Free Book Offer for DV Readers during July

For the month of July from author Wei Ling Chua is offering a free download of Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? (see review) to DV readers.
weichua_DVA print version is also available for purchase.
I am working during the day, so please allow up to 3 days to send the book (15.4MB) PDF by attachment. Please add email in bio below to your address book to prevent it from ending up in your spam.
Please quote “DV – free Tiananmen book – ends 1 August 2014″ in the subject box.
Please make sure your email setting can accept at least a 20MB file. Otherwise, register a gmail account to ensure delivery will not fail due to exceeding attachment quota.

Kind regards,
Wei Ling Chua
email: See bio below.
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Wei Ling Chua is an accredited INS and ANFS Freelance Journalist and Independent Researcher of Media Disinformation. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Wei Ling, or visit Wei Ling's website.