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U.S. Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

A Fusion Center for United Against Nuclear Iran & Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

The Justice department would like to the see the UANI lawsuit go away as it is aware that what is being described as “law enforcement” documents would include both privileged and classified Treasury Department work product relating to individuals and companies that it has investigated for sanctions busting. Passing either intelligence related or law enforcement documents to a private organization is illegal but the Justice Department’s only apparent concern is that the activity might be exposed. There is no indication that it would go after UANI for having acquired the information and it perhaps should be presumed that the source

A Public Bank Option for Scotland

Scottish voters will go to the polls on September 18th to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country. As video blogger Ian R. Crane colorfully puts the issues and possibilities:

[T]he People of Scotland have an opportunity to extricate themselves from the socio-psychopathic global corporatists and the temple of outrageous and excessive abject materialism. However, it is not going to be an easy ride . . . .

If Alex Salmond and the SNP [Scottish National Party] are serious about keeping the Pound Stirling as the Currency of Scotland, there will be no independence. Likewise if Scotland embraces the Euro,

Scots in Their Own Words on Independence

TRNN hears from both sides of the debate on whether to vote for independence from the United Kingdom.

Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding the Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

For those who believe in marijuana and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter. Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians?

Lessons Learned in the Bucca Camp

In January of 2004 I visited “Bucca Camp,” a U.S.-run POW camp named for a firefighter lost in the 2001 collapse of  New York’s World Trade Center.  Located near the isolated port city of Umm Qasr,  in southern Iraq, the network of tent prisons had been constructed by U.S. Coalition authorities. Friends of five young men thought to be imprisoned there had begged our three-person Voices delegation to try and visit the camp and find out what had happened to their loved ones.

This was a year before the capture of Awwad Ibrahim Ali al-Badri al-Samarrai, who, starting in 2005, would spend four years …

Control, Speaking Out, Zones of Punishment — DV as Tool of Anger

Great email response to my piece on Autism & The Lie of the Entrepreneur, which will be posted below with some pining in by me to clarify my positions. Great to have readers read and respond. I can understand that the writer hasn’t read the hundreds of pieces I’ve written for DV to comprehend and frame the entire context of the issues tied to academia, corporate felonies, controlled opposition, the tribal politics, economics, cultural crimes of Jews in High and Medium High Places, Zionism, militarism, the lies of non-profits and the continual dysfunction of environmentalists not giving diddly squat …

Twenty First Century American Reality

What is reality? Reality is the absolute truth no matter what that may be. Because everything is connected and related to everything else directly or indirectly, reality is complex. Everything we know is all part of the universe itself, encompassing a space so vast words are inadequate to describe it in human terms.

We know life on earth exists as a result of the symbiotic relationship(s) between plants and animals which are dependent on sun light, and the warming of earth and atmosphere, which cause clouds to form and rain to fall. The significance of plant and animal life being interdependent …

America’s Pathetic, Negligent Energy Policy

America’s national energy policy is not green; it is dark & oily, backward, cloddish, and out of touch with the realities of today’s world of modern technology.  It’s archaic.

Congress has at least one foot in the wrong century. This is the 21st not the 20th.

As policy stands today, the U.S. government promotes fossil fuels because the leading politicians of America have a love affair with fracking, which process forcibly pressures toxic chemicals deep underground to retrieve difficult to access oil and gas, a short-lived energy solution, that may be polluting underground water resources all across the country. Nobody will know …

Israel’s Gaza Probe Aims to Stymie War Crimes Trials

For five days during Israel’s recent assault on Gaza, 16-year old Ahmad Abu-Raida says he was held by Israeli soldiers as a human shield. Repeatedly beaten by the unit that seized him, the youngster describes being forced at gunpoint to enter deserted homes, which could have been booby-trapped, to search for Hamas tunnels.

Ahmad, who was separated from his family by Israeli soldiers after they invaded the town of Khuza’a in the southern Gaza Strip on 23 July, testified that soldiers “were walking behind me, with their rifles pointed at me. ‘Get in and see if there are tunnels …

Hidden History, Purloined Present

The Hidden History of the Korean War

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ali (born Cassius M. Clay) is probably the most famous draft resister in US history. When refusing to accept the draft in 1967, during the American war against Vietnam he told the Press:

No, I am not going 10,000 miles to help murder, kill and burn other people to simply help continue the domination of white slavemasters over dark people the world over. This is the day and age when such evil injustice must come to an end… Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go ten thousand miles from home and

The Corrosive Nature of Competition

E. F. Schumacher’s 1973 Small is Beautiful:  Economics as if People Mattered was aptly subtitled, for when one thinks of the discipline of Economics, one tends to think of a discipline in which people decidedly do not matter!  Rather, one thinks of the discipline as concerned with an abstract, hypothetical “world” in which the efficient use of resources and price-setting are what’s of interest.  In that hypothetical world it is held that competition is the means by which resource allocation is “best” achieved, and by which prices are set so that “excess” profits do not arise, the result being …

High Time to Build a Movement of Solidarity to End the UN’s Occupation of Haiti

From the beginning of our century until now, Haiti and its inhabitants under one aspect or another, have, for various reasons, been very much in the thoughts of the American people. While slavery existed amongst us, her example was a sharp thorn in our side and a source of alarm and terror…. Her very name was pronounced with a shudder.

