The Grassroots of Hope

Ushering Our Rusted Shield of Democracy

by Josh Frank

Dissident Voice

March 25, 2003


Democracy has historically linked us to the essential tools needed for survival within our diverse nation--- a society with varied cultures and beliefs.  It is every American’s duty to take action and become an active citizen, standing up for what we believe.


This anti-war movement is in its infancy, growing larger every march.  We must continue to show the world we do not support George Bush’s aggressive and illegal policies. Our democracy is challenging us. The international community is challenging us. Time to challenge yourself.


Dissent no longer is viewed as a necessary action in the world of like-minded capitalists.  Those that know this war will not bring peace need to stand up and be counted.  The suffering everywhere need you.  The families in Iraq and the US that will suffer because of this war need you.


The hundreds of thousands that have already taken to the streets need you. 

Our democracy now more than ever needs you.


Our mutual concerns over the direction of the world cannot continue to be intrinsic qualities. Rather they must be branding ideals that label us as humans with purpose, with ambitions for the betterment of life on earth. With war hawks sending our troops to die for global dominance and oil-- democracy is left in the hands of the people.


We are those people-- the people with the power to make change-- the people with the power to stop the future battles and wars to come.


If you've ever felt alone in your thinking, you are not. This war is wrong for a multitude of reasons.  Dissenting voices do exist, and we aren't anti-American, or unpatriotic either. In fact we are the epitome of the democratic virtue our founding fathers envisioned.


As anarchistic and feminist Emma Goldman once wrote, "the most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought. That this should be so terribly apparent in a country whose symbol is democracy, is very significant of the tremendous power of the majority."  Let us not fall victim to that power.


Our only protection from the majority now may be our rusted shield of democracy-- the shield that has weathered many storms.


We must now call on what is left of that democracy to put an end to this war-like administration. We must call on it to put and end to the future battles Bush has in his cross hairs.  It is the only hope we have if we want future inhabitants of earth to enjoy the many qualities life still possesses.


We may not have stopped the war in Iraq, but this administration is already looking past Saddam— Iran and Syria may be next.  We must protest any way we can.  Support the voices in Washington that are speaking out.  Engage is conversation with those that have opposing viewpoints. Take to the streets.


For we are the grassroots of hope, the only hope that still may be ushered.


Josh Frank is a journalist living in Portland Oregon, his work appears frequently in Impact Press and online at Counterpunch. He can be reached at frank_joshua@hotmail.com



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