming  force against

a peace activist in San Francisco

(aljazeera.net, 3/23/03).


Anti-War Protests Sweep Globe Following Launch of Strikes in Iraq


For Protesters, Silent 'Die-Ins' Deliver a Loud Message Against War


IRAQ - Peace Activists in Mexico Call for Boycott of US


The peace movement may have lost the war, but it is fighting on. Indeed, it even seems to have won the odd battle. For in ways that few could have predicted, the anti-war campaign has helped shape the way the war itself is being fought.


Hundreds Arrested in Wide U.S. Anti-War Protests



London: 'Impeach Blair' was the main slogan (An Nahar, 3/23/03).


2,000 Protesters Shut Down Chicago Streets


US Anti-War Protests Flare, More Than 1,000 Arrests


Why We Are Taking to the Streets by Direct Action to Stop the War, San Francisco Chronicle


Protest creates gridlock on SF streets


A few in military refuse to fight 'wrong war' Activists call stance brave; critics say it's cowardly


The All-American right to dissent



San Francisco Protests, 3/22 (IndyMedia Center)


Antiwar protesters ramp up actions: ‘Die-ins’ staged across Britain, protesters arrested in U.S.


Third veteran US diplomat quits over Iraq war


Antiwar thinking: Taking comfort in remarkable footholds gained


World leaders condemn U.S. strikes


Anti-war protests circle the globe


A group representing family members of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks Thursday condemned the U.S. strikes against Iraq.


Call for US boycott over Iraq: As military commanders make final preparations for an invasion of Iraq, an international movement of health workers and social activists in south India plans a boycott of US goods.



Delivering “Democracy”  


For Iraq: Déjà Vu All Over Again: 'Liberators' Have Been There Before, And Stayed for Decades (Posted 4/7)


U.S. Plan For Iraq's Future Is Challenged: Pentagon Control, Secrecy Questioned (Posted 4/7)


War Clouds Democracy Debate Among Arabs: Can a superpower that has long supported Arab autocrats promote democracy in the Middle East through military action? (Posted 4/7)


Former general to head post-war administration (Posted 4/7)


AIPAC and the Iraqi opposition (Posted 4/7)


Can U.S. Rebuild Iraq Without Baathists?: leading experts believe Washington may end up having to rely on former members of President Saddam Hussein's ruling Baath party to run post-war Iraq (Posted 4/5)


U.S. Won't Install Iraqi Expatriates (Posted 4/5)


Beyond Baghdad: As the assault on the Iraqi capital looms, machinations about the country's future are already under way (posted on 4/3)


Iraqis 'can run things on their own': Iraqis being supplied with food, water and electricity by UK troops should be allowed to look after themselves, according to a senior British officer. (posted on 4/3)


US and EU clash over UN Iraq role (posted on 4/3)


US draws up secret plan to impose regime on Iraq (Posted 4/1)


Anti-Hussein Officials Rebuke Unilateral U.S. Battle Strategy: Dissidents Say Failure to Incorporate Iraqis Constitutes 'War of Conquest' (posted 3/28)


Monty Pythons’ Terry Jones: Tony and the pixies -- Democracy in Iraq? Peace and reconstruction? Hasn't Tony been paying attention on his trips to Washington? (Posted 3/25)


Former US Energy Secretary: Make Iraq Our New Strategic Oil Reserve -- In one blow, U.S. can free itself from OPEC, be repaid for the war and create jobs for Iraqis.


DEMOCRACY: Be Careful What You Wish For


How Screwed Are the Kurds? Let Us Count the Ways: Timothy Noah’s Kurd Sell-Out Watch Page


Democracy Domino Theory 'Not Credible': A State Department report disputes Bush's claim that ousting Hussein will spur reforms in the Mideast, intelligence officials say.


Democracy is not in the war plans: Once Saddam has fallen, America wants to see another strongman emerge to take his place


Domino Theory for Mideast Is High-Risk


Exiled Iraqi ex-general missing: Nizar al-Khazraji has been held in the Danish city of Soroe since last year when an investigation was opened into allegations that he led the repression of Iraq's Kurds in the late 1980s . . . His disappearance as US-led military action against Iraq looms is likely to prompt fears among Danish authorities that he has been smuggled back into the Middle East. Despite the allegations against him, the US has in the past touted him as a possible successor to Saddam Hussein if the Iraqi leader is overthrown.