– Frederick Douglass, World’s Columbian Exposition, January 2, 1893

We are no longer living in the 19th century with the spectre of Haiti’s successful struggle for its freedom haunting the consciousness of slave masters across the Americas. Yet the military occupation of …

Ukraine and Neo-Nazis

The Anti-Empire Report #132

Ever since serious protest broke out in Ukraine in February the Western mainstream media, particularly in the United States, has seriously downplayed the fact that the usual suspects – the US/European Union/NATO triumvirate – have been on the same side as the neo-Nazis. In the US it’s been virtually unmentionable. I’m sure that a poll taken in the United States on this issue would reveal near universal ignorance of the numerous neo-Nazi actions, including publicly calling for death to “Russians, Communists and Jews”. But in the past week the dirty little secret has somehow poked its head out from behind …

The Rise of Philanthro-capitalism

What passes for progressive city politics today

Late last winter at Vancouver’s Maritime Labour Centre, city councillor Geoff Meggs spoke at the launch of a regional union-backed social justice organization called the Metro Vancouver Alliance. Meggs is a long-time anchor of the British Columbia labour movement. In the 1980s, he was the editor of the fishers’ union newspaper and the personal editor for the legendary Canadian communist Ben Swankey. In the ’90s, he was a high-level adviser in the B.C. NDP government. And in the 2000s, he migrated, with many of his contemporaries, into civic politics where he helped build Vision Vancouver, the labour-supported party that has …

The Butterfly Rebellion

The lairds came to warn us villagers to do as we were told. Then the lords came to warn us villagers to do as we were told. But we were in the fields building a rebellion.

We have now seen, on shaky mobile phone footage, the moment the British Empire finally ended. It ended with two guys on a rickshaw chasing 100 Labour MPs up Buchannan Street playing the Imperial March from Star Wars and informing bemused shoppers that their Imperial Masters Had Arrived. These imperial ‘masters’ have no guns. They …

The Best of Intentions

What’s behind the president’s ISIS campaign?

Listening to President Obama describe his intention to “degrade and destroy” ISIS, he named a number of reasons for launching yet another war in Iraq. Gazing out at the nation through the eye of a camera lens, he intoned, “In a region that has known so much bloodshed, these terrorists are unique in their brutality. They execute captured prisoners. They kill children. They enslave, rape, and force women into marriage. They threatened a religious minority with genocide. In acts of barbarism, they took the lives of two American journalists – Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff.”

Forgive me for saying so, …

Washington’s ISIS War Drums

Do Stupid Stuff, Do It Now!

“Hopefully we get it more right than wrong” – organizing principle?

As Hillary Clinton was widely quoted as saying recently, “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

Maybe others have pointed out that this is a pretty stupid statement, but that’s far from the conventional wisdom. Think about the levels of stupidity here. Only “Great nations”? What, small nations don’t need to get their acts together? And who says the United States is a “great” nation and in what sense is it great and isn’t spouting a version of the American exceptionalism …

Pricing Pollution, Cutting Carbon

We the undersigned call upon the United States Senate, House of Representatives, and President Obama to work together to introduce, promote, and pass legislation that puts a price on carbon pollution and returns revenues to the American people, either directly or by reducing taxes.

— From Pricing Carbon Initiative’s Petition to the Congress and the President of the United States

There are many things which need to be done if we are to break the hold of the oil, gas and coal industries over government so that we can make a rapid transition to a jobs-creating, just and much-less-polluting renewable energy-based …

In Defence of Life: Standing up Against the Lust for Culling Wildlife

Early in 2013 I thought I had reached a low point as I reacted to the way the animal-loving British elite happily slaughtered anything that got in its way. The most visible sign of its lust for ‘controlling’ wildlife by culling has been the project to kill badgers on the poor excuse that they are responsible for all the bovine TB in cattle. So the start of the second year of badger culling coinciding with Medway Council trying again to destroy a protected site where nightingales breed forced me to revisit the war we wage on nature.

So far …

An End to Ignorance

It is not me, but we. It is not I, but us. Those who seek to strip away power from the Zionists, the Jesuits, the Imperialists, the Jihadists, the Luciferians, the Satanists, and all forms of centralized principalities of power that cause division through institutionalized warmongering tactics. We would cast out those who have been corrupted with wicked intentions, and place, in their stead, good men and women into positions of leadership to serve as shepherds upon this Earth. We would leave off from the Orwellian Newspeak, doubletalk, and massive propaganda campaigns waged by the Fascists, and begin to preach …