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America First

Nothing in Trump’s campaign resonated with the American heartland quite like “America First”. But Trump wasn’t the first. Remember Charles Lindbergh? He put “America First” and paid the price.

Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR) also wasn’t first but neither were we last. The first DYR “America First” billboard went up in Detroit in November 2015.  It didn’t last long but such is Jewish power.

It re-appeared on February 6 this year near Ann Arbor, Michigan but, just one week later, DYR received a call from Adams Outdoor Advertising General Manager Mike …

Japanese American Internment Remembered

As Trump Rounds up Immigrants

The Japanese American Citizens League held a “Day of Remembrance” at Sebastopol’s Enmanji Buddhist Temple on Feb. 18 in Northern California. Around 200 people marked the 75th anniversary of the incarceration of over 120,000 innocent West Coast Americans of Japanese ancestry in internment camps during World War II.

“They were accused of a crime, sentenced without trial and locked up,” wrote organizer Jodi Hottel in the local daily newspaper. We “hope this reminder of the fragility of our civil liberties will prevent anything like this from happening again.” The event was titled “Protecting Human Rights: Solidarity in Diversity.”

“We are firm in …

Top Secret: Beijing has become One of the Greatest Cities on Earth

For decades, smearing Beijing, while negating its greatness, has been one of the most effective weapons used by the US and Europe in their cultural anti-revolutionary war against all those great independent nations of the planet, especially China.

For those who want to taste the reality, the best advice would be: enter Beijing and let Beijing speak for itself, without an intermediary or ‘interpreter’. But could it be done? Aren’t biases already too deeply ingrained in the psyche of most of the people worldwide, people that are bombarded by professional disinformation campaigns manufactured by the Empire and its mouthpieces?

“I used to …

Fukushima: A Lurking Global Catastrophe?

Year over year, ever since 2011, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown grows worse and worse, an ugly testimonial to the inherent danger of generating electricity via nuclear fission, which produces isotopes, some of the most deadly poisonous elements on the face of the planet.

Fukushima Diiachi has been, and remains, one of the world’s largest experiments; i.e., what to do when all hell breaks lose aka The China Syndrome.

Scientists still don’t have all the information they need for a cleanup that the government estimates will take four decades and cost ¥8 trillion. It is not yet known if the fuel melted

Impact Investing and Venture Philanthropy’s Role in Sowing the Seeds of Financial Opportunity

Gates and other venture philanthropist’s have ‘pioneered’ and ‘seeded’ new education markets through direct funding and by shaping ‘education reform’ policies. Charter schools are an essential component of this mission… allowing impact investors to be the drivers of the education reform industry’s final mission: to fully dismantle public education by way of “anywhere, anytime learning” and “personalized” technologies.

In the late 19th century many U.S. industrialists – Andrew Carnegie, John Pierpont Morgan, John D. Rockefeller and others – who amassed immense wealth through the exploitation and degradation of workers (including children), began to establish philanthropic trusts and foundations. …

Ethiopia: Peaceful Protest to Armed Uprising

What began as a regional protest movement in November 2015, is in danger of becoming a fully-fledged armed uprising in Ethiopia.

Angered and exasperated by the governments intransigence and duplicity, small guerrilla groups made up of local armed people have formed in Amhara and elsewhere, and are conducting hit and run attacks on security forces. Fighting at the beginning of January in the North West region of Benishangul Gumuz saw 51 regime soldiers killed, ESAT News reported, and in the Amhara region a spate of incidents has occurred, notably a grenade attack on a hotel in Gondar and an explosion …

A Drug Court by any Other Name is a Place Where Love Begins

Unique probation court in Portland pushes offenders to pull it together via tough love, a harbor of hope

It’s an old saw that is worthless in an informed, compassionate, smart, humanistic, science-backed, social justice, systems thinking sort of world – “People are doing drugs cuz they wake up one morning and say, ‘Man, I want to screw up my life, take years off my physiology, wreck families, put my future in the hands of money changers, and virtually become a shell of myself, a zombie.’”

