5763, Jerusalem

by Robert Leverant

Dissident Voice
March 6, 2003


To propitiate Yahweh, a primitive god,

the wrathful avenger, dwelling inside their hateful hearts (1)

the New Israelites demand an eye for an eye

& a tooth for a tooth

ten-thousand fold

some propose a village destroyed for each Israeli killed (2)

the ancient Mossad assassinated the Messiah, the terrorist!

such chutzpa ! To kill the son of God, the Prince of Love!

this Holocaust of the Palestinians (3) is equally meshuggener


hear o israel

the lord is one

not two,

not israel

&  palestine

but one




is in the heart

it is not a place

Israel is in the heart

if there are no checkpoints


The Second Covenant

"&  G__d said

"Never Again

"to anyone ever again

"Never Again" 


& He said unto them, His Chosen People,

" You are to bear witness to the sufferings of others,

"& you are to make no distinction between they & you

"& you are never to set yourself apart from them, also in exile 

"& you are never to enact on anyone ... anywhere ... at any time

"That that has befallen you in your exile."


woe …  woe unto Zion …

The Survivors, feeling betrayed & embittered, had lost faith in Him

He had  shown them His Terrible Face (4)

& obdurate they did not accept the Covenant or choose His ways

& they were as those worshipping the Golden Calf

when Reb Moses  came down from the Mt. with the First Covenant "Never Again" was the Second Covenant with G__d

born out of the ashes in the ovens of The Nazi Holocaust (5)


& The Survivors used "Never Again" as a wedge

they claimed intellectual property rights to "The Holocaust" 

&  made It into a reparations racket to exploit Jewish suffering (6)

schnorrer (7) now wagged the dog of the Jewish culture & religion


on Yom Ha'Shoah (8)

it was as of old

the holy words “Never Again”

applied only to members of The Tribe

the deaths of the six million others also chosen by the Nazis

didn't count -- they were goyim (9)


Never Again you cry out on Yom Ha'shoah 

Never Again you say on Passover pretending to be victims

& powerless -- David with a slingshot (10)


&  G__d  spoke again unto to them, "My Chosen People,

"You are to wander & remain in exile &  not seek a homeland." (11)


woe… woe unto Zion

the New Israelites again disobeyed Elohim

they founded a nation state in their old homeland

no tribe ever felt so entitled to do this after 2,000 years away (12)

they claimed right of return because of Never Again

& Never Again became the nation's oath of allegiance, battle cry,

& reason for its existence.


they told themselves no one was living on their old lands (13)

their sponsors from the USA (14) understood the colonial imagination (15)

&  gave them weapons &  looked the other way

"the squatters" were removed by force & terror

the 3.5 million Palestinians who chose not to leave & go in exile

became scapegoats & were put into detention camps aka ghettos

& became hostages in their own land

in synagogues the world over the Israeli flag stood on the Bimah (16)

& hid the light of the Ner Tamid, the Eternal Flame,above the Ark where the Torah lay enshrouded in blood of the Palestinians 



called Zionists

you who play the part of Eichmann in Jerusalem (17)

you who say who shall live

& who shall die

& who shall starve (18)

& who shall work

& who shall be tortured

& who shall be maimed

& who shall be assassinated

& shall be punished collectively

& who shall crawl on all fours naked & jeered

& who shall have a home

& who shall be homeless

& who shall have land

& who shall farm

& who shall have water

& who shall go  thirsty

& who shall have culture

& who shall have schools

& who shall  have medical care

& who shall be denied medical care

& who will be run down by a tank

& who will be shot for throwing a rock

& who will be a human shield

& who will be a human

& who is " vermin"... "lice"... "cancer"

& who shall have numbers inscribed on arms & foreheads

& who shall kneel blindfolded in the hot sun & cold night

& who shall be raped

& who pregnant shall be shot

& who shall be burnt offerings to Yaweh (19)

& who shall be The Jew for the Jews (20)


woe… woe unto us


before the transfer, before the ethnic cleansing,

before the expulsion (21)

before the Final Solution

before the parting of the Red Sea

before the fleeing of millions of Palestinians


you pharaoh

called Sharon,

war criminal,

there is still a chance for you to atone


Zionist Sharon

Hater of life Sharon

Butcher of  Sabra & Shatilla

Israeli Nazi from Eastern Europe, Sharon


Listen to the words of the Lord:

if the inner enemy, your rage, occupies your inner territory

subduing & killing outer enemies will create more outer enemies

subdue your mind with the three armies:

atonement, Teshuvah, & forgiveness

Sharon …  honor the feminine, honor the Rose of Sharon in you

become a Jew

enter Jerusalem for the first time

the Old City of the hearts of the  prophets & Tzaddiks of old

& the illumined souls who perished in the Camps


turn your weapons of mass destruction into plough shares

& live in peace with your cousins in Al Quds

they, too, come from Father Abraham

your hate for them is your hate for yourself upon them


this is your last chance Sharon sayeth  Isaiah

if you disobey again, as you did in Lebanon (22)

