God's 401k Plan

by John Anhalt
April 8, 2004

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As the starving slaves tend away at their cubicle farms, multi-national companies get fat on consumer desires. Investors fortify their crops for the season ahead garnering internal nutrients from CEO’s to assure their successful growth. Wait a minute, who is really benefiting from this? Only about five percent of the world population is according to recent studies. [1] The rest of us are left fighting for scraps from the new harvest each year.

“Look Kobe, those silly earthlings are fighting again over those shiny yellow rocks and green paper”, the extra-terrestrial Jessie Jack said observing the earth from his flying saucer. “I think they really like those gold chains”, Kobe responded. Seems silly, but somehow as a society we’ve accepted that people will kill and be killed for those shiny rocks. Of course they don’t kill just for the rock, but what the rock represents, which is power. Like any good basketball player asking for the ball will tell you, “Will you give up the rock already?”

The framers of the U.S. constitution realized while creating our federal government, too much power by any one person or faction, leads to the misery of the many. This lesson, learned under the British rule, required several years of wars, and many lives to be lost. How many times must we forget our history? The model hasn’t changed. Why do we continue to forget our past mistakes? Well it’s simple, yet complex of course. We desire change, but we know it comes at a great cost.

Our current course is creating an unbelievable consolidation of wealth on this planet. Corporations continue to increase the size of their pie with merger after merger, while workers are left asking, “Where’s our piece?” The average salary of a CEO in America since the 1980’s has increased by nearly 1900%, while the average worker salary has increased only 74%. [2] How can we allow this to continue? Corporations are continuing to increase profits, even during times of recession, yet there are less jobs because companies are squeezing more productivity out of their employees, thus they have no need to hire more people.

Now we have a political party who is pushing to take away social security. Excuse my sarcasm, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t going to benefit the working class. As a society, we cannot allow this to happen. This will only continue to increase an already widening gap between social classes in America.

If we could only sit these power mongering, money hording, nice individuals down and ask them, “You’ve spent your whole life acquiring green paper with little or no respect for your fellow brother and world. What the heck are you going to do with all this money you’ve been amassing all your life once you die?” I have a strong feeling they’re hoping God has a good 401k plan.

John Anhalt is a freelance writer and philosopher. He's currently writing his first book entitled, From Capitalism to Narcissism. How Capitalistic Ideals Abandon Community.


[1] http://www.osjspm.org/101_taxes.htm 

[2] According to recent numbers by the AFLCIO"



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