But that’s the prevailing wind in Trump-Fourth-Reich or Clinton-Three-Strikes-&-You’re-Out Land. For millions of people in some form or shape tied to criminal justice, the courts, treatment, incarceration, and the public in general, people doing …

Adolf, The Donald and History

History may not be as useless as art, but it certainly performs a function that is almost without utility. George Santayana may well have crowed about the warnings of repeating historical mistakes if not learnt – the errant pupil ill-read would simply re-invent the same wheel of folly – but the point was not entirely accurate.

What tends to happen is that history is abused, rather than ignored, to serve current purposes. The Holocaust is used as a cudgel against Palestinian self-determination and Iran’s nuclear ambitions. The Munich Analogy is somehow used to suggest that not standing up to an authoritarian …

There Is a Strong Case for a Second Referendum on EU Membership Prior to Brexit

Theresa May’s Brexit plans have prioritised immigration over everything else, including leaving the single European market as a price worth paying to end freedom of movement. A report by the thinktank, Global Future, has crunched the numbers on the likely impact on immigration once Britain leaves the EU, only to discover that the reduction may amount to no more than 15% out of a total of 335,000 immigrants entering Britain per year.

This is because professionals with certain skills will still be needed in Britain, and hence will be exempt. So if immigration was the main driver for the many …

Is Calling the Prime Minister a “white supremacist terrorist” Hate Speech?

Is calling the Prime Minister a “white supremacist terrorist” hate speech or justified?

Black Lives Matter – Toronto spokesperson Yusra Khogali’s description of Justin Trudeau as a “white supremacist terrorist” at a recent rally against Islamophobia has sparked significant backlash. Right wing media have cited it to attack a group that’s put the police on the back foot while liberal commentators have called on Khogali to “resign” from BLM. A number of individuals labeled Khogali’s comments “hate speech”.

Fortunately, Chuck D of Public Enemy took to Twitter to push back against calls for Khogali to resign while a Toronto Now piece …

US-Israel Relations: Is Trump backing down?

Netanyahu hopes for achievements relating to both the Palestinians and Iran, say analysts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is due to meet US President Donald Trump on Wednesday with the aim of winning major concessions on the two issues highest on his agenda, Iran and the Palestinians, say analysts.

It will be the two men’s first face-to-face meeting since Trump’s inauguration as president last month. The discussions are expected to set the tone of the US administration’s policy towards Israel and the Middle East over the next four years.

Trump’s unequivocal backing for Israel during his presidential run generated great excitement on the Israeli right, and was seen as promising a decisive break from the …

Why is Owen Jones Helping to Subvert Jeremy Corbyn?

I have never been overly sold on Owen Jones. From his platform at the Guardian, he has spent far too much time whining about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his failure to reach out to voters rather than using his rare spot in the mainstream media to help him to do precisely that.

But this news has knocked me sideways. It was announced yesterday that Jones is lined up to give a memorial lecture in April on behalf of the Jewish Labour Movement – the same group implicated in the recent efforts of the Israeli embassy to damage a Corbyn-led …

Trumped by the CIA 

While the basket of delighted deplorables dances in the streets, celebrating its right wing populist victory, and Clinton’s liberal legions still lament the unlikely, unexpected, unacceptable coronation of President Donald Trump, I’ve worn a raw, bloody hole in my scalp, scratching my head in wonder.  Trump seemed to come out of nowhere.  He made mincemeat out of his Republican rivals, then proceeded to make serial war criminal Hillary look like someone I wouldn’t trust to wash my car, let alone lead my country for the next four years.  Come to think of it, Hillary did that all on her own.