there will be no lasting peace in the nation state of Israel


this is your last chance Sharon  sayeth  Ezekiel

if you bring about a Holocaust in the Holy Land

Jews will be despised & hunted-down like war criminals

& will wander the earth marked like Cain who killed his brother


this is your last chance sayeth Zechariah

do not oppress the widow, the fatherless, the stranger, the poor


this is your last chance Sharon sayeth Hosea

if you lay cornerstones on the ruins of the 2nd Temple,

now a Mosque, the state of Israel will crumble into atomic dust

it was here that your cousin, the Prophet, ascended to Heaven


this is your last chance Sharon sayeth Daniel

take down the wall dividing the Holy City of Bethlehem

the Messiah was born here to a virgin mother

& a poor carpenter for His father


this is the promise of Jerusalem,  Sharon

three faiths living in peace… dwelling in the One Lord of the Shema

this is The Holy Land … & only a heartbeat away, Sharon

when you give your cousins a homeland  &  not an exodus,


don't be a shmuck  Sharon,  sayeth  Amos,

don't be the next Judas who betrays the Jewish people

until the end of time


Robert Leverant is a psychotherapist and photographer who lives in Northern California. He has published articles and books in the fields of photography, spirituality, psychology, and men's issues. He can be reached at: robert@monitor.net





1) Unlike Christianity, which enjoins mercy and forgiveness and Buddhism which enjoins compassion, Judiasm makes a virtue of hate and vengeance. See: (Rabbi) Meir, Soloveichik Y.  "The Virtue of Hate" in First Things, Journal of Religion and Public Life 129 (January 2003):41-46. http://www.firstthings.com/ftissues/ft0302/articles/soloveichik.htm.

In Islam there are 99 names of Allah which describe facets of God and his duties. The first is "The Merciful"; the second is "The Compassionate"; and continue on to include "The Loving", "The Restorer", "The Most Grateful", "The Much Forgiving." All are positive and beautiful attributes and are meditated and reflected upon by a devotee. See Muhaiyaddenn, M.R. Bawa. Asma'ul Husna: The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah (Philadelphia: The Fellowship Press, 1979).  


2) "…Dershowitz argued that the same level of deterrence could be achieved by leveling the villages of suicide bombers after the residents had been given a chance to evacuate." See: Eden, Ami, "Top Jewish Lawyer Urges Death For Families Of Suicide Bombers". June 10,2002. In Rense.com.  http://www.rense.com/general25/tap.htm


3) For Jews and non-Jews in the West to understand The Holocaust in the Holy Land, it is necessary to deconstruct projections on/ internalized images of Israel and Palestine. See: Finkelstein, Norman G. Image And Reality Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict (London: Verso, 2001). To better understand the mechanism of denial and unconscious drives, see Miller, Alice. For Your Own Good: Hidden Cruelty in Child-rearing and the Roots of Violence (New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. 1983). For an evocative portrayal of current denial in Israel, see  Svirsky, Gila. "The Great Wall of Denial." March 4, 2003. Dissident Voice: www.dissidentvoice.org/Articles2/Svirsky_Denial.htm  March 4, 2003.


4) The encounter with the Dark side of G__d is traditionally portrayed as an encounter with Satan. This encounter has great potential for transforming an individual or the collective; as well as G__d whose archetypal aspect is humanized by the encounter. See: Edinger, Edward F. Encounter With The Self: A Jungian Commentary on William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job (Toronto: Inner City Books.1986).


5) The Holocaust is what (i.e. "the spin") the Jewish people have done with the Nazi Holocaust, a historical event. 


6) Finkelstein, Norman G. The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering (London: Verso. 2001).


7) A schnorrer is not to be confused with a mere con man. Traditionally, the schnorrer has a license from G__d to discharge sacred obligations/debts; exploits guilt; is brash, cynical and no fool; terrorizes his prey by sheer daring  & rare audacity (chutzpa). See: Rosten, Leo. The Joys Of Yiddish (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1968) Pp. 360-362.


8) This holiday, whose purpose is to mourn that and those lost, and those that suffered in and through The Holocaust, is limited in its healing potential. Limited because Jews mourn only themselves; not the others who also suffered and died in The Nazi Holocaust, nor their Nazi oppressors.  As a result of this one-sided mourning, the oppression the Jews suffered in The Holocaust is internalized and unconsciously acted out upon the Palestinians; in a psychological process called projective identification. Thus Yom Ha'Shoah is group ritual of inability to mourn, let go and return to wholeness, i.e. the Oneness of the Shema. See: Mitscherlich, Alexander and Margarete. The Inability To Mourn: Principles of Collective Behavior (New York: Grove, 1984). For an individual to mourn a traumatic event it is necessary bring together the cellular memory of the experience and one's (disassociated) awareness (to include the emotional life); then the experience is lived for the first time. This is quite different than knowing, i.e. remembering one's personal story of a trauma or traumatic event. With The Holocaust material this psychological mourning/redemption is very, very difficult and requires the utmost courage (to enter one's unconscious where the emotional material is living one's life). For an account of this harrowing process by a Holocaust survivor in psycholytic psychotherapy, see: Ka-Tzetnik 135633, SHIVITTI, A Vision. Berkeley: Gateway Books & Tapes. 1998.


