Bush Lite: Chomsky's Low Carb Poison

by Kap Fulton
April 13, 2004

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“It is better, I submit, to believe in something passionately even if it is wrong, than to believe in nothing at all.”


-- Chua Mui Hoong


“The wide rage that stormed through the brains of the people...turning them into temporary madmen, incapable of seeing, hearing, or thinking correctly, has spent itself. Figures are beginning to appear in their true relative proportions, and there is some likelihood that sane words will be sanely listened to.”  


-- Voltairine De Cleyre, (American Anarchist)


“Without this playing with fantasy, no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.”


-- Carl Jung



As the situation in Iraq becomes worse each day, the world can only ponder what instructions George W. Bush will find scribbled in his neo-Scripture. (Hey! Is that Karl & Dick's handwriting in the margins?) Except, I'm not sure which world I am living in.


I had a dream the other night that Donald Trump jumped out of the TV and handed me that beaver burrowing on his head. When I awoke, I entered the “real world”: Chomsky's world.*


Careful not to endorse Kerry by name, American foreign policy expert Noam Chomsky has advocated a vote for "Bush-Lite" in the November 2004 presidential election. While I agree that four years of George W. Bush will certainly be Shocking and Awing, electing John Kerry brings the promise of Shock & Yawn. Instead of the neo-con cluster bomb, Bush-Lite wields a dull, yet dutiful machete.


Representing the business party on the right will be the God & War Platform with Bush as the mask. And in the same corner we have the new Science & Security Platform which yields Kerry as its exterior. Touch gloves. Only hit below the belt. And, please, no talking about progressive legislation...


What should "matter to sensible people", says Chomsky, is that Bush-Lite is "slightly better" than the current brutal regime. It is true, those God and coin lovin' Christians will fight tooth and nail to keep their beloved puppet strung up in Washington for another four years. Come November, the neocons are banking on the notion that kooky Christian fundamentalism is still in style.


According to Chomsky: "the first issue is whether we want to pay attention to the real world, or prefer to keep to abstract discussions suitable to some seminar." The real world tells us that Bush-Lite is John Kerry.


So, realistically, we should examine the prospects of a Kerry Empire...


Let's not forget Ralph Nader who does add a pesky gnat-like quality when the business parties get together to hold a "debate." There is, however, little doubt that both parties will be unified in their attempts to keep Nader away (Green Alert?) from the podiums of propaganda.


Surely, a hot topic will be how to respond to the blowback of vengeance that Empire has created by attacking and occupying Iraq (among other places). As Chomsky has commented numerous times, there simply cannot be a war on terrorism. It doesn't make any sense to fight terror with more terror. So, what will Bush-Lite do when a terror threat is received? “I’ll do more than simply issue an Orange Alert," says Kerry. "I will create an ‘Orange Alert Fund’ that pays for police overtime and other security enhancements.” Aside from the rent-a-cops, Kerry  promises to increase the size of the Army by 40,000 active duty troops when the evil-doers call collect. (1)


Four years of utterly boring speeches AND a police state? Oh Noam, is it bearable?


Chomsky explains that the incumbent Bush has a huge advantage when it comes to fundraising "thanks to the extraordinary gifts he lavishes on the super-rich and the corporate sector." While it is true that Bush has many older industries in his back pocket, the influence of neo-wealthy democratic party hardliners should not be overlooked.


While God & War billionaires (see Amway's DeVos family) fawn over Bush's religiosity, there is an entire lexicon of money and power that will benefit from removing Bush.   


Enter staged leftist: George Soros and MoveOn.org...


Infamous globally for manipulating currency (he once made $1 billion in a day by "speculating" that the British pound would go DOWN), Soros has made it very clear that he will spend as much as it takes to remove Bush from office. In fact, other Billionaires have hinted that Bush's Get 'em! cowboy attitude is not good for global profits. Aside from Soros ($8 billion net worth), Bill Gates ($46.6 billion), Warren Buffet ($42.9 billion), Paul Allen ($21 billion), & Sumner Redstone ($8.9 billion) have all spoke out AGAINST Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. (2) 


Could it be that Bush's version of corporate colonialism is hurting profit in other sectors outside energy and defense?


