Damned if They Do, Damned if They Donít

Is the U.N. Doing Bushís Dirty Work in Iraq?

by Jerre Skog

Dissident Voice
March 3, 2003


If they do cooperate fully with the U.N. weapons inspectors, destroy rockets that fully operable may or may not go a few kilometers beyond the allowed 150 Km limit, point out sites of destroyed VX and anthrax and come as clean as a sane man can expect them to do, the Americans and Brits will still go on insisting that there are hidden rocket factories, mobile production facilities, nukes behind the presidential toilets, trained camel suicide-bombers or toothpaste of mass destruction. Bush and Blair will bomb Iraq into kingdom come!


If they donít come obviously clean and cannot produce enough evidence of destroyed materials to satisfy the weapons inspectors or have lost some papers proving this or that to full satisfaction, US and UK can and will say thatís all the evidence needed and Iraq is a threat to the world, an evil dictatorship loaded with WMDs and linked to terrorists. Bush and Blair will bomb Iraq into kingdom come!


An unbiased look at the facts shows that Iraq is in an impossible situation. They are damned whatever they do and the more successful U.N. weapons inspectors are, the easier will be the US/UK task of turning the land into ashes. For all we know a few of the inspectors might again cooperate with US intelligence and pinpoint potential targets or forward sensitive information. Even if nobody does, the regular missions of the U2 spy planes and the satellite monitoring leave Iraq a country that in reality is close to naked and defenceless compared to the forces now set to invade it.


The Gulf War í91 crushed a large part of Iraqís armed forces. That war, 12 years of sanctions and the regular bombings by US/UK has left an Iraqi war machine that according to most pundits is of a strength usually associated with small banana republics. In contrast to the modern and well-equipped Israeli military with its stockpile of WMDs, Iraq is of no importance whatsoever and poses no threat to any of its neighbors. While the most dangerous and aggressive powers in the world are lining or even inside its borders, posed to strike with a concentrated barrage never seen in history, Iraq is forced to turn itself inside out, and nothing it does seems to impress Bush or Blair or lessen the risk of being invaded. The world has understood the message: There has to be WAR! Even Iraq can spell it out: Weíll rape and kill you whatever you do, but if you cooperate and lie down and remove all your clothes while we complete our preparations for the gangbang, you can delay it a bit! What a beautiful encouragement for the Iraqis to cooperate. They canít possibly Ďmisunderestimateí the intentions.††


With the low cunning of vipers, the war-mongers in London and Washington can now lean back and wait for the inspections to turn up and destroy the few remaining weapons that could, just could, be a miniscule irritation for the attackers. The U.N. is, unless steps are taken to prevent US and UK taking advantage of it, functioning as the jailer who chains the torture victim to the rack and removes the few clothes that might protect a little against the whip and the electrodes of the torturer.


Donít get me wrong. The inspections have to go on. They are the best and only alternative to the lunacy of the planned war. But parallel to the inspections, steps ought to be taken to prevent the aggressors, US and UK benefiting from them for purpose of war. As the inspections continue and succeed, there has to be rewards for allowing them. Sanctions lifted and forces withdrawn. Seeing the results of raising their offspring both Bush and Blair ought to understand by now that doing good has to be rewarded while doing bad is punished. Not the other way round!


The U.N., the Security Council and the world should demand that every Iraqi step towards cooperation with U.N. be met with a corresponding concession by the powers lining its borders, prepared to attack. Every destroyed Iraqi rocket and every documented destruction of weapon or biological / chemical stockpile should, in all fairness, be followed by corresponding withdrawal of US and UK forces from the region and back to their own territory. Whether some tank battalions, a carrier or a number of bombers can be argued and is not the main point. Such a procedure might encourage Iraq to cooperate more fully, calm down the region and above all be seen as just measures in the eyes of the world and all the Moslems now witnessing imperial arrogance and blackmail.


For real justice to be done, Israel should be forced to comply with all the U.N. resolutions it has flaunted in the last thirty years and its big stockpile of WMDs should be destroyed. Until that happens strict sanctions should be enforced by U.N. If US and UK really do have to effect regime-changes or introduce democracy somewhere in the Arab world they can start doing that in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where their forces already are in place. So far their record in regime-change is not very impressive so we canít expect too much from it. But then the planned war is not so much about regime-change or WMDs. Itís about oil and not allowing an oil-rich nation to replace the holy dollar with the Euro for its trade and reserves.††††


The U.N. must under no circumstances be seen as the advanced force, preparing the ground for the US/UK slaughter, the equivalent of the boys who hold the girl down while the bully rapes her. Should that happen, then and only then has it demonstrated its irrelevance!


Jerre Skog is a Swedish writer, musician and independent observer living in Germany. His writings, politics and satire, can be found on www.skog.de and comments are welcome at jerre@skog.de



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