The New Reich: American Empire Expansion


Iraq Slaughter As a Demonstration: Shortly after Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld issued a stark warning to Iran and Syria last week, declaring that any "hostile acts" they committed on behalf of Iraq might prompt severe consequences, one of President Bush's closest aides stepped into the Oval Office to warn him that his unpredictable defense secretary had just raised the specter of a broader confrontation. Mr. Bush smiled a moment at the latest example of Mr. Rumsfeld's brazenness, recalled the aide. Then he said one word — "Good" — and went back to work. It was a small but telling moment on the sidelines of the war. For a year now, the president and many in his team have privately described the confrontation with Saddam Hussein as something of a demonstration conflict. . . ."Iraq is not just about Iraq," a senior administration official who played a crucial role in putting the strategy together said (Posted 4/7)


'Neocons' espouse preemption policy (Posted 4/7)


Oil politics, post-war: A post-war Iraq could kill off the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries if it left the cartel in a bid to produce as much oil as it can outside its quota system, analysts warn (Posted 4/7)


U.S.: After Iraq, we'll deal with other radical Mideast regimes  (Posted 4/5)


The Pentagon's (CIA) Man in Iraq (Posted 4/5)


What's next? U.S. set sights on Iran, North Korea (Posted 4/5)


Are Christian evangelists eyeing Iraq? (Posted 4/5)


Who's Next? Bill Berkowitz says that there's a 'traffic jam on the road to Pax Americana.' (posted on 4/3)


On to Damascus? For months, even as Washington's hawks prepared for their long-sought war in Iraq, neoconservatives inside and outside the White House were eagerly speculating about which country would be next on the administration's list. (posted on 4/3)


Iraq is a trial run: Noam Chomsky interviewed by Frontline (posted on 4/3)


The Smell of War: This administration was talking about deposing Saddam Hussein by force long before 9/11. For a whole range of ideological and economic reasons, it and its neoconservative supporters wanted war, and war they now have. (Posted 4/1)


Blueprint for war was drafted by team of experts in 1998: well before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 brought Saddam firmly into the U.S. cross hairs, the Project for the New American Century was pushing for a more confrontational approach to foreign policy starting in Iraq. The plan got virtually no traction during the Clinton administration and was on the back burner in the Bush White House when the terrorists struck. (Posted 3/31)


Is the Neo-con Interest in Iraq Due, In Part, to a An Effort to Keep the Dollar -- Instead of the Euro -- the Basic Oil Currency? (Posted 3/30)


Gulf States May Be Next: British MP (posted 3/28)


It’s about empire: "Fuck Saddam. We're taking him out." -- President George W. Bush, March 2002, to Condi Rice as she met with three US Senators, discussing how to deal with Iraq through the UN, or perhaps in a coalition with America's Middle East allies. Bush wasn't interested. This war was pre-ordained a long time ago. (posted 3/27)


Israeli hawk writes in Ha’aretz: “After the war in Iraq, Israel will try to convince the U.S. to direct its war on terror at Iran, Damascus and Beirut. Senior defense establishment officials say that initial contacts in this direction have already been made in recent months, and that there is a good chance that America will be swayed by the Israeli argument.”


US Imperial Ambitions and Iraq: Good Overview from Monthly Review


Hawks circling for new targets: Iran, Syria and North Korea are on list of potential marks


Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, and his deputy Paul Wolfowitz wrote to President Bill Clinton in 1998 urging war against Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein because he is a 'hazard' to 'a significant portion of the world's supply of oil'.


Familiar, Haunting Words: Jimmy Breslin Compares Bush’s Announcement of War with Iraq to Hitler’s Address to the Reichstag on Sept. 1, 1939, launching WWII


Perle: Thank God for the death of the UN. Its abject failure gave us only anarchy. The world needs order


Preemptive whims: The US government is aiming at a nuclear 'strike-first policy' which could be directed against any potential adversary


We are in a Nation Ruled by Madmen Who Will Bury the U.N


Pentagon Strategy Creates Rift Among Hawks



War Profiteering


Watchdogs question oil well fire contract: A contract to extinguish oil well fires in Iraq, handed to a subsidiary of Texas-based Halliburton Co. without competitive bids, has prompted lawmakers and ethics groups to scrutinize the Bush administration's postwar plans (Posted 4/7)


