A Poem for Syria

Where once humans
Splayed full of love in
Contemplation of
Nature under a limitless sky
Before an unspoiled sea
They now cramp full of
Poison that does not
Let them breathe in
Paroxysms of fear and grief while
Waves ripple toward them
Full of darkness.

Rolling their eyes to heaven
They search for peace
They cannot find
Other hands other voices
To comfort them

The only sure thing is death

Instead of god
Instead of justice
In place of kindness
There is only blowing sand
Singing the world’s sadness
Burying more losses.

Arya F. Jenkins’s poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in numerous journals and zines such as Agave Magazine, Brilliant Corners, Brilliant Flash Fiction, and more; her poetry has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and her flash, “Elvis Too” was nominated for the 2017 Write Well Awards by Brilliant Flash Fiction. Her work has been included in four anthologies. She writes jazz fiction for Jerry Jazz Musician, an online zine. Publications are forthcoming in Front Porch Review, and Sinister Wisdom. Her second poetry chapbook, Silence Has A Name, was recently published by Finishing Line Press. Her latest blog is https://writersnreadersii.blogspot.com. Read other articles by Arya F..