Promoting Human Conflicts to Make Money

by Stan Moore

Dissident Voice

May 24, 2003


We know that the U.S. government had no opposition to "radical Islamism" when its focus was against Russia in Afghanistan.  It was very profitable for American defense contractors to sell munitions, such as "Stinger" missiles to the Muslim rebels.  It was perfectly acceptable for "extremist" Muslims to organize themselves, to promote their religion-based schools, and to commit acts of violence even in control of other Muslims at that time.


Likewise, it was completely acceptable to U.S. administrations for Sunni Muslims to battle Shiites in Iran and Iraq as long as U.S. economic interests benefited.  Much money was made over the spilling of the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslim combatants in wars sponsored by U.S. interests, with the secret collaboration of Israeli's who secretly armed Iran while the U.S. armed Iraq in their war in the 1980's.  The philosophy was "Divide and Conquer, while profiting from arms sales during the war."


Big business in America, as well as Europe, has known for generations, particularly since the Industrial Age, that arms dealing and war making can be extremely profitable for organized profiteers in industry.


Huge fortunes were made in the U.S. during the first two world wars, by U.S. corporations selling arms or equipment to combatants as well as to the U.S. military.  Henry Kaiser, for instance, made many millions of dollars in building "Liberty ships" for the U.S. military, at taxpayer expense, for U.S. warmaking purposes.


There is evidence that US bankers were secretly doing business with Nazi Germany all during the course of WWII.  Among the banking families were the Harrimans, whose progeny, W. Averill Harriman went on to great prestige and power, including the position of Secretary of State.


Research by Antony Sutton revealed that the U.S. transferred critical military technology to both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany.  These actions seem highly questionable, until one begins to perceive the profit motives in promoting conflict, and the value of conflict in asserting State Power and the ultimate lessening of individual rights in a "democratic society".


The situation in America today clearly demonstrates to perceptive people the unabashed grab for additional state power at the expense of Constitutional freedoms by the Bush administration, accompanied by a policy of continual war to advance America's strategic (economic) interests.  A look at the profiteering of the wealthy scions of industry and beneficiaries of the revolving door between government and industry makes this phenomenon understandable.  What is difficult to understand is the relatively unquestioning acceptance of these things by the American people.


A good explanation of many of these phenomena can be found in a book America's Secret Establishment:  An Introduction to the Skull and Bones Society, by Antony Sutton.  Anyone can preview the book, including reading the first chapter online at http://www.americassecretestablishment.com


Many of us have heard of the "Skull and Bones Society" a secret organization at Yale University, to which both George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush both belong.  This book provides interesting explanations of the inner goals and workings of this secret society, and even provides a list of all members from the founding of the society through the mid-1980's.


Among the fascinating explanations offered in this book is the reference to the philosophy of the German philosopher Hegel, who promoted the power of the state over individual rights, and who demonstrated that conflict, using opposing positions and even violence, was necessary to guide direction of society itself.  Thus, it was less important whether America's secret society promoted "leftism" or "rightism", "conservatism" or "liberalism", but that the end result would favor power of the state and promotion of wealth and power within the secret establishment.


This book also provides some insights into the control of the recording of official history by society's insiders, as well as control of the education system in a way that promotes insider goals.


This book provides charts and graphs which demonstrate the accumulation and use of power and family interrelationships in America's dominant, wealthy society, mostly within the Eastern establishment.  Families such as the Bundy's the Harrimans, the Tafts, the Rockefellers, the Bush family, and others are able to wield enormous power, often by preferential appointments to high-level government positions, as in the case of McGeorge Bundy, which is reviewed in the book.


This book was written long before George W. Bush came to power, but the process of elitist control of institutions and power as described in the book is well reflected in the situation of our current president, who was not even elected to office, but who was, in effect, appointed to office by the Supreme Court which was appointed by the power brokers typified by the Skull and Bones Society.


In the opinion of many highly concerned citizens, America now seems to be at a historic crossroads.  We are on the verge of total societal dominance by the wealthy elite.  We are losing constitutional freedoms while being put at odds with the world at large due to the unlimited greed of power brokers who place money above conscience, wealth above freedom, and the elite above the public.


The better informed we are about these processes, the more able we may be to wrest the power from them and create a more just society.


It is worth reviewing the life and work of Antony Sutton himself, and a website on this man, recently deceased, is available at http://www.antonysutton.com


Stan Moore lives in San Geronimo, CA., and can be contacted at: hawkman11@hotmail.com




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