Cronies set to make a killing: Andrew Natsios, head of the US Agency for International Development, set out last week to counter accusations that $600 million worth of contracts for reconstruction in Iraq that he is to award to US companies, some with strong Republican links, were examples of cronyism (Posted 4/7)


Big role urged for oil firms after war (Posted 4/7)


US accused of plans to loot Iraqi antiques (Posted 4/7)


911 families say lashing out is not the answer: Those who lost family in the 911 atrocity accuse President Bush of exploiting the tragedy for political gain (Posted 4/5)


ChevronTexaco Willing to Develop Iraqi Oil (Posted 4/5)


There's No Business Like War Business (posted on 4/3)


Top oil firms are preparing to report near record earnings for the first quarter of 2003 thanks largely to a war premium on the price of crude oil (posted on 4/3)


A former chief executive of the Shell Oil Company appears to be the leading contender to oversee Iraqi oil production after the fall of Saddam Hussein (posted on 4/3)


Cheney's Ex-Firm In Stealth Mode: Vice President Dick Cheney's former company has decided not to enter a controversial bidding process open only to a few experienced and well-connected firms for major Iraq reconstruction projects. Instead, Halliburton Co. will focus on becoming a secondary contractor. (posted on 4/3)


The Cheney connection: Not only did Halliburton not seem to mind that its CEO was moonlighting as a headhunter, it gave Cheney a $1.5 million bonus. But that was cookie jar money compared with what Cheney pocketed when Bush made him his running mate. Cheney then sold his stock options and pocketed another $22 million and change (Posted 4/2)


Kuwaitis See Economic Opportunity in War (Posted 4/2)


Forget the Paris Air Show, Iraq is the key place for Western defense contractors to showcase their latest military hardware. (Posted 4/1)


Builders Look at Iraq Project as Open Door: Amid criticism about the secret process, companies bid for a $600-million contract hoping for much bigger deals to come. (Posted 4/1)


Conservative Watchdog Group Asks for Perle Investigation (Posted 4/1)


The stock market may be suffering, but Operation Iraqi Freedom has sure been good for business at Halliburton, the Houston oil-services company famous for its former CEO, Dick Cheney. (Posted 3/31)


Firms Eager to Get the First Contracts in Iraq (Posted 3/31)


Bechtel vies to rebuild Iraq: Halliburton's bid in question (Posted 3/30)


Perle's Resignation Not a Cure, Group Says: Ethical Dealings of Advisory Boards Government-Wide at Issue, Watchdog Says (Posted 3/30)


Halliburton’s Axis of Influence (Posted 3/30)


Man who would be 'king' of Iraq: Jay Garner, the hawkish head of the Pentagon agency that will be handling lucrative reconstruction deals (Posted 3/30)


US arms trader to run Iraq: Ex-general who will lead reconstruction heads firm behind Patriot missiles (Posted 3/30)


Of the 30 members of the Defense Policy Board, the government-appointed group that advises the Pentagon, at least nine have ties to companies that have won more than $76 billion in defense contracts in 2001 and 2002. Four members are registered lobbyists, one of whom represents two of the three largest defense contractors. (Posted 3/29)


Army Depots in Iraqi Desert Have Names of Oil Giants (Posted 3/29)


Contracts doled out to rebuild Iraq are questioned (Posted 3/29)


The first U.S. airplane landed Thursday at a key Iraqi airfield, which forces informally renamed "Bush International Airport." (Posted 3/29)


Former Pentagon official Richard Perle resigns as key Rumsfeld adviser (posted 3/28)


A senior US Democrat has called for an investigation of Richard Perle, an architect of the war on Iraq, for possible conflicts of interest in his roles as corporate adviser and Pentagon consultant. (posted 3/27)


Suing in England, Vacationing in France: the Misplaced Patriotism of Richard Perle (posted 3/27)


The US army said it gave the main Iraqi oil well firefighting contract to a unit of Halliburton Co., a firm once run by Vice President Dick Cheney, without any bidding. (posted 3/27)


Arianna Huffington: We Have a Winner -- Big businesses with cozy federal deals will rebuild Iraq as needs at home go begging (Posted 3/25)


Richard Perle Suffering From Exposure (Posted 3/25)


First Major Contract to Rebuild Iraq Awarded: Amid criticism that such postwar deals are premature, Stevedoring Services is to be paid $4.8 million to reopen and operate a key port. (Posted 3/25)


