Anti-War/Anti-Bush Placards Seen at the San Francisco Protest, 3/15/2003

Dissident Voice
March 16, 2003



Bush's War Plan is a Bomb


3000 Bombs Will Do More Than Shock and Awe


Peace is Manly Too


War is Soooooo 20th Century


Shut Up and Shop


War Orphans Make Great Terrorists


One Nation -- Above God


Inspect Iraq, Not MY SHOES


Guided Missiles -- Misguided Leaders


Depleted Uranium -- Depleted Cranium


No War for the Oiligarchs


Barbara: You Should've "Just Said No" That Night


Poppy Bush Didn't Pull Out in Time


Democracy: We Deliver [Bomber]


Media Television: Weapon of Mass Distraction


Bill of Rights or Bill of What's Left?


Lord, I Want to Kill [Bush at Prayer]


Propaganda Threat Level: Red


Blame Florida!


... And Saddam Sank the Maine in the Gulf of Tonkin Too


In Baghdad, Every Day is a Bad Hair Day


Here's a Good One: Bush Plans to Teach Democracy to the Iraqis


My Planet, Right or Wrong


Patriotism Isn't Working -- Let's Try Matriotism


Bombing for Peace is Like Raping for Virginity


Bombing for Peace is Like Fucking for Virginity


Back by Popular Demand: [Peace Symbol]


Power to the Peaceful -- Peace to the Powerful


Another World-wide Focus Group


Frodo Failed: Bush Has the Ring


We Support the Troops When They Shoot Their Officers


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