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Ahab Shorts the Market

Imagine owning warehouses full of second rate bootleg hooch at the very moment Prohibition is repealed.

Imagine still owning a buggy whip factory.

Imagine possessing billions of gallons of oil, just as renewable energy sources begin chopping major chunks out of your market share. Watching as the worth of your reserves decreases day after day after day.

With every advance by alternative energy industries, the potential price of the world’s oil reserves decreases.

Today, 30% of Germany’s electric power is being produced by alternative sources. How do Germany’s new power producers effect the value of known oil reserves? Replacing …

The Intended Roles of the Israel-Lobby and of Israel in the US-Empire are Incompatible with Peace

Several misguided commentators have advanced that Canada’s unconditional support for Israel is the result of Christian Zionist ideology.

This is flat wrong, and inexcusably naive. Harper’s unconditional support for Israel is not from right-wing or religious ideology. Nor is this the case in the US itself.

Canada’s unconditional support for Israel started under former-Prime-Minister Paul Martin after he took over (and destroyed) the Liberal Party of Canada. And the take-over was one additional step from some degree of Canadian sovereignty to complete alignment with the US master.

That Canada has become a vassal to the US Empire — and subservient to the Empire’s …

The Opening Salvo

Can’t be stopped. Won’t be stopped. Shall not be encumbered along the path toward transcendent evolutionary enlightenment.

Nothing can slow down the steamboat intensity of a reckless abandon once all the marbles have been intricately placed in the same basket alongside a nest full of painted eggs. Baker’s dozen. Scrambled to perfection. Who’s to say it’s reckless anyway? What judge would dare make such a presumptuously preposterous proclamation? There could be no worthier aspiration than to seek the most highly elevated levels …

Art and Change in Offenbach

Two short weeks ago, art students from an Offenbach university located in the heart of Germany occupied every floor of a closed-down, multi-tier soap factory building. They used the space to excitedly display their art to the public. Considered by a few of these students to be the ‘Detroit’ of Germany, Offenbach itself is situated on the outskirts of Frankfurt—the German banking city responsible for maintaining most of Germany’s wealth. Many of the young artists signaled nearby Frankfurt as the undeniable European economic hub, while at the same time poking fun at the poorer economic status of Offenbach in particular. …

The Experts’ Verdict: Every Israeli Missile Strike is a War Crime

Today’s Guardian includes an article that appears to be excusing Israel of responsibility for the massive death toll it has inflicted on Palestinian civilians. But, more significantly, it includes a lot of useful – and damning – information about just how “indiscriminate” Israel’s weapons really are.

This interests me a great deal because I have been warning about problems with the interpretation of international law used by leading human rights groups on this very point since the 2006 Lebanon War.

At that time I got into a dispute with Human Rights Watch’s Middle East policy director, Sarah Leah Whitson. Her organisation …

Zionist War on Gaza

It is important to understand the genesis of the present round of violence between Israel and Hamas, really between Israel and the people of Gaza.

Both President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and the American news media have consistently described the conflict as Israel justifiably responding to the firing or rockets into Israel by Hamas and protecting their citizens, as if world history only began at this moment and that prior context did not exists.

More thoughtful and better informed observers than Obama and Kerry have more correctly noted that the present waves of Hamas rockets was preceded by a sequence of events which …

Anti-Semitism: The Ultimate Zionist Weapon

Differentiating between Zionism and Judaism requires recognition of certain basic facts. To begin with, Theodor Herzl (the founder of Zionism) was an atheist whose personal awareness of Jewishness appears to have been awakened during the 1894 trial, wrongful conviction, and imprisonment on Devil’s Island of Alfred Dreyfus, a French artillery officer of Alsatian Jewish descent accused of spying for Germany. In his diaries, Herzl makes no secret of his intention to use Jewish suffering as a means of furthering Zionist ideology. His vision for a Jewish state had nothing to do with “ … I will also bring them back …

Suppression and Information

WikiLeaks, Corruption and the Super Injunction

With this order, the worst in living memory, the Australian government is not just gagging the Australian press, it is blindfolding the Australian public.

— Julian Assange, July 29, 2014

The Westminster system has always been seen, in some select circles, as a model for freedom and expression. It has been everything but. In Australia, whose institutions do still pride themselves on an antiquated obsession with aspects of English gagging, suppression orders do retain a certain mystique. They certainly do in the Australian state of Victoria, which is said to throw “suppression orders around like confetti”.

The absurdity of its application has …

The Exceptionalist’s “Boyhood”

Ordinarily, I completely ignore contemporary U.S. movies—which manage, from year-to-year, to attain new lows of infantilism, incoherent nihilism, and sheer vapidity (cf. my previous article “Reviving Radical Populism in Films”).  Yet lately, I found myself disturbed by the uniformly ecstatic reviews of Linklater’s latest film, Boyhood.  The premise of the film seems boring enough, unexceptional, barely even a “concept”: every year the cast and director got together, made up a “script” as they went along, and traced a boy’s growing-up, from ages 6 to 18.

Morbidly curious, I forced myself to watch the usual clips available on Youtube, etc.; and …

Disgrace x Hypocrisy x Murder x Racism = U.S. Government

For a shamefully bloody example of how little single issue identity politics can mean, check out the unity of supporters and opponents of same sex marriage, supporters and opponents of abortion, and supporters and opponents of every other divisive issue clouding the minds of a population kept from acting as a democratic majority, we need look no further than the disgrace of this government’s congress voting to approve and finance the current Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

Note that all our taxes, without exception for straight, gay, people of color, people of no color, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Baptists, agnostics, atheists and those …

Palestinians Claim UN Protection and Prepare Lawsuits

...while the global community gives Israel all the elbow-room it needs to crush Gaza and its 'nuisance' inhabitants permanently

As Gaza and its lovely people were being blown to smithereens by Israel’s state-of-the-art weaponry, paid for by the grotesquely unlovely US administration, I put what I thought was a simple enough question to Dr Hanan Ashrawi on Palestine’s accession to the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court (ICC) after her remarks in this TV interview.