'Ex-presidents club' gets fat on conflict: High-flying venture capital firm Carlyle Group cashes in when the tanks roll (Posted 3/25)


Homeland security bonanza: Industry gears up to profit from permanent war against terrorism (Posted 3/25)


Bush Plan to Exploit Alaskan Oil Thwarted: Environmentalists Celebrate as Senate Votes Against Drilling (Posted 3/25)


Military wants US firms to run Iraq's hospitals: UK officials expressed concern that US military planners appear to be cutting the UN out of any political role in favour of its own plan to put a retired general, Jay Garner, in the driving seat. (Posted 3/25)


Bush Uses War to Bury Probe of 9/11


War Could Be Big Business for Halliburton


Famed Prince of Darkness Richard Perle is a political animal unique to Washington. He has successfully melded personal, ideological and commercial entrepreneurship into a polished package that looks kosher just so long as no one examines its particulars. Too bad for Perle, Rabbi Sy Hersh decided to take a look in the March 17 New Yorker.


Richard Perle: It Pays To Be the Prince of Darkness


Perle's Plunder Blunder


Pentagon Advisor Perle Caught in Major Conflict of Interest


Amid general stock market jitters, one British company linked to the American hawk Richard Perle and dealing with secret intelligence is among the few UK commercial organisations that stand to profit from the Iraq war and its accompanying worldwide terrorist alert.


Lunch With the Chairman by Seymour Hersh: Why was Richard Perle meeting with Adnan Khashoggi?


Cheney's War: The Vice President's Old Employer Could Put Out the Fires in Iraq


U.S., U.K. Work on Iraqi Oil Money Plan


US firms get $1.5bn deal to rebuild Iraq


War Inc: American corporations with close ties to the White House are poised to cash in on Saddam's defeat. French companies need not apply.


USA: Inside Lockheed's $250 Billion Pentagon Connection



Economic Costs of War


Little Hope for Post-War Boom in Economy (Posted 4/7)


Out of Ammunition, the Economy Faces a New Foe: The US is winning the war. But the news on the economic home front is bad and getting worse (Posted 4/5)


War still has its grip on economy: What happens on the battlefield has a lot to do with what happens in the marketplace (posted on 4/3)


First blows hit US economy: The war on Iraq is already beginning to affect the health of the US economy, research shows. (Posted 4/2)


Fiscal Year 2003 Military Budget at a Glance (Posted 4/1)


US Airways, Citing War, Imposes Pay Cut (Posted 3/31)


Despite recent predictions that a quick U.S. victory in Iraq would finally spark a full-scale revival, a growing number of executives and analysts are concluding that win, lose or draw, the economy is not going to snap back anytime soon. (Posted 3/31)


Oil prices have registered their biggest one-week leap in almost a year, as markets grapple with the prospect of a protracted war in Iraq and a cut in exports from Nigeria just when demand increases for the spring and summer driving season. (Posted 3/29)


Oil prices have marched higher and key share indexes have fallen, as the war in Iraq continues to dominate world markets. (posted 3/28)


Price of Iraq Occupation Could Dwarf War's Cost (posted 3/28)


Bush administration's request for $75 billion to fund the war with Iraq and cover related costs is just a down payment for what will likely be a much costlier conflict (posted 3/27)


Stanford Graduate School of Business study: War in Iraq may torpedo America's wealth. New research suggests experts are missing the mark; threat of war has already caused the US stock market to shrivel $1.1 trillion in value, wealth may shrink even further. (Posted 3/25)


Business in America takes an indirect hit with war (Posted 3/25)


Fears of Prolonged War Send Stocks Plummeting (Posted 3/25)


Harvard to Raise Tuition By 5.5 Percent (Posted 3/25)


America's $400bn war bill: The US is spending more on this war than it raises in taxes, paving the way for a nasty surprise for its taxpayers, writes Randeep Ramesh.


