“The Americans Are Coming! 

The Americans Are Coming”!

by Dennis Rahkonen

Dissident Voice
March 17, 2003


Jimmy Carter has written that Bush's war against Iraq would be unjust.


The Pope has said the same.


Kofi Annan believes an American attack without UN approval would violate the UN Charter.


Forty-three Australian legal scholars recently also declared the UN Charter would be violated, as well as international law pertaining to proper conduct between states.


Several observers have pointed out that the White House is proposing the same thing we tried and convicted Nazis for at Nuremberg.  Charges against them were brought for “planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances.”


How does Bush’s intention differ from Mussolini's conquest of Ethiopia?  Or Hitler's Panzers roaring into Poland?  Or Tokyo's strike on Pearl Harbor?


Aggression is Aggression is Aggression.


The stark truth behind such reality-softening euphemism's as "regime change" and "preemptive attack" is that America would be invading a sovereign country, without provocation or credible basis, to violently overthrow its government.


Remember, treaties that we're a party to have the Constitutional weight of the "law of the land".  Breaking them would very definitely be un-American.


We'd also kill untold thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians with our massively destructive superpower arsenal.


We're not talking about Germany, Italy, Japan or any other nation tarred by history for being a bloody, bellicose bully, but the United States of America.


How can we honestly keep our consciences at ease -- and validly invoke "patriotism" -- when our country is about to be firmly placed in such a wicked context?


Bush says he "knows" Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.  But Hans Blix keeps reporting none can be found.  A recent Newsweek piece detailed a key Iraqi defector's assertion that Baghdad destroyed its remaining WMD in 1995.  Pardon me, but I'm not disposed to risk Armageddon based on anything Dubya claims he...knows.


Prove to us -- using documented, cross-corroborated evidence -- that Iraq poses any sort of external danger to anyone.  Neighboring states have expressed no fear of an "imminent Iraqi threat". What scares them is the prospect of an apocalypse being unleashed in their region by "mad cowboy" Bush.


We all know Saddam is bad -- as bad as he was back when Rumsfeld cozied up to him as Reagan’s special envoy seeking Baghdad’s help against Iran.  But it isn't effigies of the Iraqi leader that are being burned in angry protests all around the world.  It's representations of our president, and our flag, that are torched.  Most of humanity thinks, with justifiably fearful reason, that Bush is a greater threat than Hussein.


Should they, then, organize to attack the United States and strive to get rid of him?




That was already done, on 9/11.


Two wrongs don't make a right.


There's simply no way of looking at what Bush and the military-industrial complex's rightwing hardliners are pushing that doesn't boil down to a cynical, unconscionable oil-and-hegemony grab.


Are body bags filled with recent U.S. high school graduates an acceptable trade for barrels of crude?


Did Tom Paine and the Sons of Liberty envision America as an oppressive, exploitative empire?



How unsettling it is to think that soon a contemporary Iraqi equivalent of Paul Revere may race through neighborhoods of Baghdad to warn of advancing U.S. troops: “The Americans are coming!  The Americans are coming!”


Time is tight.


Do everything peaceful within your imagination and power to stop the criminal, treasonous folly that Bush and his fellow extremists want to foist upon us, besmirching America's honor forever.


Dennis Rahkonen, from Superior, WI, has been writing commentary and verse for various progressive outlets since the '60s. He can be reached at dennisr@cp.duluth.mn.us


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