Trump’s election upset was astounding.  How could …

Trump as the Pathology of Empire and Healing the Wound of America

The first month of Trump in office unleashed chaos and turmoil with a series of executive orders threatening women’s reproductive rights, immigrants and sacred water guarded by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Trump’s presidency was a transition from a regime of secrecy to that of naked power. The legacy of Obama’s covert oppression is now being carried out by an emperor with no clothes, who lacks the level of intelligence and sophistication that his predecessor had in hiding the bloody claws and teeth of the U.S. Empire.

Trump’s executive order barring people of 7 predominantly Muslim nations from entering the …

Farewell to Doublespeak  

Israel’s Vision for the Future is Terrifying

Empirical historical evidence combined with little common-sense are enough to tell us the type of future options that Israel has in store for the Palestinian people: perpetual Apartheid or ethnic cleansing, or a mix of both.

The passing of the ‘Regularization Bill‘ on February 6 is all we need to imagine the Israeli-envisaged future. The new law allows the Israeli government to retroactively recognize Jewish outposts built without official permission on privately-owned Palestinian land.

All settlements – officially recognized settlements and unauthorized outposts – are illegal under international law. The verdict has been passed numerous times …

The Anti-Flynn “Deep State” Coup

Spelling it out in the clearest way possible

Okay, my sense is that a large number of commentators are misunderstanding the nature of what is going on.  So, this time, rather than writing an analysis, I will spell it out, ‘talking points’ – style and, hopefully, do a better job about making my point.  So, here we go.

THIS IS NOT ABOUT FLYNN.  Let me repeat that once more.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT FLYNN!!!  Please don’t come and tell me that Flynn was wrong on Iran, on Islam or on China.  I agree.  But,


THIS IS ABOUT POWER.  As in, who is …

Fukushima: Still Getting Worse After Six Years of Meltdowns

Even Fox News reports radiation at “unimaginable levels”

After a week of limited coverage of “unimaginable levels” of radiation inside the remains of collapsed Unit 2 at Fukushima (see below), reported February 11 that radiation levels are actually significantly higher than “unimaginable.”

Continuous, intense radiation, at 530 sieverts an hour (4 sieverts is a lethal level), was widely reported in early February 2017 – as if this were a new phenomenon. It’s not. Three reactors at Fukushima melted down during the earthquake-tsunami disaster on March 3, 2011, and the meltdowns never stopped. Radiation levels have been out of control ever since. As Fairewinds Energy Education noted …

It’s Time to End “wealthfare”

In 1996, making good on a shrewd political promise, President Clinton ended “welfare as we know it”. In 2017, battered by election losses, the Democratic Party should double down on a far bigger reform: ending “wealthfare” as we know it.

The mission couldn’t begin at a worse time, or a better time. The triumphant GOP, trifecta in hand, is off in its usual direction. The party is giddy at the prospect of handing another huge tax cut to the rich, including the elimination of an estate tax that affects less than one-third of one percent of all Americans.

If the idea of making …

Bernie Farber and Israel’s Brutal Treatment of Syrian Refugees

It is strange how supporters of Israel are responding to Donald Trump’s Muslim and Syrian refugee ban Some have applauded it, effectively acknowledging that Israel cheerleading is a right wing cause. Others have sought to be seen taking the side of anti-racism and religious tolerance, all the while ignoring Israel’s terrible treatment of Palestinian, Syrian and other refugees.

The case of Bernie Farber illustrates the difficulties this left/liberal camp faces. On Facebook the former Canadian Jewish Congress president and self-styled refugee rights advocate recently wrote, “while Trump is barring Syrian refugees…” and contrasted the move by posting a Times of Israel

Something is Happening

Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is: Do you?  No one knows, really, as this something is still evolving.  As we look back to 2016, though, it is abundantly clear that history has awoken from its slumber. We’ve had a couple events in the West last year: Brexit and Trump.

Politically-charged, dynamic events (as Alain Badiou might define them) have been rare in the West since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the disintegration of the USSR. Capitalism made it seem as if neoliberalism was winning in the 1990s, even as the …