House Okays Another Round of Tax Cuts for the Rich 3/21


Bush Wins Crucial Tax Cut Votes in House, Senate



Post War Problems


Postwar paradox: policing a place where cops are criminals. Police will be needed to maintain order in postwar Iraq, but the country's cops are notorious for yanking out tongues, dipping dissidents in acid and feeding people to meat grinders (Posted 4/7)


POSTWAR IRAQ: A SHOWCASE FOR PRIVATIZATION? Earlier this week, U.S. military officials came up with a solution to the chaos surrounding the distribution of water to civilians in the Iraqi port of Umm Qasr: They are providing water free to locals with tanker trucks, who are being allowed to sell the precious liquid for a “reasonable” fee. “This provides them with an incentive to hustle and to work” (Posted 4/5)


Turf war rages in Washington over who will rule Iraq: The quarrelling in Washington is also an increasing concern to neutral Iraqi figures, who see it not only as a distraction from the task of rebuilding, but as a sign that, for all the assurances to the contrary, Washington does indeed have neo-colonialist designs. (Posted 4/5)


Postwar Plan Worries Legal Community (Posted 4/5)


Iraq Debts Add Up to Trouble: Economists say Bush administration officials are wrong to assume that petroleum revenue will pay for postwar reconstruction (Posted 4/5)


As we immerse ourselves in the cacophony of military operations in Iraq, let us not forget to keep an ear cocked for the dangerous nuclear wrangling in the background (posted on 4/3)


The Iraqi war has convinced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership that some form of confrontation with the U.S. could come earlier than expected. (posted on 4/3)


The War and the Peace: The Pentagon's dubious plans. (Posted 4/2)


The MMA leadership on Friday said that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals would serve as deterrence for the defence of the entire Muslim world if their party came to power. (Posted 3/31)


North Korea vowed to resist all international demands to allow nuclear inspections or agree to disarm, saying Iraq had made this mistake and was now paying the price (Posted 3/31)


Eco-lateral Damage: Like the first Gulf War, this one is sure to be an environmental disaster (Posted 3/30)


They are fighting for their independence, not Saddam: Resistance to the US-British occupation will not end with this regime (Posted 3/29)


The retired general named as civilian governor of occupied Iraq linked to hardline Israelis (posted 3/27)


The US is preparing to establish immediate sole control of postwar Iraq, initially without recourse to the UN, with a civilian administration under the direct command of the military  (posted 3/27)


The U.S.-led war against Iraq is likely to speed North Korea's efforts to develop nuclear warheads or launch another provocative act to force Washington to the bargaining table


Commanders fear wide civil unrest: U.S. officers worried over possible ‘rolling civil strife’


The War After the War: U.S. Army Documents Warn of Occupation Hazards


After the War on Saddam: A War on Iraqi Dissidents?


After the Shock and Awe, next will come the despair



From the Memory Hole


Saddam Was Not Always Washington's 'Demon': "Evil tyrant" or tactical ally? Saddam Hussein has been both to the United States over the past 20 years, depending on where it saw its interests (Posted 4/5)


Plans For Iraq Attack Began On 9/11: barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks. (Posted 3/31)


Murderous 'Containment' by John Balzar: The killing of Iraqis did not begin with this invasion, or with George W. Bush. It's been underway for years. Quietly. Persistently. With U.N. backing; with bipartisan political support at home (Posted 3/31)


Avi Shlaim: Iraqis mistrust the intentions of the West, and a history of failures supports their attitude (Posted 3/31)


Saddam Hussein donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Detroit church and received a key to the city more than two decades ago, soon after he became president of Iraq. (posted 3/28)


Allied Air War Struck Broadly in Iraq; Officials Acknowledge Strategy Went Beyond Purely Military Targets (from 1991) (posted 3/27)


Inspect This: America’s own secret bioweapons program


The Unseen Gulf War (A Photo Journal)


How Iraq built its weapons programs, With a little help from its friends (US)


Made in the USA: A guide to Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction


Made in the USA (Part II): More on the connection between the U.S., American corporations and Iraq’s weapons programs


Traces of poison: Israel, not Iraq, holds that distinction of being the first country in the region to use weapons of mass destruction with genocidal intent



We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Rights


Statute Becomes Justice Department's Weapon of Choice: The Justice Department, buoyed by a series of court victories, appears to be gaining traction in prosecuting Americans linked to terrorism by using a once-obscure law that predates the Sept. 11 attacks. Federal prosecutors in recent weeks have secured their first convictions under the 1996 law, which makes it a crime to offer "material support" to any group designated by the United States as a terrorist organization. The statute has become so useful that the Justice Department is exploring ways to cast an even wider legal net, despite objections from civil rights groups. In several dozen cases both high profile and little noticed, the law has become the Justice Department's main weapon in pursuing people it contends are linked to terrorists. Part of the appeal for prosecutors is that they do not have to prove that the defendants actually supported terrorist attacks, only that they helped a group tied to terrorism. Civil libertarians and defense lawyers, however, are increasing their criticism of the law and the department's aggressive use of it, saying the prosecutions smack of a McCarthylike notion of guilt by association. Critics say the law is so overly broad that people with no intention of helping terrorists are being prosecuted. Moreover, they accuse authorities of using strong-arm tactics to force pleas. (Posted 4/7)