“Soros is angry not at Bush’s aims -- of expanding Pax Americana and making the world safe for global capitalists like himself -- but with the crass and blundering way Bush is going about it. By making U.S. ambitions so clear, the Bush gang has committed the cardinal sin of giving the game away. For years, Soros and his NGOs have gone about their work extending the boundaries of the ‘free world’ so skillfully that hardly anyone noticed. Now a Texan redneck and a gang of overzealous neo-cons have blown it” (3)


Even the squirrelly-haired Trump ($3 billion) suggested recently that re-electing Bush will bring doom: "we've had some pretty bad disaster under the Republicans...including a thing called the Depression." (4) Chalk off another billionaire for Bush. And do not forget the power of the pop culture icon. Throw in Oprah's suburban army. Mix with Howard Stern's new found voting block --Cronies for Kerry -- and you have yourself a new botox smile on the Happy Meal Empire.


It should come as no surprise that worldly profiteers will support the candidate who can offer the most freedom to operate in the global marketplace. Bush couldn't sell the Coalition (sorry Micronesia) and now the world is at a boiling point regarding U.S. arrogance. However, by using NATO or U.N. forces, and thus removing the American flag from the helmets of the merchant crusaders, Empire will hope to sooth anti-Americanism throughout the multi-continental States of America. This should help citizens of Empire remain oblivious to the daily killing and slave labor that is the residue of economic interventionism. It appears the globalizing of profit requires a subtlety (see Bill Clinton) that does not involve a sock and a jumpsuit. Accordingly, the Kerry Empire will feature the full force of the World Trade Organization. (5)


One would assume Kerry would steer clear of the American-backed uprising in Venezuela. Play it like Iraq and blame Bush after the initial massacre. Give the impression that tactics of Empire are changing with a potentially sexier regime. Not only did Kerry jump in the ring, but he came out swinging! Senator Lurch referred to Venezuela as a "haven for narco-terrorists" and complained that President Hugo Chavez is supporting "anti-government insurgents in Colombia." (6) Be on the look out for the slightly less evil Narco-Orange-Alert system coming to a poor country near you.  

In fact, Kerry and Bush's ties are so deeply ingrained to their respective business parties that seemingly the only decision to be made is which fake smirk is more appealing. Bush-Lite being pompous while Georgie is a bit confused. It seems reasonable to ask: is electing Bush-Lite the calming influence needed to quiet the sheepish crowd that mechanically cries, Anybody But Bush!


Can you see the setup? The ugly work gets done by the prodigal son, the imbecile who's so easy to hate. Then, after sufficient looting and bloodshed, a kinder, gentler fascist is called upon to restore appearances. (7)


Bush-Lite knows the game. The ruling class of Empire has grown tired of Bush's religion. It's no longer workable. So, of course, the predictable response to religion must be Science. Kerry has called for "strong science-based decision making" while his answer to AIDS is "science not ideology." (8) As Carl Jung wrote: "You can take away a man's gods, but only to give him others in return." 


I've been a prosecutor. I've sent people to jail for the rest of their life.”

--John Kerry


And this is why Chomsky's position is so strange. He says voting for Kerry is "sensible" to the "great masses of people who are the potential victims." Not voting for Kerry is "to ignore the real world." Chomsky concludes that a non-vote is akin to saying: "please ignore me." While I can appreciate Chomsky's concern for me as a potential victim, the great thing about my fantasy world is there is no choosing between life in prison and being hung from an oil rig. As Monsanto has taught us: artificial sweeteners are toxic.


“A 'No' uttered from deepest conviction is better and greater than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.” -- Mahatma Gandhi


Defeatism, in its many forms, should not include Noam Chomsky. "I remember that you literally couldn't talk to anybody." You said there was nobody. I just walked off by myself..."Chomsky Zindabad." (8.5)


Kap Fulton is editor of the San Diego Moon. He can be reached at: aka@cts.com



* All quotes from Chomsky can be found on his web log: http://blog.zmag.org/ttt


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