Ashrawi is an executive member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), head of information and culture, and a wonderfully articulate ambassador for the Palestinian cause. From what she was saying, only the decision to accede to the Statute had been made so far, …

Stakes Rising for Israel as Rockets Reach Airport

Israel’s effective loss of its only international airport for a couple of days last week—and the cloud of uncertainty that continues to hang over its operation in the future—has deeply unsettled Israelis.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned American carriers from flying to Israel, a move soon followed by many European airlines, after a rocket from Gaza landed close to Ben Gurion airport, near Tel Aviv, on July 22. The FAA and the airlines seemed especially jittery after the downing of a Malaysian passenger jet over war-torn Ukraine a few days earlier, killing 298.

The suspension of flights was overturned barely …

Impeachment Addiction Affliction

Pipe Dream, Meet Fool’s Errand

As left and right partisans fold Chicken Little into the Boy Who Cried Wolf, high time to label our latest national derangement: Impeachment Addiction Affliction. One day militant Tea Partiers sound the alarm, capping off laughable threats to “sue the White House” with the primal scream, “impeach the anti-American devil president.” Next day contrite House leadership demurs, “No, no, not on the agenda,” sweeping “off the table” a true nuclear option. Yet, weeks later, rising like an untreated infection, the House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R-La.), bluntly refuses to take “off the table” the time-bomb his own party denies …

Free Tuition for Jews-Only — First, Murder Palestinian Kids

Drinking Soda Stream and Eating Kosher While Bombs Belly-up Kids, Women, Grandparents, and UN Workers and Journalists

So you get free tuition, Tel Aviv U, if you have your child-woman-old man murder passport stamped by IDF, JDL, Israel star of David Mafioso clearly inked blue and white and Nazi-all-over-again!

Really, these Jewish thugs, these immoral thieves, give the punks of SWAT and Airborne and Drone killing free books, tuition and soda-stream for a year, after joy-sticking and white phosphorus-ing people who their ancestors thugged and murdered into submission, to a point.

Nadim Nashif, the director of Baladna – the Association for Arab

The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers

The blood of the thousands of Palestinians who have been killed by the so-called Israel Defence Forces since the beginning of the siege of Gaza, stains the hands of each and every politician who has done nothing to censure Israel for this cruel and illegal act of virtual imprisonment, or who has taken any kind of bribe to bolster his or her election-campaign coffers, in return for turning their backs on the quite obvious fact that Apartheid Israel has never had any intention other than to genocide the Palestinian people.

The Media Ignores the CIA In Ukraine

Pay No Attention to That Man Behind The Curtain

A few days back the Economist published an essay which dismissed the idea of fascists in Kiev as an illusory product of Russian propaganda. This is a narrative which the editors at the Economist have put forth on a number of occasions. Of course, they’re not alone. A less flagrant article published by the New York Times editorial board used a weird double negative to assert that “Russian leaders prefer not to accept that the C.I.A. did not engineer the preference of many Ukrainians for what they see in the West.”

All the world’s a stage wrote Shakespeare. Are readers supposed …

Jobless Kabul and the Works of War

Kabul — Last week, here in Kabul, the Afghan Peace Volunteers welcomed activist Carmen Trotta, from New York, who has lived in close community with impoverished people in his city for the past 25 years, serving meals, sharing housing, and offering hospitality to the best of his ability.  Put simply and in its own words, his community, founded by Dorothy Day, exists to practice “the works of mercy” and to “end the works of war.” We wanted to hear Carmen’s first impressions of traveling the streets of Kabul on his way from the airport to the working class neighborhood where he’ll be …

Toronto’s Racist, Militarist Pro-Israeli Movement

From a left-wing community once at the forefront of struggles against racism, unconditional support for Israel has turned a significant proportion of Toronto Jews into promoters of hatred against “Arabs” and into allies of right wing, bigoted, homophobic Christian Bible literalists.

During 15 years of activism in Montréal, Ottawa and Vancouver I haven’t seen anything equivalent to the racist, militarist pro-Israel movement experienced recently in Toronto. And sadly the quasi-fascistic organization driving the charge seems increasingly enmeshed within a community that once led the fight against racism and fascism in the city.

On Saturday at Queen’s Park (the grounds of the Ontario …

No Alternative but to Sioux…

…or so said The Phantom of /dev/null before he hit the road. Didn’t say where he was going. Just mumbled something about not being able to obtain a Visa. Something about his Birth Certificate having been invalidated by his Death Certificate or some such bureaucratic nonsense.

/dev/null is in the process of being gentrified. Everyone split. No one around but Raghead (wisely posting from an ‘undisclosed location;’ then again, he’s a professional…).

Well, only a matter of time before the Hipsters, so-called, occupy /dev/null upon college graduation to pursue their musical careers — after

On Israel’s Doomed Fate

IDF’s colossal defeat in Gaza this week leaves Israel and Israelis with just three political and personal options:

1. Mass expulsion – ethnic cleansing of the entire Palestinian population from territories controlled by Israel. Such action may sound unreasonable or even phantasmic, but it is actually consistent with Zionist ideology and has many supporters within Israel and within the current Israeli cabinet. Moreover, oppression and brutality are embedded within Jewish political culture and even within the culture of the Jewish Left. ((It was Stalin’s ‘willing executioners’ who wiped out millions of Ukrainians in the name …