Terrorism Task Force Detains an American Without Charges (Posted 4/5)


Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorists (posted on 4/3)


Minnesota Governor Pawlenty wants antiwar protesters to pay arrest costs (Posted 3/30)


Calif. Journalist Suspended Over Antiwar Protest (Posted 3/29)


Workplaces Face Wartime Politics (Posted 3/29)


Oregon 'Terror' Law Could Imprison Protesters for Life (posted 3/27)


A prosecutor who took part in an anti-war rally was placed on paid leave Tuesday because she allegedly pointed out undercover officers to fellow protesters (posted 3/27)


U.S. steps up secret surveillance: FBI, Justice Dept. increase use of wiretaps, records searches (Posted 3/25)


Documents Show Ashcroft is Bypassing Courts With New Spy Powers, ACLU Says (Posted 3/25)


An effort by a coalition of civil liberties groups to bring a Supreme Court challenge to the government's use of expanded surveillance authority under a post-Sept. 11 statute failed today. (Posted 3/25)


Ashcroft OKs Detentions of Foreigners Without Criminal Charges


Scalia: War Means Rights May Be Scaled Back



Other Links


Human remains 'are Iranian soldiers': Human remains found in an abandoned Iraqi military base are those of Iranian soldiers killed in the Iran-Iraq war, an Iranian general has said (Posted 4/7)


Pro-Warriors Use Death Threats to Intimidate Peace Activists (Posted 4/5)


US accused of hypocrisy on human rights (Posted 4/5)


Remains of 200 killed in Iran-Iraq war found near Basra: Al Jazeera television quoted unnamed Iraqi official in Basra as saying the remains were those of Iraqi soldiers killed in the 1980-1988 war with Iran and recently repatriated by Tehran (Posted 4/5)


US special forces disclose heavy losses in hunt for terrorists: US special forces, whose superman image has created an aura of invulnerability around them, have unexpectedly disclosed heavy casualties in their worldwide hunt for Osama bin Laden and his terror associates. (posted on 4/3)


A Santa Fe pizza deliveryman says he was nearly run over by a motorist after he tried to stop the man from tearing down anti-war signs (posted on 4/3)


'War' Singer Edwin Starr Dies at 61: Nashville-born soul singer Edwin Starr, whose 1970 hit "War" denounced conflict as good for "absolutely nothing," has died aged 61 from a heart attack (posted on 4/3)


Many Americans have been boycotting French's Mustard, a leading brand, in the mistaken belief that the company is French (Posted 4/2)


Journalist condemns war myth: After years of covering conflicts, reporter tells UT audience that war is addictive (Posted 3/31)


Hostilities flare again in America's other war: Attacks against US troops in southern Afghanistan, the former stronghold of the deposed Taliban regime, have spiked in recent weeks, culminating Saturday with the ambush of a US Special Forces unit in Helmand Province that left two US soldiers dead and a third injured. Meanwhile, fear of terrorist attacks was heightened in Pakistan, where officials announced fresh intelligence reports (Posted 3/31)


More than 20 unique photo series by Jan Oberg. Meet the Iraqis. Think of them under bombs


War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning: Interview With Author and NY Times reporter Chris Hedges


* Worldlink TV’s Mosaic program: Features selections from daily TV news programs produced by national broadcasters throughout the Middle East. The news reports are presented unedited and translated, when necessary, into English. Mosaic includes television news broadcasts from selected national and regional entities. Some of the broadcasters are state controlled and others are private networks, often affiliated with political factions. These news reports are regularly watched by 280 million people in 22 countries all over the Middle East.


* Worldlink TV’s The Active Opposition - Iraq: The Campaign for Hearts and Minds

Host Peter Coyote and selected guests examine the Bush Administration’s “Iraq message”, and its particular mix of rational and emotional arguments to rally the American people behind its buildup to war. Guests: media critic Norman Solomon, writer and philosopher Sam Keen, Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, and viewer call ins. (Video Player Required)


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