9)  In Jewish culture, to include Talmudic commentary, non-Jews have always been seen as inferior to Jews and their lives and culture as being of lesser worth than that of Jews. See: Shakak, Israel.  Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight Of Three Thousand Years (London: Pluto Press. 1997). For an account of the contempt with which Jews often approach and interact with a local culture, see: Bloom, Stephen G. Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America (San Diego: Harcourt, 2001). For an account of a group of Rabbi's topdog attitude prior to meeting H.H. Dalai Lama, see Kamenetz, Rodger The Jew in the Lotus: A Poet’s Discovery Of Jewish Identity In Buddhist India (San Francisco: Harper, 1995).


10) In the face of a suicide bombing  Israeli politicians often liken the state of Israel to being David. Israel is one of the larger world's nuclear powers.  See: Farr, Warner D. LTC, U.S. Army. "The Third Temple's Holy of Holies, Israel's Nuclear Weapons" September 1999. http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/cpc-pubs/farr.htm.  For Zionist influence in the U.S. government, see www.rense.com/datapages/zionismdata.htm


11) Choosing to remain in exile not to have a nation state supports the Second Commandment. ("Thou Shalt Not Have Any God Before Me.") See Rossellini, Robert "The Messiah" 1975.This film (Rossellini's last) presents the Old and New Testament "in quotes" (vs. an interpretation), including a discussion of the pros and cons of a nation state. See also: Potok, Chaim, The Chosen, 1980 (now a mass market paperback). A theme issue in the book and movie (1982) is the pros and cons of establishing the State of Israel by taking the matter in one's hands vs G__d's invitation. 


12) Arnold Toynbee, British historian stating the Zionist claim in 1967: "We are Jews, the living representatives of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Israel that conquered most of Palestine in the 13th century B.C. We held Judah’s share of the conquered territory for seven centuries, till we were deported by Nebuchadnezzer in 587 B.C. We were back again within less than half a century, and we then held Judea, once more, for the next 773 years, till we were evicted by the Romans in A.D. 135. We have never renounced our claim to the land of Israel. We have always hoped, believed, and proclaimed that we shall get this land back again. It is our land, we contend." See: Henshaw, John Mitchell, "Leaders Crave Area from Egypt to Iraq" March 5, 2003. www.rense.com/general35/si.htm


13) For a discussion of lies and evil, see: Peck, M. Scott, People of the Lie: Hope for Healing Human Evil (N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, 1983).


14) Israel is a client  state of the United States.


15) To deconstruct the Holocaust in the Holy Land one needs to address the roots of one's unconscious identification with the colonial mind. This need begin with examining and exposing the introjected myths and beliefs concerning one's particular  national and personal history. These are the filters through which one views the world. Until this inner work is done, (one's alliance with) the rightness of Zionist activity in Israel towards the Palestinians is  unquestioned  and one's denial is maintained. For a film that portrays this process of an Afrikaner, see: “A Dry White Season” (MGM: 1989). See also: Shapiro, Rhoda. “The LA 8: Bury My Heart at the Dome of the Rock,” Dissident Voice, March3, 2003: http://www.dissidentvoice.org/Articles2/ShapiroLA8.htm


16) The introduction of a nation flag (and sometimes two, e.g. Israeli and American) in the ritual space of the sanctuary descralizes (contaminates) the ritual space and obscures the godhead such that the object of one's adoration and worship includes the state of Israel and not alone Eloheim or whatever the aspect of G__d that is prayed to, e.g. the Ein Sof.  This results in the congregation maintaining the State of Israel as part of worship. This is spiritual materialism and leads to the current situation where the state of Israel is the religion for some worshippers. 


17) Source material for this litany (and actions of the Palestineans and the Israeli's  before & during the Intifada)  can be found on the Web  in archives of:  Ha'aretz,

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18) Malnutrition in Palestine  is entirely man-made and due to the policies of the Israeli government. Children in Gaza are as malnourished as children in the Congo or Zimbabwe. See Nutt, Dominic, "An  Unnatural Disaster". Guardian U.K. Unlimited. March 6, 2003. http://www.guardian.co.uk/famine/story/0,12128,908639,00.html


19) It could be said that since animal sacrifice is outlawed in Israel and human sacrifce  is not, that the bombing of cities by the Israelis say in Jenin is a burnt offering to propitiate and appease Yaweh who dwells in the collective unconscious of the Israelis and Jewish people.


20)  In an interview with an Italian newspaper,  Primo Levi remarked,  "Every nation needs a Jew. The Israeli's have the Palestinians." Acocella, Joan. "A Hard Case, The Life and Death of Primo Levi". The New Yorker, June 17, 2002.


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22)  For an account of the demoralizing effect within Israel of the war in Lebanon, see: Timerman, Jacobo. The Longest War: Israel in Lebanon (New York: Vintage, 1982).


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