I Stand with Standing Rock

I stand with Standing Rock,
Amidst an avalanche of onslaught,
Look what corporate greed brought
to the table,
A palpitating pipe-line,
A time bomb
seeping poison like parasites in rivers,
Irreverence at the sight of the life giver.
The arrogance of men is plenty,
Uniforms empty with machinery.
Broken Treaties spur resistance.
I stand with the water protectors,
I stand with them at Standing Rock,
Raising my voice, my will,
For the love of the river
And the love of the hills.

Respect the Land,
Respect the Treaties,
Respect the Native’s Wishes.

I stand with Standing Rock,
Amidst streams of rubber bullets
bulging with blood,
As fiends for cash hound the land
puncturing holes in holy ground,
A lonely sound gathers
like the footsteps of a beast,
I fight in unity for love of land
with heart upright I long for peace
like the Lakota,
The natives, stripped of dignity,
Furthermore deserted
For the sake of a profit.

The black snake moans in
burial sites of the sacred,
I sense the ancestors of the Lakota
rising like waters to swallow
the money mongers,
For they are nothing more than
A den of robbers in a temple.

Respect the Land,
Respect the Treaties,
Respect the Native’s Wishes.

I stand in opposition to militarized greed
that seeks to topple sacred land,
I take a stand with the voices of a rock,
Connected to the sacred soil,
Therefore desecration is not permissible,
Nor is a pipeline of poison
that makes water undrinkable,
I stand with Standing Rock
with the people who believe
in the powers of the waters rumbling,
Weeping, at the sight of machines
sinking teeth into soil sacred,
I stand with the water protectors,
Broken, bruised, and naked.
We have no money,
But our power is in our spirit,
Like the courage of the Lakota,
I stand with the water protectors,
Chanting, “No Access Pipeline!!”
In North Dakota.

Matthew J. Lawler is a Chicago native and poet. He has been writing poetry since his teen years, but only recently began to submit to literary journals. His writing is a blend of narrative and philosophical thought. He has been published in numerous journals, including, The People's Tribune, Caravel Journal, Unlost, Miscreant Magazine, Sick Lit Magazine, and Visual Verse. You can find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/matthewjlawlerpoet Read other articles by Matthew J..